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  1. 6 minutes ago, ReMeDy said:


    The symptoms are way too different to be certain. I know three people at work who have had it. Two were mild; the other was taken to ER in critical condition and remembers thinking he was going to die as he woke up surrounded by doctors as he was put on a ventilator. All were in their 30's. The critical condition guy recovered, but said he had lingering weakness in his knees that lasted for weeks afterwards.


    One friend my dad knows says his was mild, but couldn't smell or taste anything for months. He says he knew there was a problem when he sprayed cologne on his arm and pressed it against his nose, yet couldn't smell it.

    It is different across people and they're still trying to figure out why.

    Read an article this am speculating that recent corona virus colds might have a protective effect

    exposure duration also seems correlated with severity

    But, this thing where people seem ok and then take a turn for the worse is a mystery

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  2. I think some people in this thread should examine whether or not they have a normalcy bias


    Normalcy bias - Wikipedia



    Normalcy bias, or normality bias, is a cognitive bias which leads people to disbelieve or minimize threat warnings. Consequently, individuals underestimate the likelihood of a disaster, when it might affect them, and its potential adverse effects.



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  3. Just now, FortheWin said:

    I do not like the fans at the game not because of Covid but because it is an unfair advantage. Roger really should have said no fans at games until all the teams are able to have fans to keep things fair. JMO>

    I don't think they can generate much noise.  I've seen people complaining about the canned crowd noise too......not being loud enough. I think we're giving up real crowd noise this year.  Honestly, I'm just so glad to have football.  Gives us a reason to make chili and have friends over to watch the game (on our screen porch).


    It is a welcome bit of normal and a distraction from the pandemic. 


    I really really just hope the whole season gets played

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  4. I've removed some more posts.  IDK do we need this locked?

    For the record, nobody here is above a facepalm.

    If you cannot handle being facepalmed, you shouldn't be posting

    I mean, we have an emoji for it :facepalm:


    This second round of post removals for personal arguments earns a never ending face palm from me.

    never ending facepalm GIF

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  5. It was disappointing but I'm not panicked.  Honestly, the return of football is a welcome relief from everything.  Even the venting threads look good to me.......kind of like a sign 'all is right with the world'


    Looking forward to this season with you guys, whatever it may bring

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  6. Please no suggestions of googling for streaming services, posting actual links to 'unofficial streaming services' or asking people to pm you for details on streaming services


    This is an NFL website and we allow only NFL authorized broadcasts of the game.


    Anything else that is posted is a warnable/bannable violation of our site rules



  7. The moderators have chosen to not moderate this thread. It is news because it is the lead story on Colts.com and thus is appropriate for the Colts forum.


    However we had another thread that became divisive and ugly. As a result, we don't currently see this topic having productive outcome here.


    I recommend people read what the players and coaches had to say about Social Justice and their plan of action



    Thanks to everyone who join the Colts in taking a stand against systemic racism.

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  8. Honestly, I think all the games should be played OUTSIDE.  I don't know how we manage that

    But there are several places that have such bad outbreaks, I wouldn't want our team going there even if they did play outside

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