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  1. I didn't watch because I cannot stay up that late!  Caught the winners on the morning news


    I guess everything is relative. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was good in Silver Linings Playbook. But I came away blown away by Bradley Cooper's performance


    Of course his performance was overshadowed by Daniel Day Lewis who, of course was better than anyone could have been that role


    He made Lincoln real.


    I have not seen Argo but now I want to

  2. I'm still relatively new and obviously, you do get a lot of attacks...

    I try not to put motives on people......In other words....dont say "You just said that because you are a .......####..avoid answers that start with 'people like you' ...stay on the point

    ..and answer the question....that was asked...straight up...Then comment all you want......but ask questions and answer them.....it gets things going..

    ......also understand that some people are here because they WANT to

    insult others anonymously...fans of otehr teams come on foreign sites so they can start fights....that's what they get out of posting...Just handle them........they dont know you....when they insult you..ask them what do they think? What's their opinion...?

    That either gets no answer or it moves the discussion along...

    ......and if folks seem angry..ask them why? they want to tell you.

    Its another way to move the discussion along..

    I used to be able to use the icons..(I havent ben able to for months now) and they help...a smiley face or a cartoon keeps it light.

    Just some thoughts..

    how come you cannot use the emoticons? 

  3. Excellent topic and as always point on analysis, Nadine. :) I would like to add that my late grandfather doled out to me some similiar words or nuggets of wisdom. He told me, "treat everybody like they are somebody and if by chance they prove themselves to be nobody still treat them as if they were simply anybody else.":) In other words, kill them with kindness and bowl them over with humor and intelligently agree to disagree on particular matters especially in the case of subjective material. I have learned that if we look for common ground and remember it is the subject matter and not the subject we may take issue with there is less area to find reasons to read someone the riot act...lol. Also, reinforcing one's argument with statistical information is a lot more convincing than capitalized letters or sarcasm or even condescending attacks. In hypothetical cases it is merely conjecture or opinion which is being challenged so we need to remember to respect each other and to understand we are entitled to our opinion. I like to follow these types of rules when engaging in conversations with others and it seems to help me to deal with others on the same level and with minimum issues. Just my .02. :)


    Your grandfather was right.

    My mom also always told me to be super nice to people who seem to be super rude..........because you just never know what kind of day they've had and maybe you can make their day better.

    She's nicer than me though!

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