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  1. Or we could stay at 1 and take Ed Oliver out of Houston
  2. I had never heard Eberflus' name before this, but here's a pretty good article about him from the Cowboys SB Nation blog: https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2017/12/28/16822706/is-the-dallas-cowboys-most-important-free-agent-matt-eberflus
  3. I don't think anyone has mentioned this, but in case you weren't aware, Gabe Jackson signed an extension last offseason to keep him under contract until after the 2022 season.
  4. I believe Ballard said in the press conference today that they would make decisions on assistants after the new head coach is hired. So it's possible that some coaches would be retained. I'd consider Mathis among the most likely to be brought back, along with Schottenheimer as QB coach and McMahon as special teams coordinator.
  5. As another Iowa fan, I don't understand this at all. Ignoring how little sense this line of thinking makes in general, Desmond King is currently PFF's 8th best rookie (at all positions) and their 12th best CB. And Josh Jackson has a skillset that projects much better to the NFL than King's did. So the most recent shutdown Iowa corner directly contradicts this idea.
  6. I really don't see any way Gordon hits the open market. He's an ERFA, so if the Browns want him back they can tender him and he doesn't have the option to go anywhere next year. And there's no reason for the Browns to not do that. Their WR corps is awful, and he's clearly the best WR they have, so I'd imagine they'll jump on the chance to bring him back on the cheap.
  7. He's basically Reggie Bush. He's a great change of pace back, and has fantastic hands out of the backfield, but he is in no way, shape, or form worth a top 10 draft pick. He plays pretty much the same role as Tarik Cohen (although the Panthers are much more consistent in getting McCaffrey touches), and Cohen went in the fourth round. If my options are McCaffrey with a top 10 pick, or Cohen 111 picks later, I'm taking Cohen every single time.
  8. Agreed, but just to nitpick, with what I bolded, you are underselling Castonzo big time. The last time I checked, PFF had him as the second best run blocking tackle in the entire league. That's not "solid," that's elite.
  9. Here's a sort of dream team (for me at least) that also seems like it could be somewhat realistic: HC- Matt Nagy OC- one of the Chiefs offensive assistants, either their QB coach or one of their offensive quality control guys (I'm not gonna be picky here, we'll be running Nagy's offense, so whoever he likes the most) DC- Vic Fangio (assuming the Bears clean house and he's available)
  10. As an Iowan, I've watched a lot of Allen Lazard from Iowa State, and I think he's a perfect fit as a developmental mid round pick. He's built a bit like Mike Evans, and he's a really good red zone threat. Put him in a WR corps with Hilton, Landry/Robinson/Watkins, and Rogers and I think you've got a really good group of guys that complement each other really well.
  11. I'd consider spending a 6th or 7th rounder on one if they're BPA, but other than that it's not a position I'd consider drafting this year. Doyle is one of the better starting TEs in the league, and I thought Swoope was poised for a big breakout season as the #2 this year, which obviously didn't happen due to injury. I'd give Swoope another chance in '18 to see if he can cut it in an expanded role, and based on last Thursday, I think Travis could be a solid #3. Bring in some competition for the third spot, but other than that I think TE is one of the rare spots on this roster (especially the of
  12. My pipe dream for our DC is Vic Fangio from the Bears. He's done pretty well everywhere he's been, and runs a system similar to our current one.
  13. Good to see us getting someone from that stout Seahawks offensive line
  14. We're also one blown halftime lead from tying the all-time record for a single season. So, that's two things we're leading the league in
  15. I voted Landry, but I'd be very happy with Robinson or Watkins. If we went with Landry, I'd definitely look at a middle round, big-bodied WR like Allen Lazard out of Iowa State, since I feel like these days you really need to have one of those physical red zone threat types. Robinson and Watkins are a bit bigger, so I'd be a lot less picky on who we draft in that case, and would even be completely fine with Rogers as our #3 and drafting a return specialist to round out the depth chart at WR (I'm fine with Rogers as a returner otherwise, but I'd love to have an electric returner that's a threat
  16. Who are you suggesting we sign in free agency? This year's free agent class is awful for offensive linemen. Jack Mewhort is probably somewhere between the second and fourth best lineman in the group, and there isn't a single tackle that I would consider enough of an improvement over Haeg or Good to be worth the money they would likely demand. With how many teams there are that need offensive line help, and the complete lack of really good linemen hitting the open market, some very average linemen are going to get way overpaid, so I don't think we can realistically justify filling more than one
  17. We do have the same basic complaint with Luck and Brissett (holding the ball too long), but I think it's important to be clear that they have that problem for very different reasons. Obviously playcalling is a factor with both of them, but Luck tends to hold the ball too long for the same reason Aaron Rodgers holds onto the ball so long, because he's waiting for the play to develop down field so that he can make a big play, while Brissett generally holds the ball because he's slow as molasses at processing what's happening and going through his reads.
  18. To be fair (and I may have read your comment wrong and this is the point you were trying to make), no one was asking for Hooker like no one was asking for us to take Fournette or Garrett. It wasn't that people didn't want him, it was that no one thought he would possibly be there when we picked.
  19. That's a fine approach in theory, but if you look at the list of upcoming free agents on the Oline, that plan falls apart really quickly. Here's a list of offensive line free agents for 2018. I don't recognize a lot of those names, but of the guys on that list that I have heard of, most of them are either getting old or not very good, and of those that are good, there's no one that's going to fix an offensive line with as much need for talent as ours has. We could potentially get one of our guard spots figured out, but I don't think the interior OL is getting fixed in free agency, and there is
  20. Yup, it sounds like, worst case, he has this surgery in mid January and end up needing the full 6 months of recovery. That would put him ready to go in mid July, with training camp then opening up around the beginning of August. And that's the worst case, from what we've heard. He could not need surgery at all (it sounds like he and the Colts are optimistic that he won't) and be fully ready to go by OTAs, or he could have the surgery but recovery goes really well and he's a limited participant in OTAs. Overall, this isn't perfect news but I'd call this a positive.
  21. I did one a day or two ago where Derrius Guice went second overall That site can definitely get pretty funky
  22. Ok, I'll give this a try. Basing this off of current draft order, even though I think there will be some relatively significant changes between now and when the final order is set. Trade: IND trades #5 to BUF for #18 and #21 (I was a little surprised that the value on this trade was actually perfect on the draft trade chart) Round 1, Pick 18: Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma Round 1, Pick 21: Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP Round 2, Pick 5: Hercules Mata'afa, EDGE, Washington State Round 3, Pick 5: Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon Round 4, Pick 5: Allen Lazard, WR, Iow
  23. Fun fact after looking at punting stats on ESPN: Rigo is currently tied for the 2nd most punts in the league (62), but has had the 26th most punts returned (16). That's about 1 in every 4 of his punts that is actually being returned, which is a big part of why he's 5th in the league in net punting.
  24. Following the trend that seems to have established itself this year: Colts lead 10-7 at halftime, score a TD early in the third to go up 17-7 and rack up another double digit second half lead. Jaguars win 21-17.
  25. I'll just throw some names out there, since it's still too early to say who will or won't actually hit the market. At RB, I'd make a play for Carlos Hyde if he doesn't get re-signed, otherwise go for a piece to a RBBC system like Orleans Darkwa, Damien Williams, Dion Lewis, etc. At WR, I think we should look to sign a true #2 like Sammy Watkins, Allen Robinson, or Jarvis Landry, and even if we made a move like that I wouldn't rule out bringing back Moncrief on a cheap deal. There isn't all that much in terms of OL options, so I think the draft should be where we focus on helping this unit the
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