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  1. i was on thursday night football! i went back and watched as Manning came out of the tunnel and signed my jersey and a purse. im the goofball jumping up and down in the background in a white long sleeved colts shirt and a camo hat. haha

  2. Dedicating and re-dedicating my life in several areas and will be less involved here. Hoping the best for everyone here in all things. Stay blessed.

  3. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE :) Great Weekend to be a colts fan :)

  4. i wanna wish every a merry christmas and happy holidays

  5. Let's go get win #2 tonight!!!!!

  6. Merry Christmas!

  7. At Indy Colts Grill getting ready to go to my first game ever! GO COLTS!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Holden! Hope you have a great day!

  9. Sigh....is this week over yet? @_@

  10. Hot Dang! I got an email from Indy about free laser hair removal. Sweet!!!

  11. There is now...WAY too much stuff in my bedroom. I don't have anywhere to hide christmas presents!!!

  12. Ooooh, it's cold outside....

  13. Ooooh, it's cold outside....

  14. I'm bored.....Dumb work.

  15. It cant get worse than Painter can it, maybe we can be competitive for 2 quaters

  16. *Going to hide from the Patriots in the chatroom. We'll be safe there!

  17. It cant get worse than Painter can it, maybe we can be competitive for 2 quaters

  18. I'm afraid of game against Pats... :-(

  19. i wanna wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving

  20. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving

  21. Woohoo! We're not gonna lose this week!

  22. How sad is it that we are actually in the lead for the #1 pick? Crazy season man

  23. Hating the cold weather...brrrrr.

  24. Waaah....I'm really sick today. Blah.

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