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  1. Now add up all of the other games they played. They have taken him out of the equation completely on numerous blowouts. He is small and he is affected by really physical play. This is why I think TY is a very good receiver but not even close to being an elite one.
  2. He struggle when they jam him hard at the line and he doesn't get open. NE does it every time we meet. Yes, that is soft.
  3. This is very old news indeed. The amount of Peyton hate on this site bewilders me at times.
  4. Brock is not a starting NFL QB and Elway knows it. He can do some good as a stop gap measure but he is never going to be "the man".
  5. Well, that is good, that means he won't be coming after Luck then.
  6. He would not consider Indy as a destination. He is looking for a starting job and if not that, then playing backup behind an aging star like Romo.
  7. He is a possibility for the Texans too.
  8. That all depends if your goal is to keep your soon to be $100 million plus QB upright for a whole season, then the offensive line needs a lot of work. If your goal is to have him hurt again and be on his way to a short career, build the defense first. But, I would never have put him on the field in the first place without a sound Oline to provide protection. He needs an Oline that is a lot better than most teams because he is slow to make decisions and hold the ball too long. If you are going to take that much time, that Oline better be one of the best in the NFL.
  9. I would take Denver over either one of those teams.
  10. How is that delusional. I think it was a pretty practical and accurate analysis. Houston beat the Colts in the division this year without a QB. I think some kind of change will happen there that separates them from the rest of the South. Jacksonville has a QB and is improving rapidly and they wiped out the Colts in their last meeting. Why is it so hard for some of you to see a 3-3 record in the division? Although, frankly, 4-2 probably means the Colts finish 8-8 overall since they haven't been better than .500 in the regular season against those teams since Peyton was in Indy.
  11. What are the odds that the Colts finish 2nd or 3rd in the division? Their days of ruling the AFC South are over. This year they lost to Houston and got blown out by Jacksonville. I look for them to be 3-3 in the South which will make it difficult to be more than 8-8 overall. That is about what I think they are. They could be a game over that or a game under that. This is a rebuilding team. They didn't get that job done in the last four years. They just patched some big holes and got older doing it. I don't blame this on the players but on the GM and the coach. The fact that they were kept on b
  12. That is what I think too. Shaft me once, your fault, shaft me twice, that would be my fault. I don't think he would ever work for the Colts in any capacity as long as Jim Irsay is the owner. I know damned will that I wouldn't.
  13. A good defense doesn't fis Luck's shortcomings. He has an accuracy problem. He has a problem checking and hitting secondary receivers. He holds the ball too long and he takes lots of sacks and hard hits because of it. If he doesn't fix that problem, I don't believe he will survive to play out his next contract. He also does not analyze defenses quickly or well to get into a better play than was called but the bench. He has hard work to do. I don't know how much of this can be repaired after four years but I hope for great improvement in those areas.
  14. You have to get to one before you can win three and his play doesn't show that he can come lose to that.
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