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  1. I find it VERY AMUSING :funny: , that his Dad, and other American's, are so quick to come to his rescue, by putting a medical label on youthful rebellion. Are we really gonna' fill this "Balloon" of a thread, with hot helium gas, and justify why he simply can't obey authority?...If so, i refuse to participate, other than what i've submitted. The chart, or ratings, that make up his System Of Value's, needs to be corrected, and updated. I don't care if he's having an identity crisis, this issue, is as shallow as the kiddy pool at an apartment complex....

  2. This video kinda' sneaks up on you, and you don't expect to see what you're gonna see @ the 1:50 marker. After the 1st couple of plays, you're ready to go to something else,...then all of a sudden you find out what he can do....this is amazing....he would've have been a great addition to the team...

    #2 Benny Cunningham [Purple & White]


  3. I was just :sleepy: , then  O.o , saw this thread :oops: and... -omg-... :omg: ,.. :flaming::ticked::bomb: :cuss: :censored2::censored: :cuss:  What happen to his ... :rulez: ...i tried to post all of the emoticons that expressed my feelings, but obviously i went too far. I feel like :puke: right now...This was a bad move. Satelle probably doesn't have as much value a Shipley, so maybe that's why Grigson did it...we'll find out soon enough....

  4. Although anything is possible; I think it is very unlikely that Thomas does not start at guard over a rookie, and a player who has spent more time injured than playing.


    This comment, represents my feelings(thoughts) to the letter. The guys that they paid in free agency, along with the addition of pep hamilton, are going to set the foundation, for what the blocking/defensive scheme is suppose to look like, on the NFL level. When that has been established, then the older guys with 7 or more years will naturally end their contracts, and the young guys will slowly begin to take over. I realize that our free agents didn't sign mega deals, but the fact that they were paid what the were paid, means they weren't brought to sit. There are nuances about the :nfl:style blocking scheme, that these young guys haven't experienced, so it's the veterans job to show them how to respond to it.....

  5. In other words they were on the same team. Just a tidbit that I wasn't aware of until taking a better look at Palmer. 


    Another fun fact, is that Nathan Palmer & Lavon Brazill played against each other, in 2011 MAC championship. N.I.U. vs Ohio U....in which Harnish & Palmer came back in the fourth quarter to win 23 - 20, with a late field goal...

  6. Im a fan of Palmer, but unless he can beat out Whalen, he may be cut along with Sambrano and the other UDFA WR's.....



    D_Heyward Bey










    I hope he can at least get assigned to special teams duties....or we actually keep 6 WR's on the active roster......again...i HOPE...

  7. The guy that works @ Rotoworld, ...who is responsible for posting this "Projected Starting Lineup", .....works....@....Rotoworld, and does not.....work for the Colts coaching staff.


    As an official Arm-Chair, 1st team, all tarrant county, Couch QB of this forum, .... :funny: , allow me to submit my 1st team roster for
    the 2013 season, of players who WILL absolutely get playing time, unless injured:


    :colts:  OFFENSE


    QB - Andrew Luck

    RB - Vick Ballard - [We didn't take an RB, and this guy earned R.Grigson's seal of approval, not mine]

    FB - Stanley Havili or Dan Moore [D.Moore is an angry FB, that runs a 4.5]

    WR1 - Reggie Wayne

    WR2 - Darius Heyward-Bey & T.Y. Hilton - [DHB wasn't signed to play slot receiver, but will, in certain packages]

    TE - Dwayne Allen & Coby Fleener - [D.Allen doesn't have to play FB this year]

    RT - Anthony Castanzo

    LG - Donald Thomas

    LT - Gosder Cherilus


    ** LG & C are T.B.D........Nobody on the Colts offensive line, has the right tools, for protecting Andrew's blindside than D.Thomas, G.Cherilus. I purposely put them on the left side, because i think the coaches will see it the same way. **



    :colts: DEFENSE


    SS - Laron Landry

    FS - Antoine Bethea

    RCB - Vontae Davis

    LCB - Greg Toler

    LOLB - Robert Mathis, then Bjoern Werner

    ROLB - Erik Walden, then Lawrence Sidbury

    ILB - Jerrell Freeman

    ILB - Pat Angerer

    NT - Montori Hughes, then Josh Chapman

    RE - Rickey Jean-Francois

    LE - Cory Redding


    ** They didn't pay E.Walden to warm the bench, he will start and set the edge according to Grigson & Pagano's scheme...M.Hughes will make the roster, and compete for the starting NT position, and B.Werner allows R.Mathis to rest, filling in admirably, until Mathis retires completely....You can take this check to bank, and cash it, it's good, the funds are there, and so is free coffee & donuts **

  8. Probably closer to Sherman Hemsley....you honky


    I got the biggest LOL in the last 5 years right here...




    HEY!!! Slow it down, back it up....BLOOD ON TRACKS...you started this crap! Enough with that! This is 2013, not 1320. John Dee i understand your frustration, but please don't help him by pouring gasoline on this small matchstick of a fire....i looked at his profile, there's no way he's 76, and that senile...rise above it...

  9. People just because he has size doesn't make him the next big thing. Kelley is the size of megatron doesn't mean he's just as talented.

    HEY NOW!!! haha Stop hating on J_Kelley. Im a fan of JK, and think he can be as talented as CJ. He wasn't in a system that allowed him to exhibit all the tools in his toolchest...I saw his game tapes. He can make the tough catch, over the middle, and beat double teams with his outstanding leaping ability....yes, im very optimistic about J Kelley, regardless of his doubters.... :yes:

  10. *edited for content*


    His comment is proprietary to its owner, not to other nationalities, or the one he physically represents....this comment also displays his youthful, unfiltered belief about NFL safties......and should be deleted...

  11. Up until the Bama game, I thought he was an amazing playmaker with great instincts. Then I watched him on NFL net last night, and now I dont think the Bama gm was that bad. His DLine was abused. If Warmack and those guys are got there hands on Ray Lewis in his prime, same thing would've happened. He showed a nose for

    the ball at times and just missed tackles.

    Long story short, let's hop aboard the Te'o Train. Who's comin with me?

    I won't be riding the Te'o train. Eddie Lacy may not be great, but he's pretty good at running through tackles. Lacy's 220lb frame, and 4.5 speed, exposed Te'o's weeknesses. Te'o has great instincts, but his footwork is bad, and only gets to the sideline based on instincts, and not with physical talent. When he gets his hands on you, you're caught, that is of course, unless you're E.Lacy...

  12. Karim is our KR specialist

    This is exactly what Deji Karim is for the Colts. We're stacked at the RB spot, but our special teams unit IS his offensive line, and as he showed last season, he only needs a crack in the wall, with daylight, and the man is gone!


    Great, another 4' lightweight RB. DON'T THINK SO. Chuck has specifically called for a smash mouth "POWER" running game. If we draft someone, he will be able to push through players and make yards. Not someone that has to have huge holes to speed through.

    Your comaparison is alittle off. Karim's body is thicker and he is way more durable than Thompson. Thompson has a early Reggie Bush frailty to his body. If he can get heavy, he may be able to withstand the punishment on the NFL level, providing his back doesn't break on him again...

  13. I'd wager against that train of thought all day every day.


    It's a standard economic bubble, supply and demand. I'd predict the best time to buy the tickets would be May or June possibly July.

    So what about ticket purchases, as it also relates to seating arrangements?

  14. Yesterday there were 1500 tickets available, today 1600 tickets available. Better get them now, they are flying off the shelf lol

    "Better get them now, they are flying off the shelf lol" - Obvious :sarcasm: ...LOL Message received, Silenthill....but you're actually right, while trying to be "funny".... :bored: ... As we approach October 21st, 8:30est, 7:30cst, it's better to buy them now while they are as cheap as they're gonna be, before the actually game starts. Thank you for cosigning my credit card stub for my game tickets....


  15. Good luck to you on finding cheaper tickets for that game.  Check the NFL Ticketmaster Exchange.  The ticket prices will more than likely increase as the game gets closer, especially if both teams are playing well. 


    :lombardi: - Deedub75 Comment Champion...lol.  This is exactly what's gonna happen. His return is gonna be so epic, that you'll have to arrive in INDY just days before the game starts, to find a decent parking spot. $250 IS the best price, because in September, all of the good seats will have already been sold...you can bet on it... :yes:

  16. These media stunts that they pull are so annoying!!! I realize they're trying to draw interest for the up and coming season, but why make a show out of it. It's the schedule, not some world changing event. Anyway, im looking forward to the Denver game, when Peyton comes back home.

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