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  1. My issue is with the league for being irresponsible and leaking inaccurate or conflicitng info and the media, who are acting like jealous fans in running with these stories. I don't have a problem reading it at all. I just think a LOT of people are going to look real foolish when this is all said and done.

    I don't know that the league has been irresponsible.  But, as you say, we'll wait and see.

  2. You weren't paying attention to Spygate if you heard that. The Pats admitted to that and accepted their punishment. Bob Kraft is no dummy. If he's throwing out what he threw out tonight, you can bet that he's doing it knowing that the accusations the media have been irresponsibly tossing around thanks to the incompetence of the league when it comes to keeping leaks in house are false. So unless you or someone else has actual hard evidence that the Patriots tampered with the game balls, the slander needs to stop.

    Well if it proves to be unfounded accusations then I guess we'll hear about that too.  But this is how every single story in the NFL plays out.  Trial by public opinion is brutal.


    Talk isn't going to stop just because there has not been evidence presented.  It never does.  Anyway, I'm sure all parties tabled this till the super bowl was over.  


    Just have to turn off the media and the forums if you don't want to hear about it

  3. If Kraft and the entire patriot organization is completely innocent, I can understand them being upset.  But, I don't think anything's wrong with the investigation and I don't think there's anything wrong with the information coming out.


    It's a pretty serious situation and even avid pat fans have to admit.....pretty suspicious.


    It's premature to ask for an apology.  I get that he wanted to vent and the best defense is a good offense and all.  But this doesn't change anything other that let people know he's angry.


    then again maybe his anger is more powerful than I am aware of

  4. For whoever was looking for links to scientists backing up Belichick's story. This guy is a physicist who works for the Air Force.



    This was helpful and does support the Patriots saying that they were within the letter of the law.


    Also really supports changing this whole thing where they've let teams do as they will with the balls.


    To me, it suggests that the Pats found a way to play with balls below the PSI they should be.  Personally I think that's wrong but, agree with you that if this is true, Pats skate on this one and the rules change because of it

  5. I am not calling you a hypocrite, it is just that when other violate the rule they get a slide or its not even something that hits the radar, then when the pats do it, they are a threat to national security.  Like I mentioned in my post to corgi (post #116), I accept the speeding ticket and that I am speeding, but do not appreciate being labeled a threat to society.  That is the point.

    I know

  6. No there were three teams that violated the NFL rules with respect to balls.  What part did you not understand?


    So if the pats only had 4 balls underinflated they are innocent.  Is that your position?  Three balls, two balls, how many makes them innocent? 

    I think that I am most familiar with what happened in this case.  So, my position is that's the part that I understand.  No need to call me a hypocrite.  I understand you are pursuing arguments in support of your team.  It's just in this case, it is so glaring.  


    I guess it's up to the NFL to consider all the other cases you refer to.  I understand they've brought in all sorts of people and have done 40 interviews already.


    If you are right and it's no different than what these others have done then I guess you'll prove right.

  7. You do realize in just the last 45 days we have had three occurrences of teams violating the same rules the pats have alleged to have violated and nothing was done other than a warning to two of those teams.   And those have been forgotten about, and I bet you that before Sunday you could not even tell me who those three teams are as the stories went under the radar.  If the violation of the said rules is such an nationwide issue and such an integrity issue, then those three teams would have been well know prior to Sunday and we would of had threads in the General Forum discussing it.   


    But we don't and that is the frustrating part for we pats fans.  Some teams violate the rules and it goes under the radar, but once the pats do it, it is a national crisis.  That is the part that is frustrating, the double standard. 


    There were three teams found to have 11 balls below specs while the opposing team had all balls within specs? I did not know that


    I'm sorry but I don't see the Patriots as the sole persecuted team in the NFL

  8. I don't know your team seems to always have some issue with the Pats every time we beat you - the field being uncovered, the weather, rule changes to stop our DBs from being physical, and now ball inflation. Honestly, if I was a Colts fan, I would be asking Ryan Grigson why he cared so much about ball inflation prior to the AFC title game then getting his team prepared to compete. I mean you had a player miss the plane, you suspended another one and then deactivated your two number one picks on defense. Complete disarray. That was by far the least competitive game the two teams have played and the SB was on the line. I would rather have the Colts forget the balls and compete and win and be going to the bowl. But that is just me.



    You post here as though you are trying to build a portfolio for a Patriots PR position.  And you get lots of practice bobbing and weaving and misdirecting and shifting and spinning.


    But honestly, this blame the whistle blower thing is ridiculous and an argument for someone who has no other defense.


    Your team, has arrogantly boasted about knowing the rules so well......so much better than everyone else, that they are able to shift things to their advantage.


    In this case they broke the rule.  So, I'm not buying into your effort to turn this into something about the Colts


    This is about the Patriots.


    Now if you are going to go with "You can't prove anything" (another argument for someone who has no defense) fine


    You can now proceed with conjuring unlikely scenerios in which nobody in the Patriots knew anything about this and are complete victims.

  9. Here's a good article from this morning's Boston Globe.


    A pretty accurate summary of the whole situation thus far...




    I didn't find it objective.  "Everybody cheats and everybody knows it" (paraphrase)


    The author is a fan and is dismissing this as something really unfair to the patriots

  10. I heard on PTI  the league will defer results of its investigation and resulting punishment until after the Super Bowl.  Much reporter and fan speculation to take place in the interim.  This isn't going away...  just postponed.

    I can understand that.  The Super Bowl is an all hands on deck kind of a thing.  Massive event.  Good luck to Arizona.  I hope the event goes well for them.  

  11. If there are suspensions, and they lose all Patriot fans here should leave the forum for the duration of them too. If they lose the game with Brady on the field it will mean he has lost as many games as he has one... and cement his legacy as a big game choker when they can't cheat anyway.

    That line is as classless as they get, and he will soon be backpeddling from it.

    Not giving up my friends over this.  


    That's silly

  12. The ISIS line was GREAT. A dig at the national media, basically telling them that there are more important stories to cover. Classic.


    You can't reason with Pats haters. They've already made up their minds.


    Only thing we can do is go on and win our 4th SB and enjoy their delicious tears and their thousands upon thousands of posts whining about it afterwards.


    Make no mistake about it - this team is not losing on Feb 1. They're angry, they feel disrespected, and they're going to unleash 2 weeks worth of frustration on Seattle. I almost feel sorry for the Hawks....almost.


    Good for you.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it

  13. I was responding to Jerod's post on it being revoked. I think the NFL will look at the ball prep and may want to take that away to avoid potential ball violations. Letting players doctor the balls for months means those balls may lose air faster when put into the game. For sure all things will be looked at ...

    Yeah that must me what happened to all 11 Pat balls but no Colts balls.


    I'm sure Peyton Manning appreciates having his name brought up here

  14. Because it smells like Jim Irsay would be all over this. He has general disdain towards the Pats from their history, has faught to get rule changes and emphasis in place before because of the Pats and had a history of being bit of a bully in his personality.

    Like I said, this could be a "careful what you wish for" scenario if the league goes to a standard gameday process were each team has to use fresh factory balls as a result of this.

    I'll try to find the article later, but I've heard that there are a few teams that are, and I quote, "livid" with the Colts for sounding the horn on this.

    I don't know that Irsay has general disdain for the Patriots.  But I can tell you that if he does.....he is certainly not alone, particularly not now.


    Yes please do link to the teams that are livid

  15. I don't like them skating the rules, because as fans we have to constantly hear about it if they do..

    But this is all 100% speculation right now, they haven't released details of their findings but in the social media court of public overreaction and opinion, they're guilty and people are already trying to line up a punishment that far exceeds the violation in question.

    Comparing this to domestic violence, DUI, PEDs and other serious issues is so far off the mark I don't even know where to begin.

    I hear you on waiting till the facts are in


    But the comparison to statement penalties on behavior off the field as compared to cheating on the actual rules of football is fair.  Maintaining the integrity of the game is really important.  Should be anyway.

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