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  1. :banana::excited: Pure Pandemonium!!! All the guys are jumping and running around as if they either won the lottery, or it was the last touchdown of the Superbowl...I loved every minute of it!....It was just to good!.... :thmup::yahoo::monkeydance:

  2. This is amazing...... :???: ... :scratch:.. 4 pages of responses? The cool thing that's happening, i guess... O.o  is we get to see some Colts fans respond, that we've never seen on any of the Colts blogs. This feels like summertime, and we've just gotten out of school, and the only thing we've planned to do, is play with our old toys... :nutz: We need new toys, someone, please "donate".

  3. Perfectly said. He walked the walk by choosing under the radar guys. What some people don't understand is that outside of Wayne and Mathis, we are one of the youngest teams in football, and got even younger this off-season, but we picked up 9 veterans?

    My head is spinning. Lol

    9 veterans?.....Like you said, we've gotten younger.  Our "sons" can't play all day. Big brothers have to be dad sometimes, and show'em how it's done....lol

  4. This thread has humbled many us who were anti-Grigson, or at least we started that way after what happened to P.M.. The numbers seem to be spot on, and based on the numbers you've submitted, we DO seem to be headed in the right direction. What i also see is that these players will come to understand how awesome a talent evaluator Grigson is, and will be, and won't be able to lobby thru the media for a larger contract. [ Not based on the structure of the contract, but for the simple reason that this GM can find a guy just as good, younger than they are, and will play as he says from "snap to whistle", for less money than they are demanding for their "services" ].....So Grigson, with Pagano's help, goes into the off-season workouts, creates competition, and get players focusing on winning a starting job, and not on dead presidents.....Genius...(well, good play calling none the less...LOL)

  5. While it's possible to get a GREAT back in later rounds , odds are against you as I showed you the difference between the amount of late round backs and top 2 round backs..So how does 1 back selected in later rounds who has 3 pro Bowl O-linemen and Andre Johnson to take the top off the defense destroy the point...Alfred Morris too, had a great line and the advantage of the read option were defenses couldn't key on him because of the threat of Bob Griffin 111 keeping it and running it himself...Personally I like Ballard better than Morris all day he just ran behind a bad line, he has a lot of heart and I like him, but Lacy would start over him day 1...That would be a great combo though and they are completely different yet both are 3-tool backs. This would allow us to keep them both fresh and an injury to 1 wouldn't put our fate in the hands of Donald Brown who I hope we somehow can just trade...He is pathetic in every sense of the word.


    Are you listening to yourself, young padawan, young jedi. The title of your thread says - "Here's is %100 Proof Why You Take A RB In The 1st and 2nd Round If You Want An Impact Back!"......The Colts drafted Donald Brown in 2009, in the FIRST ROUND of the 2009 NFL draft, @ pick #27, but keeps racking up injuries. Arian Foster went undrafted in 2009, and has already been to 3 Pro Bowls, made the All-Pro teams twice, and lead the league in rushing 2010. You have to do your homework, before you make these kind of posts. AF was signed, not drafted, in the same year as Donald Brown...this thread is done, unless you just want to make friends, which is fine by me.... :highfive2::thmup:

  6. you got guys like arian foster who went undrafted become stars. you dont go broke at a position that last 8-9 years unless you cant pass

    :thmup: .... :lombardi:  goes to coltsrule91, for the best, and most accurate comment on this thread...everyone else who logs in, can just like this comment, without wasting time like i did posting a response. Adrian Foster's success destroys this entire thread for RB's, and Kurt Warner does it for QB's....

  7. Aren't we talking about the final, 53 man roster? There are a lot of guys under contract right now and considered a part of the team that won't be in five months. It's likely that those 6th, 7th and 8th receivers aren't going to be on the roster come September.


    What happens after that is a matter of circumstance. Some of the guys who are released prior to the start of the regular season will clear waivers and get signed to the practice squad. But as of right now, there is no practice squad; that doesn't come into effect until Week 1 of the regular season. It's possible that some of the guys who were signed to future/reserve contracts will make the final roster. But not all of them will be. The majority of those guys will move on and never be a part of the team again.


    Also, as it pertains to future/reserve contracts, as I understand it, that is a mechanism that's used after the regular season ends, but prior to the start of the upcoming league year. Once the league year begins, those contracts are added to the active roster, and are no longer considered future/reserve contracts. The league year started March 12. So everyone we have under contract right now is a member of the active roster. There's no future/reserve squad, there's no practice squad.


    We might be saying the same thing as far as all of that is concerned. But where we differ is specific to those end of the roster receivers. I think Brazill has a good chance to make the roster, pending any additional receivers, but guys like Palmer, Sambrano, Kelley, Whalen, are all unlikely to make the final roster. And anyone who doesn't make final cuts goes through waivers.  Only after they clear waivers can they be signed to the practice squad, and only those players who are practice squad eligible. There are no future/reserve contracts at that point in time.


    :superman:, yes we're riding in the same cab, but where this conversation took a left, instead of a right, is when guys were saying that we won't keep 6 WR's on the roster, because we didn't do it last season, yet we clearly saw Wayne,Avery, Hilton,Brazill, Palmer, and Whalen all make an appearance on the field during the regular season. Your explanation of the transition that takes place between the future/reserve contract, to the practice squad, to the active roster is appreciated, however, all of this talk of this guy won't make the cut, or he won't be back is all speculation, until it's been confirmed. The thing that causes a little bit of confusion, is that the guys that are on the bottom end of the receiving corps are signed thru 2014, and 2015 respectively. So when i see all of this waiver, and practice squad talk, it all seems irrelevant if the guy signs a contract that allows him to play out the end of his deal....after you look at their contract details, tell me what you make of it, verses all of this talk about keeping or not keeping 6 WR's on the active roster.....you can look up their salaries on sportrac.com, type in their name, and look at the details.... :hmm:

  8. To sign someone to the practice squad, they must first be waived and pass through waivers.


    Therefore, anyone on the practice squad has not been "kept", but rather "brought back".

    :nutz: ..... :facepalm:


    This conversation.....this one,.....is about keeping WR's on the roster. The title is "8 receivers on contract". No where in my 1st or 2nd "dissertation", did i make an argument/discussion for, or against, a WR being brought back, or Signed to,...the practice squad. What's irrelevant about them being brought back is that Whalen & Sambrano's "practice squad contracts"...so to speak, have them signed thru 2014, in which case they become ERFA's in 2015. If they accept the Colts offer, they may be here longer than expected, unless they are allowed to sign with another team. O.o ....Nathan Palmer was signed to the Colts active roster, from the 49ers practice squad, so he's not on the practice squad, and is under contract, on the active roster until 2015, in which he will become a RFA. With Adams, Collie, and Avery gone, Brazill, Kelley, Palmer, Whalen will all see action on the active roster in 2013, both in preseason, and regular season, unless Grigson decides to do something that hasn't been confirmed.

  9. :nutz: ....Im sorry, but yes, i have to.....do this... :deadhorse:.

    :ranton: Let's qualify & confirm this whole "keeping or not keeping WR's on the active roster, or team".


    If a team signs a player to a future/reserve contract, even if it is just for that season, or whatever the terms are between that player, and that organization, how has he not been kept as a member of the team? If he signed a contract, then he can be made active, for that roster, and be called up to fill in a spot, left open because of injuries suffered by one of the more consistent players. Unless that team decides to sign a veteran free agent, that reserve player, if deemed worthy to fill a void, can actually play that season. So if the future/reserve contract is what the NFL rules say that it is, then HE IS, THEY ARE.... apart of that team, and he is that 6th, 7th, or 8th receiver that we keep dismissing in this conversation, whether he is active at that time, or becomes active when he's called up from the practice squad, or a change is made to the future/reserve contract that allows him to be apart of the active roster. :rantoff:

  10. I'm gonna say it one more time, IMO, WE WILL NOT KEEP 6 WR'S!!! There just isn't enough roster spots to keep 6. We didn't last yr. and we won't this yr..


    Quote - "We didn't last yr."


    2012 WR Roster


    Reggie Wayne

    Donnie Avery

    Ty Hilton

    Lavon Brazill

    Nathan Palmer

    Griff Whalen

    Jabin Sambrano


    We had 7 WR's on the roster in 2012, the first 6 saw playing time in 2012.... :bored: ..... :hmm: ..... :dunno: ???

  11. Why Whalen instead of Kelley? Did he play any in preseason last year? I know he's tall and decent hands, but I haven't seen him in action.


    I think we keep five unless there is a camp injury or we keep someone who is really a kick returner only.

    Wayne, DHB, Hilton, and Brazil are probably locks. So unless the Colts just think they have a hidden gem in one of the others the last spot will probably go to the best special teamer of the group.


    Here's every Colts WR on tap:


    Reggie Wayne

    Darrius Heyward Bey

    Ty Hilton

    Lavon Brazill

    Jeremy Kelley

    Nathan Palmer

    Griff Whalen

    Jabin Sambrano


    The order in which i've listed them, i believe, is accurate, based on their talent/potential beneficial to the team. Whalen & Sambrano, IMHO, will be assigned to the practice squad, and possibly special-teams duty. The uphill battle for the positions they're competing for, is beyond their grasp. They don't offer anything different, that will increase their playing time on offense. Lavon's hands are better than Whalen's. Palmer's 4.3 speed, and big play ability will keep Sambrano on the bench, or get him released. Kelley's unique size, 42 inch vertical, and 4.5 40time speed, make him a potentially favorite red zone threat with Fleener, Allen, and Wayne, inside the 20 yard line. Other than being a decoy, i don't see much PT for those guys, but i've been wrong before.


    Inspite of my earlier comments, I absolutely Love the balance the Colts have!!! :thmup:

    Possession WR's:  Wayne, Brazill, Kelley, Whalen,

    Deep Threat Wr's: Heyward Bey, Hilton, Palmer, Sambrano

  12. Rite of passage...then you get a 3-5 year.  Prove yourself DHB...


    The :lombardi: goes to FalseStart for this contribution. If DHB can get up after being tackled, without fail, everytime he catches a ball, or runs a route, for all 16 games, he will have convinced Ryan Grigson that he deserves a bigger, and longer contract. All he needs to do is reproduce what Donnie Avery did, with fewer drops, more big play touchdowns, and he'll get what his talent says he deserves. Avery: 60recs, 781yrds, 3TD's....If he does 50-800-8, he'll be back for 3 more years.

  13. I like D.H.B. I think he's gonna be able to help us greatly, depending on how we incorporate his skill set into our offense. The fact the we have so many weapons on offense, is a plus for him, because they won't be able to just focus on him. Our oppenents will be so distracted with TY, Allen, Wayne, and Fleener, we'll be able to put them to sleep, and when they least expect it, activate our long range weapon and destroy their dreams of victory.

  14. You're right, but i wouldn't be suprised, in fact, i totally belive he'e coming here. I could rationalize all the reasons why INDY is a better fit for him, vs Detroit, but i'll keep it simple. Him coming here, is the better career choice.


    "I totally believe he'e coming here"....the guy who posted this must be a psychic. In fact i hope that if DHB exceeds expectations, that Grigson will restructure his contract with a 3 year extention....let's wait and see what happens... :thmup: ... :disco:

  15. Philadelphia Eagles land 6-foot-7 WR Ifeanyi Momah







    This signing by the Eagles has a Ryan Grigson "feel", or inspiration to it. We all know that Grigson worked, and has a history with Philly, but this signing by them makes me wonder about where the inspiration or the scouting report came from, that made them decide to take a chance on this guy. He, much like our own Jeremy Kelley gives us something to drool over, considering the possibilities, but it also introduces us to what seems to be a new standard for the next era of NFL football schemes, as introduced by Cincinnati, and Detroit. There's not much footage on either Kelley or Momah to crown either of them as the next (freakish athlete) - Randy Moss, or Megatron, but boy does it make you salivate at their potential....

  16. I'll be surprised if he comes here.  If I'm wrong and he does, great.  Low risk, high reward for us.  If not, no big loss. 


    You're right, but i wouldn't be suprised, in fact, i totally belive he'e coming here. I could rationalize all the reasons why INDY is a better fit for him, vs Detroit, but i'll keep it simple. Him coming here, is the better career choice.

  17. I see a Stafford vs Grigson 2 round fight card here. The advantage goes to the Colts here. The fight is deadlocked between Luck & Stafford, but with the GM of the year, and the possiblity of getting an to multiple superbowls, having Grigson on this side, hould provide the Colts with the knock power they need to bring the battle to an end with the victory. ? is, what is DHB and his agent talking about? Even with all that talent, they go 4 - 12, we're suppose to believe that Reggie Bush is gonna take them all the way to the superbowl?....Prediction: D.H.B. will sign with the Colts...

  18. Original premise of the thread is flawed beceause there ia literally no GM who would give up that much for Hughes. Pure folly. A 5th rounder alone is a huge stretch. He has NO trade value. Further, though the descripion above is not close to an accurate description of Hughes. He is just simply not a 3-4 DE. That is not close to what he is. Maybe you ment a 4-3 DE? But then that is off base because he proved to be a failure as a 4-3 DE.


    I meant 4-3, trying to change over to the new 3-4 defense. Im simply trying to determine his trade value, if this was actually possible...


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