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  1. Gerald McCoy is a free agent.......what’s the thoughts on his fit with the Colts?
  2. It seems like alot of the Colts former players end up in New England......
  3. I can still make an impact a plus it helps the total defense and also another vet that helps Leonard and also his contract is not guaranteed so we can always but our loses
  4. What it be worth the risk for the Colts to trade for Gerald McCoy? I think none of his contract next season is guarantee.....he been a Pro Bowl DT just a couple of years ago and I do believe the Bucs willing to move on.....maybe if the Colts offer like a 3rd rounder Thoughts?
  5. I think that whatever Bell gets the Jets will match it
  6. This is laughable......TY wouldn’t even pass Reggie let alone Marvin
  7. Felt that way as soon as the Redskins overpaid for him.....he should have never left
  8. Would it be worth giving up a first and a second for Saquon Barkley?........would you do it?
  9. Corey Coleman was just released is it worth taking a flyer on him......had first round talent going into the draft
  10. Raiders want two first rounders for Mack.......is it worth it knowing along with the picks the team going to have to pay him top dollar?
  11. Yes.......if they can get him to come out of retirement he would be the best back on the team
  12. I’m thinking if rumors are true Brissett is a hot item......my opinion the offense needs an upgrade at the running back spot to balance out the offense what realistic running back can the team gef for Brissett?
  13. The clear answer is Donald.......best defensive player in the league.....definitely in the system we Colts run now
  14. I don’t know about Swoope for the 3rd TE.....but it depends on his blocking to me
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