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  1. Im only angry about Vasquez. I believed with everything i had that we had he locked up, all he needed to do was sign, but apparently, we just couldn't make a connection. I didn't expect to get levitre, but i didn't expect these signgings either. Ill wait and see what else Grigson will do, before i empty out my magazine of hollow tipped (verbal) bullets on the Colts staff......
  2. AGREED!!! Now Vasquez?... ... .. .. . :cuss: Greedy? no, Lustful, with an insatiable appetitie for the dramatic, yes.... Ok,.... **cools down**.... well lets see what Grigson has in store for us...
  3. Hold on here guys, let's understand what's happening here. Warren Sapp is a former defensive lineman, making comments about coaches protecting players with play calling. A.Luck was sacked 41 times in 2012, compared to A.Rodgers being sacked 51 times in 2012, and still posted an 11 - 5 record, getting the Colts to the playoffs in his rookie campaign. A.Luck played behind a sheet rock of an offensive line, that the injury bug made some holes in, with the help of a few termites. Security blanket? It doesn't matter how good the phone(play-calling) is working,.....how comfortable(successful) can a
  4. B.Wells, rather than S. Jackson, at this stage of their careers. Injured, but only 24 years old. Jackson is the star of the NFL All Senior Citizen team.....
  5. Once i saw who made this topic for discussion, i had to change my response. BCasserly is well aware of Ryan Grigson's experience. It's the off-season, he's giving us something to talk about, and he & the bleacher report, are only confirming what we Colts already knew....**pulls reins back on young colt**....whoooa there.... ....... (you)..... (me)...LOL..TK he already knows...
  6. Agreed.... .......My concern, is towards the staff responsible for supplying Gatorade bottles to the players, during the game. The staff must develop a scheme, which systematically allows them properly nurish, and recharge the offensive line. After taking a few **swigs** of the bottle, if they spill enough of it on their hands, the increased levels of sugar, and electrolytes in the Gatorade will increase the Oline's ability to execute a successful blocking scheme, and ready to go back to work, and win the game. **Seriously**..... :luv: Im rooting for Vasquez & Levitre to both be here i
  7. You & I need to revisit this topic somewhere towards the middle, going into the end of the 2013 regular season. My assesment of Milliner is not made from observing his size, alone. **On purpose**... .....I saw his ability to catch the ball,.. :whatever: , im sorry, no i didn't. "Milliner looked very good in the ball drills........At The Combine". The combine is a game of hop-scotch for all potential NFL players, you can see the routes & patterns. I don't care what the combine report is, i believe what i see & don't see. I don't see this guy as a shutdown corner. He may not get bu
  8. Im gonna be a bit venomous here, and say that i think Milliner is gonna be either a bust, or simply not worthy of a 1st round pick. This is NFL, he will get dominated by the bigger receivers in this league. His catching is so suspect, that he even looks like he's gonna miss, when the ball goes up in the air, in his direction. Xavier Rhodes will be the best corner in this year's draft, followed by David Amerson, then Desmond Trufant. The Trufant family seem to have a farming system for breeding solid cornerbacks....Marcus, Isaiah, and now Desmond is about to make his debut....
  9. Ok, ill entertain this post, but why is this even a thread(topic)? If the main receiver, or receiver #1 gets double teamed, then the answer is so obvious, Stevie Wonder could see it...Im setting my attention on Jeremy Kelley, and Nathan Palmer. Im ready to see these guys get a chance to shine.
  10. Based on the votes, i think DBrown is going to end up as trade bait in the very near, excuse me, in the immediate future....Im not mad about everyone voting against me, i did think that by now, after several hours, at least one fan would've have agreed with me out of kindness. Our colts brothers & sisters really love Ballard. This is so , but a little.... . Im standing with my vote. I think he'll win the job in the off-season, get injured and lose it to Ballard in the regular season, again.....
  11. As of today,....i accept the fact that the Colts will not be drafting/taking Eddie Lacy, or another running back, possibly, until the later rounds. Having said that, i wanted to take a vote, and get some other view points, on which Colts RB will earn the starting job this season. With all respect due, Vick Ballard earned his keep, and a shot, to be the Colts featured back, in 2013. However, watching him play last season, im still not convinced he has the tools the Colts need to make our oppenents shift their scheme, which would give the Colts the proper balance against the stronger oppenents o
  12. Sorry Brian, whoever recorded his time, needs to replace that battery, or get a new unit, because that didn't look like 4.19 speed. He barely got any separation, not mention he was catching passes from a terrible QB. He'll make someone's practice squad, but i don't see him becoming a star in this league.
  13. While i understand your concern about age, I think it's premature of us, and somewhat irrational, to dismiss this guy as a late round pick, based on his age, but potentially immediate impact. Most of our favorite players, do not give us consistently, 3 to 5 years of the SAME stat lines that we've come to expect, because it generates, and manifests into wins for his team. After a dominating season, teams look at game tape, and plan their schemes around removing THAT players effectiveness towards their game plan, which result in weak stats, due to doubleteams, blocking schemes, and zone coverage
  14. "I could see one of the more talented teams at the bottom of the first round rolling the dice on him"....Agreed, that team that is close to the bottom, that has the 24th pick, would be getting a great player...... :hmm:
  15. I wanna say this carefully.....in a matchup or selection process where the Colts position allows them to take either Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah, or Margus Hunt, ill take Margus Hunt, over Ziggy Ansah without Hesitation, in the 1st round. Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah Margus Hunt 6'5" - Height 6'8* - Height 271 - Weight
  16. After the holes in the Oline are patched up, the entire offense will be on display for the entire NFL to see and experience.
  17. How can anyone, accurately predict the number of catches that any pass catcher is gonna have? :bag: ....Stop looking at my stat projection, and see my point. The Indianapolis Colts do not need to spend any more money on pass catchers. Wayne,Fleener, Allen, Hilton,Kelley,Brazill,Palmer, and Whalen, give the colts enough W.M.D.'s, (weapons of mass destructive) for us to destroy our oppenents city in less than 60 minutes. With Hilton, Palmer, and Brazill(long-range weapons), we can hit anything within a 70 yard radius. Wayne,Fleener, Allen, & Kelley are matchup nightmares for LB's, and inexpe
  18. UH, WHAT? WR?....you gonna be kidding me !!! Let's stop thinking about WR's, and put into perspective the number of pass catchers on the team. The days of a wide receiver, catching 100plus passes is coming to an end. Fleener & Allen will catch 100 passes between them. Reggie, Lavon, Nathan, and Jeremy will share 300 receptions between the four of them, with the backs sharing 50 - 70 passes between them. Until we get an effective running game, we will be throwing the ball 60 - 65% of the time, after the patchwork for the OLine has been completed.
  19. Here's what i saw(heard) from the text, that convinced me he's coming to INDY....: "The Colts' interest makes plenty of sense, though. Indy is weak on the interior O-Line, several old Chargers coaches are now on the Colts' staff, and new Indianapolis VP of Football Operations Jimmy Raye spent the past decade-plus in the San Diego organization. Vasquez and Andy Levitre are far and away the most desirable two guards in a top-heavy market at the position" TKnight85: & ED29_1659yards: :disco:
  20. I want Eddie Lacy, but the guy that's highlighted in Red w/ the emoticon next to his name, is who I think Grigson is gonna pick....(You really don't know how hard this is for me to accept, but i have to stop fantasizing, and accept the reality...
  21. Read your post, before i watched Grigson's press conference, only to realize that you may very well be on to something. Im * that he revealed his :luv: Man-Crush for Vick Ballard which says to me "were not taking Eddie Lacy in the first round". .... ... I have to move on, at some point. While listening to Grigson share his thoughts on the draft, i noticed his passion, and the lengthy explaination about the Colts transition from the 4-3, to the 3-4 defensive scheme, and it "hit a chord/nerve" with me, and it sounded/felt like - "he's taking a DT/DE in round 1.
  22. You must have visited my page recently.... . This is the guy that can help the colts match up with the taller receivers in this league, and provide arial coverage for the big red zone targets like L.Fitzgerald, Cal'Johnson, and A.J.Green. The reason why very few people know, or even remember him is because he was suppose to be Miami's next big star saftey, in the mold of Sean Taylor. I did the research on this guy, and he's actually not a bad kid, but was seduced, like many other athelets who struggle to make ends meet during their college years. So he ended up be dimissed from UM, then trans
  23. AGREED!!!.....Using a 1st round pick on a player is a heavy investment. He has a contract, but his jersey stays clean enough to dry a car with. you can count the number of battle scars on his helmet with one hand, and his laundry bill is extremely low. This 2013 season, the Colts need to know, without question, what they have in Jerry Hughes. What can he REALLY DO. If he can rush the passer, and cover the TE's, we may already have what we need, in house. But if he's molded his game after DF, he's going back to the bench or may be traded. Here's a guy i wish the colts would've drafted 3 years a
  24. ...If we are going to convict & charge Peyton Manning, in this conversation, for choking in the playoffs, then he deserves a right to have a fair trial, in consideration of that fact the he only plays offense. He is at fault, for not capitalizing on opportunities on offense, when he had the chance to do so. If scores points, who is responsible for stopping the other team from scoring, and giving his offense a chance to score again? If the defense has irritable bowels, and can stop the runs, why would you blame the QB for missing tackles, and dropping interceptions? Looking back at the 11
  25. Good Dialogue....You..say, that the Browns have a good OL. ... :hmm: When i mentioned the "circumstances" that TR is/was under in 2012, im taking into account, all of elements that minimized/affected, his production for his team. Looking at the stat lines for the Cleveland's offense last year, TR was the workhorse, but was the main attraction/ focus of the oppenents they faced. You could literally lock up their offense with 9 players on defense. (7 in the box, 2 on Josh Gordon, with the remaining players talking to referees about field conditions.) Brandon Weeden 2012 Stats: 517(att's) 297(c
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