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  1. I don’t log in much but I check this forum everyday. Most realistic mock I’ve seen. Not a big fan of picking a linebacker but definitely a possibility
  2. Which goes to another earlier thread about the LB situation. TE and LB are going to be the biggest cuts. Sheard being hurt will be a big factor. Let’s see who makes it out of the first two preseason games. Go Colts!
  3. Cool breakdown, thanks. I didn’t see any one projected as the 26th pick. I saw two 25’s
  4. Thanks for the tip. Anything constructive to add?
  5. If one of the top CB, TE, or S is there I think you have take them. I think you have to see what you have in Smith and Turay. Houston was signed as a stop gap. Interior DL is a need but I see more need in the secondary. Getting One of the Iowa TE is a game changer.
  6. USA Today always has some one falling to the pats. Agree there’s no way lawerence Ferrell and tillery all fall that far. Greedy really dominated metcalf this year.
  7. This would be awesome. I’d love one of the D tackles but you couldn’t pass this up. Check out this article from USA TODAY: NFL mock draft 2019: Odell Beckham Jr. trade, free agency moves alter first round https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/draft/2019/03/14/nfl-mock-draft-2019-odell-beckham-free-agency/3148649002/
  8. Maybe try broading your horizons. New guys excited about the off-season. Try not to be such a d. How about offering some constructive ideas. I’m not a crowder fan. Humphries was great last season. All depends what the asking price is. Grant Was a WAS cast off. I’d rather have Tate as a slot.
  9. I don’t know who cartier is or why you should fire him but Jesse James was underutilized in pit and is a major upgrade to MAC. I’d go for him. Doyle is awesome but he may not be the same. Hip injuries end careers al la Dennis Pitta
  10. So if he gets to the hole quicker isn't he downfield quicker. If we're arguing top speed then you're helping the point. Franks NOT fast never has been. This season is a test, like it or not. We need to see what the young running backs offer. If they succeed great, if not Ballard knows he needs another back next year.
  11. You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning.
  12. No. I posted a couple months back when the colts signed Micheal that it could mean the end for gore. It was not well received by some. Can't remember to many 35 yr old rbs leading their team to the promise land. Turbin can start the season until Mack gets comfortable. Ferguson, pope, or any younger Joe bob off the street can back them up. Frank was great, he just doesn't have any burst left. For the folks that argue he had 1000 yds last year, he got it 2 yds @ a time, and we were 8-8 again
  13. I've been to a few titans games & they are always really great. Great tailgate food
  14. Newsome was a name I wouldn't expect. Hope he has it together. I really thought he was turning into a good player
  15. I'm not a new member & I don't post a lot, but I do check the message board daily. A lot of good insight on here & it feeds my colts obsession. Anyways thanks for the responses & info. I occasionally check cap websites but for the most part I rely on this forum because there seems to be more folks more interested in that on here than me. Im not saying micheal is going to be a stud or a starter, but if Mack shows promise and turbin & micheal can fill the void while he gets reps I think Ballard has to consider cutting frank. Franks been an excellent team player & I hope
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