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  1. 3 minutes ago, shastamasta said:


    I agree...but I would argue that PIT is also in a scenario with long-term questions at the QB position...and I am sure they are glad they pulled the trigger.


    Not to derail this thread into a JB debate...but I do hope you are right and that Ballard intends to be "very open-minded" this upcoming draft.

    And I still think PIT made a mistake with that trade BTW, precisely because they were in somewhat similar situation. The thing that they have that we don't is a legacy QB who they won't move on from until he retires, so it's possible they know they will have him at least for a year or two more, in which case maximizing his window would be OK. 

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  2. 25 minutes ago, twfish said:

    I figured out the maybe more, we could further entice the trade by including the rights of a retired Andrew Luck. It's a joke but at the same time there has been a trend of retired players coming back so what would that be worth to a team if anything

    I wouldn't do that. I'm keeping Luck's rights and if he ever returns and wants to be traded there will be a hell of a package waiting. Teams will give multiple firsts for him. I would keep that ace in the pocket. 

  3. 18 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    Why are you so high on love. He has a 11 tds and 12 ints

    I posted earlier in the thread about it. I like his traits and physical attributes. The kid has a lot of talent. He's not played great this year, but there are a lot of things that go into it. He does a lot of the things he needs to do really well. He has great arm, he has amazing playmaking on the move(I see why NFL execs compare him to Mahomes), he has really good pocket presence and he moves in the pocket well, steps into his throws fearlessly. And for a player with such a strong arm, you have to see his touch passes, they are a thing of beauty, he can put air under the ball, he has variety of passes and the ball looks beautiful leaving his arm on most of them. He has the bullet passes, he has the lob passes, his "drop in the bucket" passes to the boundary are awesome, he has sidearm passes.


    That's not to say he is amazing at everything(if he was, we wouldn't be talking about him dropping to the second round). He needs work on his footwork, he needs work on his decisionmaking, because he has been making a lot of wth throws this year... throws where you sit there and wonder why did he think he can fit the ball in that window, or why didn't he see the lurking defender, etc. IMO a lot of it has to do with him being forced to do too much because of how horrible the rest of his roster is. Just feels like he's trying to compensate because he knows if he doesn't score 35-40 they aren't winning. 


    He's raw and he needs work, but his traits and talent are very high level... I'd draft him and sit him to learn behind Brissett for the first year and I would let Frank develop him over the duration of the season. 

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  4. 39 minutes ago, hoosierhawk said:

    What's your thoughts on Eason from I think Wash. St?

    I like him, but he's the one I have most hesitation about(from the R1 QBs). He's good but not great at most things. Pocket passer, big QB. The first several times I watched his arm looked OK, but in more recent games he's made some throws that need high level arm strength. It seems like he might actually have a pretty good arm. He can make plays out of the pocket and off platform but rarely runs, which is somewhat of a weird combo. Good accuracy, good anticipation, so-so movement in the pocket. I'd like him to be a bit better dealing with pressure, this is probably the weakest part of his game. He kind of panics a bit, retreats, rather than step up in the pocket. 


    But overall he seems like a very solid prospect. If Ballard likes him and drafts him, I'd be happy to roll with him, seems like he can be a good QB with relatively high upside if he develops. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, twfish said:

    Ill sell this years 1st Redskins 2ND our 2nd and our 3rd plus quincy and Walker for Burrow. The kid is incredible and unlike any other QB i've witnessed coming out of college

    That's not quite selling the farm IMO. Selling the farm would need to include another future 1st and maybe more. Think about it. The Jets gave us 3 x 2nd round picks in order to move from 6 to 3. You are practically offering less in this scenario to move from 15-20 to no. 1? or no.2? 3? 


    So yeah... when I say sell the farm I really mean it... I mean... lets say we finish with the 18th pick... if we have to trade up to top 3 to get Burrow, you probably need to do something like:


    top 3 pick 




    2020 #18 pick

    2020 WAS 2nd round pick

    2020 3d round pick

    2021 1st round pick

    2021 3d round pick


    maybe more? 


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  6. 14 minutes ago, SouthernIndianaNDFan said:

    The real value comes in 2021, with Lawrence and Fields. Fields looks like a better Deshaun Watson, and Lawrence was the few players ever to be ranked a .9999 on 247 Composite. Lawrence isn't having as great a year as he did last year, but like @stitcheseluded to, it isn't all about TD/INT, that dude has the tools to legit be the next Aaron Rodgers. The problem with this is that those guys are in all likelihood going #1 and #2 next year. 

    I'm yet to really dive into Fields... is he really that good? I've watched several games (without specifically watching for him) and I don't think he jumped at me as a special type of QB and definitely not better than Deshaun Watson, but I might have just had weird luck with games. 


    The thing with players like that is... if they are really that special, we won't be in position to draft them. I kind of refuse to daydream about the Lawrences or Burrows of the world. That's why I'm resigned to watching the other players that are not perfect and need to be developed past their flaws, players that have high end traits and talent but will need time and work to get there. In this draft my 2 guys are Herbert and Love. I would trade up for Herbert if a reasonable trade is available(not selling the farm for him, but still would probably give an extra 1st to get him). I also would be OK picking Love either with our own 1st or with the WAS second(maybe trade up at the end of the 1st with the WAS second if we want the extra 5th year on the contract). 

  7. 17 minutes ago, Valpo2004 said:


    Mahomes never had a season so bad that he was anything close to that TD/INT ratio.   His ratios have always been extremely positive.


    Seems to me that Love's possible poor decision making may have been exposed.  

    Oh he does have decision-making problems for sure, if he didn't we wouldn't be talking about him being there late 1st-2nd round, he would be top 10 lock. He makes some legit "wth WERE YOU THINKING" throws, but then you have to add the context of what situation he's put in and why he's forcing it so much more than he did last year when he had a tremendous season. IMO a lot of it is explained by the picture I painted above. First he's playing at a small school without much talent around him, then he loses his HC and offensive staff in the off-season, then he loses his top 3 target from last season, then he loses 3OLinemen before the season and 2 starting tackles after the season has started to injuries. This is not to excuse his performance, but rather to give some context - even with all those things, he still needs to play better and he needs to clean up that stuff and he needs to clean up some of his lower body mechanics. He has work to do to be ready to be an NFL starter, but the high end skills and talent are still there... 


    This is why I've said already that if we draft him, he will very likely have to sit the first year and develop behind Brissett. We have that luxury. Brissett is good enough to give us some base level performance and give us a chance to win. And in the meantime you let Love learn and you coach him hard for the following season. 

  8. At some point Ebron will have to start catching and SECURING the ball. Refs decisions can go either way on any given Sunday. Ebron has to make their job easier. This is a second TD he's wasted this year because he cannot handle the ball in the end zone. 

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  9. 10 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    I agree. People talking about they don't  like hoyer and Brissett.  If love starts next year for us I expect us to be picking in the top 3.

    He won't be starting for us next year if we pick him. I'm almost certain. (well unless Brissett gets injured or something) 


    You draft Love/Eason with the idea of developing them behind Brissett for the first year. This is one of the positives of that Brissett contract ... you have him under control for one more year, he can serve as your bridge QB if you draft a QB you love in the draft. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Valpo2004 said:


    I don't get the love for Jordan Love on this forum.  11 TD's and 12 INT's this year in college.


    21 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    Jordan love sucks. He is another hoyer


    26 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    Why on earth would you want a 11 td 12 int qb. We got that in hoyer.


    This is freaking horrendous comp. Like... legitimately. He plays nothing like Hoyer, his strengths are some of Hoyers's biggest weakness and vice versa. 


    TDs/INTs is an extremely shallow and unsatisfactory way to evaluate what a QB is... and more importantly - what you will be drafting him to be in 2-3-5 years... 


    Jordan Love is drawing Mahomes comps from NFL execs. He has high levels of athleticism and playmaking ability and very good pocket presence and movement. Last year he had 32TD/6INT if that's what you like to see, but during the summer he lost his offensive coaching staff, he lost his top 3 receivers, he lost several OLinemen and then two more got injured on an already depleted bad OLine. He's not been playing well this year and he's forcing a lot because it seems like he feels that he has to in order to give his team a chance. He's somewhat raw with his decision-making and he occasionally has some troubles with his footwork when throwing to the left, but IMO he's a very worthy flyer to take in the late 1st(if you want to get the 5th year). or early 2nd(WAS pick). 


    He's not ready to play right away and you would have to work with him and develop him over his rookie season, similarly to how KC developed Mahomes, but yeah... his TD/INT ratio this year wouldn't dissuade me from picking him, developing him over the year, while keeping Brissett starting for us. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    2018 was very top heavy IMO, while 2020 could be very well rounded. I also can see us getting a top 15 pick with the rest of our schedule and our injuries. It's 50/50 IMO, but I don't see Herbert as a generational talent or anything. Just very solid.

    He's not generational talent by any means. But he does have very high end physical/athletic attributes and very high level arm strength and unlike Josh Allen, he's actually relatively accurate with his ball placement. He's completing something like 70% of his passes this year. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Realistically I'd love Justin Herbert, and I think he could fall to us. We won't get Burrow or Tua, so Herbert is my choice in the 1st round. Jordan Love would be my 2nd round choice.

    Herbert is not falling to us. IMO you have to trade up to get him. Just think about it - Josh Allen who was a worse version, less accomplished version, less accurate version, less ready version of Herbert went top 10. No chance in hell Herbert slips past 10-12 range. I personally would trade up to get him but I've been higher on him than most around here.

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  13. 5 hours ago, ColtsBlueFL said:



    With Texans in drivers seat to win division, the loss to Raiders and Steelers really hurts; they have tiebreaker. :(



    Hoyer has lost his last 10 games in a row he has started-



    I'm at a loss. But JB7 seems to be able to hold the team together.  We now have 10 games in a row that finished < than a TD difference.


    Yeah, Brissett is especially adept at not screwing it up for you. He pretty much manages the game and lets the rest of your roster to win or lose the game. In a game vs 1-7 team this would be a great recipe. In a game where you have the coaching advantage(even though I again didn't like some playcalls today, I think Frank has the advantage over most other coaches), that will win you games, etc. A player like Brissett at QB raises the floor for the team almost by default, because of his playing style.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Imgrandojji said:


    Easy to overreact to a game like this when Hoyer played well last week, but it is what it is.  Hoyer is a literally average backup QB, if you put those guys on the field, they can do this to you in any single game.


    Entirely possible that Kelly does the same thing to us, but at least if you gamble on raw talent you have a chance to be pleasant surprised.  Brissett is one thing, Hoyer should not be the reason Kelly isn't starting, and again I find myself chafing at the archconservatism of the Colts' braintrust.


    The thing is ... with Hoyer the swings are kind of the expectation. This is what Hoyer has been througout his career... when it's his day he will make some great throws and might win you some games, but the other half of the cases he's quite capable of singlehandedly losing you games. I even said in the pre-game thread that the high variance nature of both him and Fitzpatrick make the chance that we will have a close game much higher than one would expect from a home game vs 1-7 team. 


    I'm not sure how different Kelly would be to be fair. To me it's quite clear that Brissett is our best chance to win games right now. Hopefully he's healthy next week. 

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  15. This is the flipside of a player like Hoyer. There is a reason he's a career backup. He's very volatile and about half of the time he will make enough stupid decisions and bad throws to lose you a game. 


    It's kind of a miracle we had a chance to win that game with how bad Hoyer was. He stared down his receivers again after similar INT last week and it cost us again this week. I hope Brissett is healthy enough to play next week because for as conservative as he is, you know he won't lose you a game in this type of fashion. :( 

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