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  1. Pass up a top three player in the draft due to position? Sorry that’s moronic. He is not just a G, he was rated as the top guard in the past twenty years, generational talent. Would you have spent a top 5 pick on Larry Allen? I would have.
  2. Nelson was one of the top 3 PLAYERS in this draft according to many. If you have a little bit of hope that Luck comes back you don’t draft a QB that is undeserving. Allen, Rosen, and Jackson were the 1st round quarterbacks taken after Nelson and all have huge flaws. Bad franchises draft like you are suggesting not ones that know what they are doing.
  3. He wouldn’t fit in Dallas’s scheme either (Anderson)
  4. The whole country or USA Today? You can’t say those are misses when no games have been played yet.
  5. You’re wrong. The top players on that team came through the draft.
  6. Right, only time will tell but I see the reasoning behind the moves. Personally I think the defense will look more like the Seahawks than the old Colts or Bucs. Either way you need speed
  7. What has Anderson done that makes him irreplaceable? He has a hard time staying healthy. His replacement was Autry who had a more productive year last year and is a better player.
  8. You can find it ridiculous if you want but it’s the truth. They have Woods as the run stuffer. Not really a need for Hankins. Anderson is a position change both from a technical and technique standpoint. The scouts and coaches felt that he couldn’t make the transition.
  9. Plus two months ago they stated they were switching to a 4-3 so if you were blindsided by some of these moves then that is on you.
  10. What part of changing the defense are you not getting? They want faster players period.
  11. Whenever they made the decision to switch defenses, yes. They want faster dline with the 4-3. That is why these moves were made. It’s not supporting Ballard, it’s understanding that the defense will be focused on penetration not either one of those guys strong suit. Anderson is a two gap 5 technique for a 3-4. Hankins is a run stuffing DT. He is not quick enough for what they were wanting.
  12. Really? Hankins was a good player but not an all pro ie replaceable production. Anderson couldn’t stay healthy. Every team does it this way.
  13. I think you hit the nail on the head. My guess would be that the Colts view the players from 20 on very similarly and would like as many picks during that section as possible.
  14. New England has a history of doing this as well. Ballard stated that they have 8 players non QB that they have rated very closely. Which would signal to me that they think the player they get at 12 would be very similar to the player they get at 6 from an impact standpoint. If he can get additional picks and still get a premier player then great. This could all be smoke though and they stay at 6.
  15. My mock based on the players that he has available at the time would be: 1. Edmonds 2. Evans; Bryan; Oliver 3. Smith (G, Auburn) 4. Freeman 5. Warner Not a deep WR draft, so I would focus on getting help there through FA especially after June cuts and taking some flyers in the later rounds
  16. I agree on that point as well, I would be good with anyone in that range. I would still look to maximize the value of the 6th pick regardless of my evaluations on the prospects.
  17. I can see this argument, if you are risk averse, then yes you get your package now and don't worry about the craziness of draft day. I would move off of 6 for 11, Miami 2nd rounder, Miami 4th rounder. I would ask for additional but that would be my bare minimum. You have to look at it from Miami's perspective as well, if they would make the move now then they are taking the most risk so the cost would not be as high today. However the longer we wait then the risk seems to switch over to the Colts. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. This could also be an attempt by another
  18. Totally agree and understand your context now, the pick would be more valuable on draft day than it is right now, I agree. Also, you could have the possibility of multiple teams looking to trade up to get that last quarterback on draft day which increases the value even more.
  19. That chart goes out the window when QBs are concerned. We got way more value than the 3rd was worth from the Jets according to that chart. I don’t think that chart plays as much as it used to
  20. This would be great, but I question Ridley and Green being there but those are possible.
  21. My thoughts exactly, start him as WLB and let him learn then shift to MLB as he matures. It would also be easier to take advantage of his blitzing skills if he were a WLB.
  22. I really think he is a RT I don’t think he handles speed well enough for the blind side.
  23. The hype is large but his floor is high too. He will not single handedly make the line unstoppable but he is a plug and play guy. Who at worst is an above average starter. Guys that have his measurables, technique, and demeanor do not come around often which is why the expectations are high. But yes he hasn’t proven anything at the NFL level yet.
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