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  1. Just stopping by to suggest that I think fritters may be better than doughnuts.........think about it : )

  2. I almost flipped out today when I heard that they couldn't possibly recertify as a union in less than two weeks because they have to Mail cards to all the players to sign. Hopefully someone figures out how to use the internet or fed ex or something. Sheesh.

  3. Thanks for the add! Hope your b day is going well with much merriment and cake and whatnot!

  4. Thanks for the mental image of Peyton on a unicorn. I cannot stop laughing!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Well THAT WILL DO NICELY! Enjoy!

  7. I had a boiling hot weeked. My husband and I built a path. so we were digging and hauling rock and pavers in 100 degree heat. It was worth it though. Love my new path! How bout you?

  8. Thanks for the add. How's the B Day going? Is there awesome cake?

  9. This made me laugh out loud, thanks!

    Ijlananana na ana na nanana

  10. Good to see you here!

  11. hey something is wrong with my friending. I see myself on your page but you do not show on my page.....hmm. we are still working out some bugs

  12. That you?........the 2k you?

  13. Hey Melody. yes fun. Helped my daughter shopping for a new couch. Helped the other glue fabric to a roller shade, cute! Weeded, mulched, and made a salad. how bout you?

  14. friending seems to be working just fine. Only confusing thing is when you click the add as friend,it changes to remove me as a friend..although it is pending

  15. Hey jeffro you are looking somewhat pale

  16. Nadine

    Hey CCH, you are not looking like yourself!

  17. good to see you (and your horseshoes) here!

  18. System won't let me reply to the message from you. hmmm, looks like we've got some figuring out to do!

  19. good to see you here!

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