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  1. no my other response was about what Wentzszn said. I think you confused my statement as describing the chart. I was simply describing the playstyle of Jimmy G compared to Wentz.
  2. I wasn't talking about the chart friend. I know how to look at an axis.
  3. I think they're suggesting the conservatie nature of Jimmy will bode better in the rain. Whereas Carson's life or death moto on each play might not. (not saying I necessarily agree, just clarifying) - Mainly because I think we will be running the ball ALOT
  4. If we trade Mack for a safety they better stick. If not, its a big L.
  5. im new to going to games so far i've seen jags, panthers, lions, texans. all within this last couple years. Really wanted to go to the halloween game this year but I got alot going on with exams and work.
  6. People always want to find a way to twist the narrative. TY is a legend, and doesn't have to do anything. He said on national TV that the ravens offered him more and that his signing bonus would've been more than the entire contract we offered him. If it was about the skrilla TY woulda quit a long time ago. The disrespect in here is unreal. I do agree it is probably related.
  7. pure speculation, maybe Sam wouldn't of made the same throw. There really is no way to know this., but I respect your guess.
  8. i wonder if there is an underlying reason or just coincidence.
  9. isn't sendejo injured too? and Tell injured as well right? Makes me think we might go with Odum and Willis.
  10. i really don't care to talk about it anymore tbh. it was never that serious to begin with. Obviously his qbr supports what I'm saying. Hoyer isn't that good anymore.
  11. I might've confused it for the dolphins game. But I do vividly remember him throwing it directly to Minkah Fitzpatrick and him either housing it or coming close. To be honest it isn't that serious though.
  12. He had an overall QBR rating of 65.7 in 2019 with our beloved Colts. This is what you are so desperately advocating for? Take a breather, it's all right. Hoyer is not good. He is a clipboard holder and will remain as such. I doubt he ever sees an NFL field again tbh.
  13. Willis played pretty good last week? I know he plays SS but I feel like people are writting him off just because he got beat in cover 2 a few times.
  14. no he threw an untimely pick just like Eason. zero chance hoyer comes back.
  15. Hoyer? Oh please no. Why would you even mention that as a possibility. Do you not remember the steelers game? East what are you doing.
  16. maybe they are okay with Sam and Hundley? do we really need 4? I think he has the better arm. I do not agree with out perform though. The offense was a lot more smooth with Sam out there.
  17. yeah i kind of forgot about Tell. had high hopes for him.
  18. sorry im not disagreeing I was just being a bit tongue in cheek.
  19. if injuries weren't random, you would be able to tell me who will get injured on every nfl team, or any team, in any sport, or any injury, in any world. Things you cannot predict are considered random, even when caused by real events. I hope this clarifies what I meant.
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