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  1. The way I see it is Ballard concentrated on defense this offseason by finally acquiring the 3T he has been trying for for years in Buckner. Then he brings in Rhodes, Day and Carrie. Now I think he will turn his attention to offense and try to improve on what we do best. Run the ball. Nix was added to help with that and now will be the time to add a RB early to improve the position group and to take advantage of our OL and run game. A Fournette trade will help by pushing the RB's further back. Maybe he goes to the Chiefs, Seahawks or Dolphins. I'm guessing we will sign Burton so no need
  2. This didn't take long to fast track. I would think we would be the favorites now.
  3. Howard would be my first choice no doubt. But Burton seems more Ballard like. And right out of the gate we are one of the interested teams.
  4. If he checks out this could be a typical Ballard FA signing. If he signs him before the draft that would drop the TE further back in the needs dept. Especially with a weak TE class. I would think Burton would view the Colts and Eagles pretty highly from this group of teams.
  5. I don't think safety is a big need. I would guess we are comfortable there. Same for TE. Not a big need but a need. Not really happy at RB. A position group that is vulnerable and needs strengthening. WR a big need. I think it would take more than pick 34 to get Adams. JMO.
  6. Within the last couple of days Hooker has removed all Colts affiliation information from his instagram. My take is he's on the trade block and he knows it. In December Gil Brandt did a take on what teams should do with the fifth year option for their players. He has the Bucs "on the fence" with Howard but thinks his option would be around 6M for the 19th pick. No estimate on Hookers dollar value with the 15th pick but he recommends " pick up the option". I think Hooker is a player who could be moved in the near future. For a pick or a player? It just might happen.
  7. I can see us carrying three QBs on the active roster. Kelly being the 3rd. I don't think we draft one. I believe we have control of Kelly because he will be a restricted FA next year.
  8. Still recovering from hip surgery. He would need to pass a physical. I would prefer Howard. He just needs a change of scenery.
  9. The only RB I have seen going in the 1st is Swift for the most part. Taylor once in awhile. From what I read they expect the RB run to start in the 2nd.
  10. Interpretation: Trade back very likely at 34 and or 44. Hooker not a lock as a core player and could be available. You don't need talks to pick up the 5th yr option. WR not necessarily the 1st pick. Low probability of a QB being drafted. Not thrilled with the QB class past the obvious top guys. I still think they like Kelly a lot.
  11. I still think the best chance of acquiring a player in a trade is Hooker for OJ Howard. You have to put yourself in Ballards shoes. If he decided to make Hooker available in a trade what would he want in return? A 1st? I think no one will offer him a 1st so he would probably like a 2nd. The same price the Bucs want for Howard. Both young 1st rd. starters from the same class. We get a new starting TE and replace Hooker with Odum or someone else. This is a conversation I would be willing to have if I were Chris. Anyway the draft is finally almost here. Trades could start heating up soo
  12. If this is all about money for the Jets then we could offer them Hooker in a straight player position swap. It's not apples for apples but they wouldn't get killed in the trade and they would avoid all of the drama that is about to come for them. Could even add a later pick to the trade if need be. No harm having the conversation if they are serious.
  13. This is why he traded pick 13 for Buckner. He guaranteed the Colts would receive a premium player with the pick. This draft is already a success with our 1st pick. Now let's hope a player with a 1st round grade on his board falls to us at 34. So far so good.
  14. I would put a lot into it. I would bet Jeudy would have a hard time playing in a complicated Peyton Manning offense. Jeudy just run to the goal post and I will try to hit you. lol
  15. I find it hard to see two WRs back to back in the second. I see him taking a RB with one of those picks especially since you traded back. BPA. I could see Hurts or Fromm in the 3rd Rd. I still find it hard to believe he will draft a TE with such a bad class. Seems like a wasted pick in the 4th rd. to me. Great effort for sure though.
  16. Definite steal for a 4th. I would bet they have already received a number of 4th rd offers.
  17. I would absolutely trade a 3rd rd pick for an immediate young starter in what many here think is a position of need. People on here always want something for nothing. I don't think Ballard would insult them by offering a 5th or 6th round pick after they were looking for a 2nd last year. With this weak TE class they should still ask for a 2nd this year. That said a Hooker for Howard trade seems like a fair swap to me. Neither has set the world on fire with their respective teams and neither are currently guaranteed to have their 5th year option picked up. A change of scenery for both playe
  18. If Jordan Love gets past NE in the 1st Rd then I would question the notion that he is a 1st rd talent. The opinions of him are all over the place. We weren't ready to sit there at 13 to take him. I am still of the belief Ballard is going to want players that will contribute immediately from the second round and I still think the more likely move is drafting Hurts or Fromm if they want to draft a QB.
  19. I think expecting everyone to revote is probably unrealistic. JMO
  20. He was a 1st rd pick (19) in the 2017 draft. Hooker was a 1st Rd pick (15) in the the same draft. I would do an even trade right now. Trading a 4th rd pick seems to low to me. But a player for player I could see. Seems like a win win to me.
  21. I don't get all the interest in drafting a TE early. It's not a great TE class. We would probably be better off signing one when teams make their final cuts. We might even get Hentges back. I think that's how we found Doyle.
  22. He would definitely take the double team off TY.
  23. I agree. To not even put it as a choice? Seriously. Too early to go with WR with the draft so deep. I will also go with RB. Taylor or Dobbins.
  24. Look at all the Colts fans from the Unitas days that followed the team to Indy. Pretty amazing loyalty to the team. Let's go Colts.
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