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  1. DonnieDarko1023

    Eric Swoope

    I don’t know about Swoope for the 3rd TE.....but it depends on his blocking to me
  2. DonnieDarko1023

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    Jerrry Hughes took off as soon as he left don’t know how I forgot about him
  3. DonnieDarko1023

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    Anthony Gonzalez Vick Ballard Austin Collie
  4. DonnieDarko1023

    1 Offensive Player and 1 Defensive Player

    Leveon Bell Aaron Donald
  5. DonnieDarko1023

    Malik Hooker Update

    I’m sure my next Colts jersey I buy will have Hooker’s name on the back
  6. DonnieDarko1023

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    Seen this on Twitter and Immediately thought that Hooker wouldn’t be ready by Week 1 or Geathers had a set back.....Tre Boston seems like a deep end safety......Kenny Vaccaro is more of a jack of trades type......I rather the team pick up Vaccaro
  7. DonnieDarko1023

    The big Nelson gamble

    So the team was supposed to draft another QB with Luck and Brissett already on the roster?.....another thing that gets overlooked with the drafting of Nelson is how much he will help the running game and I’m sure who ever lines up at QB will greatly appreciate that
  8. DonnieDarko1023

    Matt Jones

    As a Colts fan from the DC area.......Matt Jones is a beast but he is a fumbling the more he has the ball the more likely he’s going to fumble......a.....fumbling......machine
  9. DonnieDarko1023

    Some Clarity for draft night

    I there is any chance of this happening I would be beyond happy......great idea
  10. DonnieDarko1023

    Trade Down Mock

    Hopefully the Broncos either trade there pick to the Bills so they can get Baker or the Broncos pick Baker as long as we end up with Barkley / Chubb /’s cool to collect all the picks but I rather the front office swing and miss with one of those three but if neither is there.....I guess the next move is to trade back......again
  11. DonnieDarko1023

    Colts have Signed Former Eagles LB Najee Goode

    Special Teams player.......and a good one
  12. DonnieDarko1023

    Another WR option

    Terrance Willams would be a good pick up but I doubt it would happen with Ryan Grant in the fold
  13. DonnieDarko1023

    Josh Mcdaniels Rule

    Not a fan of the rule......Colts would have been stuck with McDaniels
  14. I hope this works out and Barkley don’t end up a beast
  15. DonnieDarko1023

    Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    The one year deal with the Raiders is a prove it deal......with that being said I want to know how much he was asking for