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  1. Woohooo!! Jim must read the board. Nice move Jim! Way to be on top of things.
  2. Hopefully Jim is telling him to pack his bags!
  3. It's time to get rid of Pep & Grigson at the very least. Grigson is directly responsible for the disarray of the offensive line and superstar freeagent duds. Pep obviously cannot mentor Luck right & get him into plays where he can get the ball off quickly or have him prepared & "not scared" and secodn guessing every move... Do the right thing Irsay! Please...
  4. All Colts fans should realize by now that one man cant win it all for you.
  5. So this is what it looks like when you're playing with a complete team! Polian and Irsay are probably drinking heavily right now. lol
  6. He has a dependable run game & a defense now. Also has lots of weapons. Not nearly under as much pressure as previous playoff appearances. Watch out is right!
  7. Heineken's where its at! :yay: Cheers to Peyton! Please win the super bowl, wish it was for ...
  8. Typically (real) Broncos fans are respectful. I'm sure there are a lot of bandwagoners now however. Laid back city
  9. "What's going to be going through your head? " How fast I can get a bud light to my lips" or something along those lines. Was pretty funny & candid
  10. Manning finally has a defense & run game. I see a blow out in the near future :o
  11. Someone will be open at all times! Next year is the year!!
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