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  1. Ronald Darby should have been a Colt.....

    1. 12isthenew18


      i wanted him in the draft too. smh

  2. Trading up to get some solid defensive help....

  3. Ronald Darby & TJ Yeldon

    1. ED29_1659yards


      Patchwork is a constant....

  4. Just came back from a dark place....to find that JK was waived. Upset doesn't even come close...

    1. CR91


      jk? jeremy kelly?

    2. ED29_1659yards


      Yes, i've been without internet for 2 months, only to return to find out that he was traded...

  5. Excited for Big Griff & "Bean" Anderson getting a chance to shine

  6. AQ Traded? This can't be true...say it ain't so..

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    2. HungarianColtsFan


      I've just saw the thread...

    3. BrentMc11


      Very unhappy. I am hoping Holmes is as impressive as advertised.

    4. alawai


      Brent - I hope Holmes comes through but was injured most of last year. Think it was the ND game in which he didn't start (injury) but was called upon because the ND "D" was dominating their "O".

  7. Going back to showing my support Jeremy Kelley...

  8. Ready to for the 2013 Season to begin...

  9. 2013 NFL Draft?...Unbelievable. Disbelief doesn't accurately describe this feeling

  10. Sitting quitely, in disbelief..trying to control my emotions...

  11. Jeremy Kelley - Wes Welker story unfolding

  12. ....Been on the (Colts Fans) Injured Reserve list since March 2012. My recovery is almost complete.

    1. HungarianColtsFan


      So Probable or Full Practice? Just kidding...Welcome back! I hope Your recovery will be completed soon!

    2. BrentMc11


      3 more weeks? You are eligible to return:) Hope you are feeling well!! Welcome back.

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