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  1. I’m thinking this is making space for Clowney but I’m also shocked that out of any of the DB’s that need to be cut........Wilson definitely should have been the one
  2. I think if he can stay healthy (much seems like a big if) he can be one of the best safeties the team has ever had......has Ed Reed like qualities as far as tracking the ball in the air and making plays.....would probably make more plays if the Colts are able to apply more pressure and play more Cover 3 with him at the top of the defense
  3. I’m shocked Marlon Mack is not on there and Leonard seems extremely low
  4. I think that the coach / GM are trying to build a different type of culture that the organization will stick behind you and that incentive will make the players work harder for the team as a whole but Adam basically caused us games this year has been terrible....to the point where going for 2 after scoring has a higher chance of coming away with points
  5. No thanks we already have a running back that doesn’t eat up a lot of cap space and is out producing Bell
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