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  1. Hate the Fish, the city, their fans, Shula, Marino, their champagne celebration every time an undefeated team gets beat - you name it, I hate it about Miami. (Excluding Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine! )
  2. None of the above in the poll. Can't believe you left out Arizona and Houston! My #1 pick would be Arizona, but realistically, for Peyton to have a Super Bowl chance, oh, THIS year, the Texans have all the right poeple to get there. Good coaching, fantastic offense, solid defense > if Peyton goes there, he goes to the Super Bowl in 2013!
  3. Easy on the caffeine southwest1 > I'm not saying Manning can't play outside with the other kids, all I'm saying is taking into consideration his surgeries, he can live in an arid environment which will be great for his neck, and play in a dome...which he is accustomed to playing in. That's all. If you want him to live in Miami and play for the freakin' Fish, where they can't give away tix to a game, then fine. I happen to want something different.
  4. I'd cheer loudly and proudly for him in KC or Arizona. Plus, if he chooses Arizona - which is IMO a perfect fit for him - he'd play 11 our of 16 games in 2012 in a DOME!! If he chooses Miami...I won't buy a jersey or bother to keep too close tabs on him. I despise the Fish.
  5. Loved those years! I was the only Colt fan (it seemed like) in my town, and all of my friends were suddenly jumping on the Steelers bandwagon. I hated them then, I hate them now - Steelers that is - my friends...eh, not so much.
  6. And if he signs with Arizona, he will play 11 games in a dome and only 5 outside in 2012. :yes: Oh, yeah!
  7. I remember that day very well - I had just finished my Junior year in college and vowed to never watch another Colts game again! (Not like crying when they traded Unitas, but close!) Called 'em traitors and cowards and many other "colorful" terms. But the "horseshoe" kept calling me back and I grew to like Bert Jones and then, of course, Jim Harbaugh, and before I knew it, I was cheering for and wearing Colts blue again. As the old saying goes, "this too shall pass." But man, I agree - it's been a very tough week. And now with Clark and Freeney gone (or going)...I'm just hoping to get through
  8. I'm with you, Maureen! Hate the Fish and will NOT buy a Manning jersey if he chooses to go there. And other than having a house in Miami, I don't know why he would! Florida fans don't even like football! They can't give away tix and no wonder - the Fish stink! Bringing Peyton in will NOT get them to the Super Bowl...ever.
  9. I work with and know several Vols fans and alumni who would kill or die for Peyton to return and coach at UT. But personally, I don't see him coaching - commentating definitely!
  10. Not a big ESPN fan in the first place, but I did enjoy hearing Jaws' commentary - could handle more of him and less of Gruden, but that's just my opinion. Waiting to hear the "real" reason why he was moved from the MNF line up.
  11. Selfishly, I'd love to see Peyton play for the Colts and then retire a Colt, but realistically, professional football is a business and at the end of the day, Irsay is going to do what is best for the Colts organization. But regardless of what decision is made for next season, I'm still gonna wear my #18 jersey and watch Colts football! Been a Colts fan for 40+ years - not giving up on 'em any time soon! GO COLTS!!
  12. I agree - as much as I like to watch him play, I believe he is in for a rude awakening in the NFL. He's confident and talented, but lacking in maturity. He'll be a good pick to sit behind a vet for a few years, work his way into the offense, mature and learn, and then become an NFL leader. He might be a good pick for us...but I'm not sold on that at all.
  13. Yep, it's a business, first and foremost. We were talking about that today at work. Irsay has to make a decision - is it a complete overhaul (including a new QB) or is it a restructuring and resigning to keep the vets on the team with Peyton as QB? Assuming, of course, that Peyton can play...or that he even wants to play for Indy after his comments about the Polians yesterday...
  14. If Dungy returns to the Colts organization in any form, I'll switch allegiances and possibly conferences. He's a mediocre coach, at best - don't care what his record was at Indy > he rode Peyton's coattails all the way to multiple playoffs and the Super Bowl win (and so has Caldwell). Dungy has his idea of what a coach and what the NFL should be - granted he's looking through his "faith" glasses - but anyone who knows anything about football will tell you that being a head coach or GM takes a certain kind of brass and fire that people like Dungy don't have. If Indy had had a coach like Beli
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