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  1. In 2014 Luck sat out in the 4th quarter against the Jaguars and the Titans. I think he had back-to-back 4 TD games.
  2. I used to think that at first it was Arians' offensive philosophy that led Luck to drop back and look to take deep shots down the field. However, Arians left and in walked in Pep Hamilton. Even with Pep, Luck took 5-7 step drops and took shots deep down the field on a consistent basis. Pep was relieved of his duties and in walked in Chud. Luck is still taking 5-7 step drops and taking deep shots down the field. At first I blamed the OCs, but now the only common denominator is Luck. I think two things factor into this: 1. The OCs see this as Luck's strength, and as a good coach
  3. Luck led Moncrief directly towards a defender when Moncrief was injured earlier during the season. Luck threw a high pass and left him defenseless. Last week, Luck led Moncrief too much and Moncrief didn't go after the ball, and instead protected himself from being hit. After the game he said something to the effect of "some throws that could've gotten him hurt." Today, after Moncrief's TD catch, Luck ran up to Moncrief and he didn't even look at Luck. He gave everyone else hugs and high fives.
  4. Noticeable tension from Moncrief towards Luck. Not sure if anyone else has noticed?
  5. They cut Coffman but kept Street? Do we need more drops?
  6. We know who Joe Thomas is. He is a big name player. Grigson will not go after him. He'll trade for Ben Smithers? Heard of him? Me neither...a perfect Grigson hidden gem. Problem solved. Don't go after proven players, that's too easy.
  7. I agree. It will play out on the field over time whether the next coaching decision is a good one or not.
  8. Catchable. Hilton is what, 1/2 foot off the ground? It's a high throw, but not too high. Definitely catchable.
  9. ...and we've just hit intellectual bedrock with the shovel of a very uninformed post.
  10. Isn't Aaron Rogers on deck for next weekend?
  11. I am usually not the type of person to call for a coaching change mid-season, but at this point, what do we have to lost by firing Pagano? We are not a playoff contending team. Let's see if another head coach can actually make adjustments. The way I see it, Pagano is gone after this season, regardless. Let's see if we have 'the next guy' on our staff...aka Chud or someone else.
  12. The Colts D has actually played well. The offense is working against our D. Luck basically handed the Chiefs 10 points.
  13. This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy about Luck. He will string together games where he is playing really well and then come out and fumble and throw INTs, miss open receivers. It's frustrating because we all know when he is locked in, he can be elite. But with all of the miscues, he's not there yet.
  14. First, it was the story about Osweiller on NFL.com: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000729192/article/brock-osweilers-fairytale-has-turned-into-a-nightmare ...and now this about Bortles. It's official, the AFC South is a joke and with our defense, we can't even capitalize on it. We lost to both QBs.
  15. This year's Colts defense ranks as one of the worst in franchise history. You can make an argument that the defense is struggling because of injuries. However, some of the other worst ranked defenses have also come in the Pagano era. Grigs and Pagano have not done a good job building the defense. I get that pointing the finger at the new D coordinator is not appropriate since he A) has not had a healthy squad, and B) does not have the talent to work with, however, he also has not made any positive contributions to overcome circumstances. The one time that we finally h
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