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  1. This thread has humbled many us who were anti-Grigson, or at least we started that way after what happened to P.M.. The numbers seem to be spot on, and based on the numbers you've submitted, we DO seem to be headed in the right direction. What i also see is that these players will come to understand how awesome a talent evaluator Grigson is, and will be, and won't be able to lobby thru the media for a larger contract. [ Not based on the structure of the contract, but for the simple reason that this GM can find a guy just as good, younger than they are, and will play as he says from "snap to wh
  2. Are you listening to yourself, young padawan, young jedi. The title of your thread says - "Here's is %100 Proof Why You Take A RB In The 1st and 2nd Round If You Want An Impact Back!"......The Colts drafted Donald Brown in 2009, in the FIRST ROUND of the 2009 NFL draft, @ pick #27, but keeps racking up injuries. Arian Foster went undrafted in 2009, and has already been to 3 Pro Bowls, made the All-Pro teams twice, and lead the league in rushing 2010. You have to do your homework, before you make these kind of posts. AF was signed, not drafted, in the same year as Donald Brown...this thread is
  3. .... goes to coltsrule91, for the best, and most accurate comment on this thread...everyone else who logs in, can just like this comment, without wasting time like i did posting a response. Adrian Foster's success destroys this entire thread for RB's, and Kurt Warner does it for QB's....
  4. With McNary's motor, im looking forward to attending some of the practices this year. The competition is going to be fierce. Him getting to the QB, and pushing OT's around, seems effortless. If he can cover, the sky's the limit.
  5. , yes we're riding in the same cab, but where this conversation took a left, instead of a right, is when guys were saying that we won't keep 6 WR's on the roster, because we didn't do it last season, yet we clearly saw Wayne,Avery, Hilton,Brazill, Palmer, and Whalen all make an appearance on the field during the regular season. Your explanation of the transition that takes place between the future/reserve contract, to the practice squad, to the active roster is appreciated, however, all of this talk of this guy won't make the cut, or he won't be back is all speculation, until it's been confirm
  6. ..... This conversation.....this one,.....is about keeping WR's on the roster. The title is "8 receivers on contract". No where in my 1st or 2nd "dissertation", did i make an argument/discussion for, or against, a WR being brought back, or Signed to,...the practice squad. What's irrelevant about them being brought back is that Whalen & Sambrano's "practice squad contracts"...so to speak, have them signed thru 2014, in which case they become ERFA's in 2015. If they accept the Colts offer, they may be here longer than expected, unless they are allowed to sign with another team. ....Natha
  7. ....Im sorry, but yes, i have to.....do this... . Let's qualify & confirm this whole "keeping or not keeping WR's on the active roster, or team". If a team signs a player to a future/reserve contract, even if it is just for that season, or whatever the terms are between that player, and that organization, how has he not been kept as a member of the team? If he signed a contract, then he can be made active, for that roster, and be called up to fill in a spot, left open because of injuries suffered by one of the more consistent players. Unless that team decides to sign a veteran free age
  8. Quote - "We didn't last yr." 2012 WR Roster Reggie Wayne Donnie Avery Ty Hilton Lavon Brazill Nathan Palmer Griff Whalen Jabin Sambrano We had 7 WR's on the roster in 2012, the first 6 saw playing time in 2012.... ..... :hmm: ..... ???
  9. Here's every Colts WR on tap: Reggie Wayne Darrius Heyward Bey Ty Hilton Lavon Brazill Jeremy Kelley Nathan Palmer Griff Whalen Jabin Sambrano The order in which i've listed them, i believe, is accurate, based on their talent/potential beneficial to the team. Whalen & Sambrano, IMHO, will be assigned to the practice squad, and possibly special-teams duty. The uphill battle for the positions they're competing for, is beyond their grasp. They don't offer anything different, that will increase their playing time on offense. Lavon's hands are better than Whalen's. Palmer's 4.3 speed, and b
  10. The goes to FalseStart for this contribution. If DHB can get up after being tackled, without fail, everytime he catches a ball, or runs a route, for all 16 games, he will have convinced Ryan Grigson that he deserves a bigger, and longer contract. All he needs to do is reproduce what Donnie Avery did, with fewer drops, more big play touchdowns, and he'll get what his talent says he deserves. Avery: 60recs, 781yrds, 3TD's....If he does 50-800-8, he'll be back for 3 more years.
  11. "I totally believe he'e coming here"....the guy who posted this must be a psychic. In fact i hope that if DHB exceeds expectations, that Grigson will restructure his contract with a 3 year extention....let's wait and see what happens... ... :disco:
  12. Philadelphia Eagles land 6-foot-7 WR Ifeanyi Momah http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000156100/article/philadelphia-eagles-land-6foot7-wr-ifeanyi-momah This signing by the Eagles has a Ryan Grigson "feel", or inspiration to it. We all know that Grigson worked, and has a history with Philly, but this signing by them makes me wonder about where the inspiration or the scouting report came from, that made them decide to take a chance on this guy. He, much like our own Jeremy Kelley gives us something to drool over, considering the possibilities, but it also introduces us to what seems
  13. This NFL.com column, suggest that the Raiders should get rid of C.Palmer & D.McFadden in order to put them in a better position to rebuild a struggling franchise that's under new management. I think you know what im about to ask....minus C.Palmer...........should we???? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000154846/article/carson-palmer-darren-mcfadden-holding-back-oakland-raiders
  14. You're right, but i wouldn't be suprised, in fact, i totally belive he'e coming here. I could rationalize all the reasons why INDY is a better fit for him, vs Detroit, but i'll keep it simple. Him coming here, is the better career choice.
  15. I see a Stafford vs Grigson 2 round fight card here. The advantage goes to the Colts here. The fight is deadlocked between Luck & Stafford, but with the GM of the year, and the possiblity of getting an to multiple superbowls, having Grigson on this side, hould provide the Colts with the knock power they need to bring the battle to an end with the victory. ? is, what is DHB and his agent talking about? Even with all that talent, they go 4 - 12, we're suppose to believe that Reggie Bush is gonna take them all the way to the superbowl?....Prediction: D.H.B. will sign with the Colts...
  16. Love the uni's....the blue helmet...not so much.
  17. I meant 4-3, trying to change over to the new 3-4 defense. Im simply trying to determine his trade value, if this was actually possible...
  18. ....Thank you!!! For being one of the few people that actually read and understands, the original posting. It's all based on his former 1st round status. I didn't put a value on him, i merely asked if it was conceiveable, possible....
  19. How about Rex Ryan for the Colts Defensive Coordinator?
  20. **Please re-read the post**...Im clearly asking about the possibilities....it's not loaded....Possibly, Realm of Possiblities, are the key words here. I don't have factual evidence of any team that has shown interest, but i refuse to believe that there are absolutely no GMs' in the NFL who wouldn't take interest in him, if the Colts offered him in exchange for a draft pick. Being a 1st rounder is worth considering, at least. In the same way that Grigson signed draft picks that few teams were considering as a good player who could help them win, so will a team who is looking to improve their pa
  21. I understand that his value has dropped from his draft position, but IMO, he hasn't had been given a starters chance to showcase all of his tools. Im not implying in any way, that Hughes is a bust, my point is that his skill set doesn't fit Pagano's scheme, because he's crafted his game in the mold of D.Freeney. He can get to the QB, but his ability to cover is very questionable. He's a 3-4, hands in the ground DE, not the hybrid DE/OLB that the Colts new 3-4 attack is looking for.
  22. JERRY HUGHES 2010 1ST ROUND DRAFT (PICK #31) BY THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Im not sure what the clauses, or stipulations are in Jerry Hughes contract, but he's a former 1st rounder. Having been on the roster for 3 years now, he obviously is not bound to any ERFA (Exclusive Rights Free Agent) regulations, or the like, and will become an unrestricted free agent in 2015. I'm watching, very closely, looking at the caliber/type of players that Grigson is signing, and i have to say that im starting to lose faith in what J.Hughes can provide for "our" team. Hughes spent most of his career, having
  23. If Bob brought fire, Laron is gonna bring thunder & lighting. This guy embodies the image of the frankenstein that Grigson & Pagano are creating....
  24. Great on 3rd and long in coverage. Good nickel back, for us. Glad he's back...now they need to go get A.Q.Shipley.
  25. You guys may not know, but we've got a guy similiar to Delanie Walker occupying the Colts FB position right now. His name is Dominique Jones #46, and he's a FB/TE who was their red zone threat the last 2 years @ Shepard University. He a caught a touchdown pass from Chandler Harnish in the preseason. I actually like this guy, and think he can contribute to this team. He's a decent blocker, and his catching is better than average. He's the same size as D.Allen, 6'3", 255, and may be a little faster than D.Allen...
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