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  1. "Would that be the same Trent Richardson that averaged 3.6 ypc behind Joe Thomas at LT? Way to stick it to me". Nobody....hold on a minute, friend. I have no interest in "sticking it to you", or being sarcastic, in any way....Richardson, running behind a sheetrock of an offensive line, was the most productive player on their team, finishing with 950 yards, 12 TD's, finishing 4th behind D.Martin, Alfred Morris, and Steven Ridley. Logically, you can't just dismiss that as not having value, or irrelevant, under those circumstances he faced in Cleveland. Joe Thomas and that Oline is the very reason why he and D.Martin's stats are not as close. Whatever you believe is fine by me....I didn't say anything about trusting those ESPN analyst, i said that it had been updated, which doesn't tell us anything about who we're taking at #24. You're better than this, friend....
  2. "Lacy isn't that good, he ran behind a great line" - Trent Richardson ran behind the same line....
  3. On the updated ESPN draft board, Johnathan Jenkins is occupying the 24th pick. I think Grigson is considering gettting either Hankins, Jenkins, or Banks at that spot. Eddie Lacy is who i want to see in a Colts uniform from the list of 1st rounders.
  4. Im will be catching up to you this year. Right now, i only have P.Manning, M.Harrison, and E.James. I will be getting the rest of of colts allstars by the end of the year, then we can compare....and yes, im totally envious of you, but not for long...
  5. Your , is more like , than :whatever: . You still don't get it . That's fine, i understand, you only read cliff notes..... .....
  6. Someone took a wrong turn in this conversation. Who said Chandler Harnish IS better than Matt Flynn ? I believe he will be better, just not right now. Harnish is trying to earn a spot on this team, behind A.Luck. Obviously he's doesn't have Flynn's stats, but he's not a the bench with a better-than-average contract, waiting to play behind a rookie, either. Let's bring this issue back when Flynn becomes the starter and gets Seattle to the post season. Flynn vs Harnish, let's keep watching....
  7. .... :???: "Going to be amazing"...you..said it, not me. You think Matt Flynn is amazing?... ....Look at Harnish in last years' preseason games, and see what the rest of are looking at.
  8. Agreed....with Avery gone....he only has to position himself behind, or next to, Nathan Palmer, as he works his way up the ladder. The climb, up the mountain to stardom, for Kelley, is not that steep. Here are the "obstacles" that he's facing: WR's ONLY. Jabin Sambrano Jeremy Kelley Griff Whalin Austin Collie - Injured / Potentially Released Nathan Palmer Lavon Brazill T.Y. Hilton Reggie Wayne With Collie's history, Sambrano, and Whalen not getting enough reps to really showcase what they can do, this off-season is gonna be intense, and very competitive. T. Hilton & N.Palmer's explosiveness, will let them stay home. Brazill's most valuable asset is his catching ability, so he's gonna continue to stay relevant, and provoke the starters to step their game up. And well Reggie,...is Mr. Reggie Wayne.
  9. Stanton is a lifetime, NFL backup. While i agree that he's better than corn-on-the-kolb, he doesn't have any NFL film or highlights showcasing his potential to be a starter in this league. Watch what happens with Chandler Harnish. I like this guys skill set, and i think he's gonna end up in a situation similiar to Matt Flynn, except he's actually gonna start for some team.
  10. Closing Topic Remarks: I think that Grigson is smarter than i give him credit for. Im irritated with the fact that Armond Armstead snubbed the to sign with the . One thing i just considered, is that maybe Grigson allowed the info to leak out to the NFL, so someone else could test him, just to see if AA's heart could withstand the rigors of the NFL. How awesome would it be if his heart is ok, but he doesn't fit the patriots scheme, and ends up right back here in INDY!!!
  11. Jeremy Kelley - Wes Welker story unfolding

  12. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that so it's official... , ... ,...my apologies for not acknowledging his greatness.
  13. "At the end of the day the reality is it is what it is" .....2nd is:
  14. Nobody....I realize that, friend, which is how i end up posting information, after failing to find the updates, prior to my posting. It's , but, like the other attention clowns on this forum, i do it for the responses . Please allow me to have my fantasy of being an ESPN or Indy Colts, low-budget news anchor. ** Note to self, check colts news before making unnecessary postings** :hmm:
  15. http://youtu.be/XF60Hp4W4kU UNREAL! - OMG @3:15!!!.....he'll be the first receiver on Madden 14, with 100% jumping ability. Without alot of info on this guy, I'm impressed with what i see, but not completly sold, until i see him in a colts uniform, on field, jumping over the goal posts, after scoring a touchdown. His stat line is as follows: HEIGHT: 6'6" WEIGHT: 225 - 230LBS 40 Low: 4.50 40 Time: 4.56 40 High: 4.73 We ask for one, Grigson delivers....can't ask for much more than that. Grigson is managing the budget quite well !!! **The music is very annoying, so feel free to mute it, and enjoy the video**
  16. MIAMI Today's Colts info search, has taken me from Colts.com, to NFL.com, taking me to the land of wikipedia. It's so interesting to see how the NFL has grown over the years, and how it's culture has changed from the years of the AAFC (All-American Football Conference) to the National Football League. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miami_Seahawks http://www.colts.com/team/history/history-highlights.html
  17. We actually have RG1, and RG2 - Robert T. Griffin "big griff" (OG)
  18. There's a few players on your list that are already free agents, and probably won't be coming back next season. - Donnie Avery - Austin Collie - Winston Justice - Cassius Vaughn - Fili Moalo
  19. Agreed.....RTV6's count is more accurate: 6 - 1. :hmm:....Grigson drafted (6) Andrew Luck, Coby Fleener, T.Y. Hilton, Dwayne Allen, Vick Ballard and LaVon Brazill, that helped us get to the playoffs. :stats: Elway signed (1) , our H.O.F. QB Peyton Manning. Peyton deserves an award , and the credit, not Elway....IMO.
  20. "Between him and his wife they're worth over 350 million dollars".........an individual's net worth, is not a true gauge, or barometer, for determining their physical capital(tangible assets/access). You can't just look at his success and leave with "well, he's got enough money for all of that". Yea, but for how long? Staff, plus expenses, and the staff's expenses? No sir...Even if he has made more money than Deion, he'll need to be able to generate the same amout of cash flow as he did, once he retires. His life has been football for how ever many years. Now he's ready to be a policitian? An actor? A model? and be successful in that? No...but mark these words, repost them if you want, you don't see the pattern. After he retires, put a DST manager on the sale of this house..- He will be downsizing faster than the house was built....
  21. We believed the same thing about P.Manning. He's in Denver now. D.Freeney, we love you,.....thanks for the memories, you will not be forgotten. R.Wayne, and R.Mathis will follow shortly...
  22. As a fellow colt fan, creating division, or an issue is not my M.O. My apologies if my responses are annoying or offensive, but i do not apologize for my passion. Unless i get a reply, i will follow your advice. Again, please forgive me.
  23. "a significant portion of us are fans of the entire NFL"....I like other teams to. Im very for anything that's N.F.L. Truth be told, I have to respect the success that the 's have had against us, and the entire league. That's all football talk. However, mentioning him buying a masion with the money he earned, (beating us at home and in foxborough, mind you) is unecessary, and very :nono2: ..... , in my opinion.
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