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  1. Great job by the Moderators and Administrative team

  2. Hello Colts fans!



  5. Is it just me, or the 'Forums' really has somewhat new look?

  6. This is called the new thing "Gone but Not Forgotten" as for people that have passed on. Will put them up as first one of course Princess Diana!




  7. Where were you twenty years ago when you heard the news about the tragedy of Princess Diana? As was off work at the time. And my sister told me about what had happened. So turned it on and stayed up all night with the tragedy. Remember it like it was yesterday!

  8. Happy eclipse day! Remember, don't look at it, not even through your phone. It's being live streamed in several places and that will be a better view than glasses https://www.fastcompany.com/40455707/solar-eclipse-live-stream-heres-where-to-watch-online-no-glasses-required

  9. "The sky is NOT falling" - preseason games are for evaluating talent and determining the week 1 roster.  They count nothing toward the goal of making the playoffs.

  10. Anybody Going to Watch the Solar Eclipse a Week from Monday? Just wondering! Not a fan of stuff like that but know some on this board are!

  11. Anybody Going to Watch the Solar Eclipse a Week from Monday? Just wondering! Not a fan of stuff like that but know some on this board are!

  12. Quiz 8 July 2017...What is the Name of the Movie about an FBI agent that posed as a surfer to get a bunch of bank robbers? It was originally made in 1991 with a remake in 2015. Starred the late Patrick Swayze?!

  13. I just finished reading Anne Rice's newest Vampire Chronicles book "Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis." I don't know where she is going with this new one. I don't care about the replimoid creatures, and I miss Lestat being the Brat Prince he was in past books. I read the whole thing, but this latest just didn't cut it for me. 

  14. Happy July 4th Colts Nation!

  15. Watched Manchester by the Sea last night.  While I really did like it, I hated the ending, a lot

  16. Any plans for Father's Day? My father's birthday and Father's Day BTW, are about on the same day. He does not like it. Just going to have family over for a BBQ. As dad loves everything and anything BBQ. He never met a BBQ he never liked LOL!

  17. Happy Birthday to me!!!!


    *Pops bottle of Apple Juice*



  18. Happy Birthday Jules!!!


    Image result for cats birthday



  19. Last Quiz of 2017 May #9...This is a little different than any of the quizzes I have done

    But how much do you all know about me.

    Hint besides loving the NFL and Colts!

    Let you all brain storm!

  20. Anyone have any advice on buying a hot water heater? Been searching it and all I find are complaints.  Cannot seem to find any brand/model that is well thought of. Good reviews seem to be for heaters made before 2016. Any help would be appreciated

  21. What's everybody grilling this weekend?


  22. What's everybody grilling this weekend?


  23. I made that comment quite a time ago. It was made Feb. 2016. It was not meant to be a shot at all. I ask the question out of curiosity and explained it as so.

    The only reason it came to your attention now is because of King Colt and his attempt to harass me. I have put him on ignore as to curb anymore problems.

    I did not appreciate his remark about sucking it up in regards to my grandson's life changing concussion issues.

    He has since made two more disparaging remarks to me after I ask him not to bother himself with commenting to me.

    Hopefully he will just leave me alone in his insulting attitude.

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