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  1. My daughter is an RN, so we also face the problem of her having to work either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. 


    This year, she works on Christmas Eve so we will be celebrating on Christmas Day.  Since no one wants to eat my cooking and I don't want to cook, this will mean a trip to a Chinese restuarant for my family. 


    Interestingly enough, carryout chinese was always a christmas tradition at my house growing up.  after putting on xmas for 8 kids my mom always felt she should not also have to work all day on xmas making a big dinner.


    I agree with this!

  2. If the D had not held the lions to field goals, the score would have been much more lopsided and the last two drives would have made no difference

    Props to D and props to Luck for never giving up. Last two minutes of that game were like old school colts football

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