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  1. Why would Seattle let him go? The man is loved there and just bought their soccer club.
  2. We scout the crap out of Fromm, Herbert, and Tagovailo because we’re in the QB market. We’ll probably draft top 10 so gotta get it right.
  3. Dang that sucks but I wish him the best to hopefully get his mental health right.
  4. Didn’t CB say he was going to play Simon as a DE?
  5. Was hoping to draft him so this is a win! Heard a ton of great things about him from Mayock and NDT.
  6. You can’t have enough depth and at the end of the day if the prospects become bums then it ain’t my job on the line. I just hope he grabbed some gems to make this team somewhat enjoyable to watch. Love the Nelson pick and hope he brings the nasty. Leonard should be a great WILL and hopefully Smith locks down the RT spot. Interesting to see if they bring CJ in to partner with Mack.
  7. Well I guess it’s starting to make sense with the defenses in the AFC South now. Titans just grabbed Landry too so our line better put it all together.
  8. Castonzo, Nelson, and Kelly we’ve already invested enough high end picks on the line. O and Mewhort is coming back too. A new OC should also do wonders since Chuck was super predictable.
  9. Darius Leonard okay sounds good. Another guard ehhhh we have so many holes atm.
  10. Good interior now with Nelson, Kelly, and hopefully Mewhort!
  11. Josh Jackson, Isaiah Oliver, Anthony Averrett, Jaire Alexander, and Donte Jackson.
  12. Just look at the Giants fan forum and you'll see why I don't want him. Below is a quote from one of their members to give you an idea "Getting a 6th or 7th would be enough for this waste of space. Get him out of the locker room! He stinks and he doesnt care to get better. Use that pick to draft our future kicker lol. Bye Bye Ereck!"
  13. We aren’t going to address all of our needs this offseason. CB set us up with the three additional second rounders and based on the rumors is looking to acquire more while still being in a great position to get one of the premium players (I’m hoping Roquan Smith is there). I believe I read somewhere that Dallas played in nickel around 75-80% of the time, therefore, there’s one less backer. There are a bunch of corners in this draft that would excel in the 2-4th round so that would address one need while saving some draft capitol. It looks like the linebackers drop off after the first so gettin
  14. I could also see CB using one of 36 or 37 + 49 or 67 to move up into the first to grab Vander Esche is they select Roquan Smith. We’d have our Mike and Will for the foreseeable future.
  15. Isaiah Oliver will go earlier, hopefully we can get him with one of our seconds. Ragnaw i have seen mocked in the 1st and 2nd so he is picking up. I personally had him at 3 awhile ago but thinking he would be a good pickup with our last second round pick.
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