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  1. 4 hours ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    He got 2 sacks and 5 tackles in the game. 

    The problem is, since that game on Oct 04, 2015 he has played in 15 games and in those 15 games he got 1.5 sacks, 9 tackles and 4 asst.


    Not saying, he's no good.  I know he has had issues with injuries but the minimum production after that first games shows me he is predictable with his pass rush moves and once a team has some film on him they counter him pretty easily.


    Well hopefully he has corrected those flaws and Robert helps him with some counters because he definitely has some dance moves 

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  2. Stop with the Brissett is just a good backup he has shown that he can be a starter in this league and I would be comfortable if he was our Qb. Im tired of some people disrespecting him like he is a nobody this man simply came in last year with 1 week to learn the playbook and performed admirably and much better than most thought as well as myself.


    Now with Tolzien trash can be labeled but with Brissett im not going for it not to mention NE and Belichek knows how to identify Qbs Ballard didn't trade for Brissett for no reason. Im honestly taking Brissett over a lot of starting and rookie Qbs around the league.


    Luck took the same team only to an 8-8 record, Tolzien would have gone 0-16, and this guy comes in with only 1 week to prep and goes 4-12 half of what Luck could do Not to mention a couple plays here or there could have easily swung that to 8-8 or even better Brissett had us in almost in every game.

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  3. I hope Mack would be acquired because it would fill a huge need in the pass rushing department as well as helping out the secondary which would extremely speed up the defensive rebuild process. Allowing are young pass rushers to come into there own with Mack requiring plenty of attention. 


    To run a 4-3 you need good pass rushers ala sacksonville jaguars. And please stop with the nowhere near contending narrative you guys sound like the media this is a Defensive Rebuild nothing else nothing more we have a franchise Qb and a Starter behind him in Brissett give that man his credit with Tolzien we would have went 0-16 with Brissett we we're in every game last year.


    With Mack we would only maybe be a CB and another receiver away from SB contention!!!

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  4. RT should be pretty solid with either Mewhort or Smith next to them hopefully LaRaven CLark or Denzelle Good Comes into their own by the upgraded talent next tot them

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  5. Honestly I think this new scheme that we're moving too would match his skillset a lot better and could see him making the roster as a backup. I really don't see how this guy isn't a special teams stud already but this guy has potential to be a solid player and I hope this new coaching staff cant get the best out of him,

  6. Quincy played well when given the opportunity too he will definitely be manning 1 of the outside Corner positions. I'm also sure we will be drafting a few DBs as well this year with the trade and extra picks we have now.

  7. 8 minutes ago, aaron11 said:

    thats just one stat


    his win loss ratio was 1-10 and his yards per game was one of the worst in the league 


    im glad you mentioned his team being bad.  the colts are not good without luck either, and kap is not a fit for what we do here.  we ask the QB to read the field and throw it deep to ty, he would be horrible at that

    Lets just stop with the narrative that he cant read defenses please the guy is a legitimate QB I tired of people tryna act like just because a black Qb that runs really well cant throw just as equally well. HE only had 4INTS but ok he cant read. SMH you people


    4 minutes ago, jvan1973 said:

    Is that why Blaine Gabbert beat him out in San Fran last year?

    He played for a coach that didn't like him and is a racist himself. A coach who traded away star players LeSean McCoy and Desean Jackson but kept a depth player in Riley Cooper REASON HE WAS FIRED IN PHILLY


    And if you're your taking Blaine Gabbert over Kap your are crazy

  9. 49 minutes ago, NorthernBlue said:

    Did you even read what I said? The media factor is only an ADDED negative that wouldn't be that huge of an issue to most teams if Kap didn't require a specific offense built to cater his success.

    He didn't have Jim Harbaugh offense last year and still produced very good stats what are you talking about. I think you have him confused with Tim Tebow who couldn't read the defense even if they told him what they were running.

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