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Status Updates posted by Nadine

  1. Hey jeffro you are looking somewhat pale

  2. Nadine

    Hey CCH, you are not looking like yourself!

  3. good to see you (and your horseshoes) here!

  4. System won't let me reply to the message from you. hmmm, looks like we've got some figuring out to do!

  5. good to see you here!

  6. STILL NO STATUS. There are a lot of options to try out here.

  7. Hey Andy, great to see you here!

  8. I stopped by to comment on your status but you don't ahve one. YOU THERE? lol

  9. Hey Friend!

  10. Hi Ray, good to see you!

  11. hey barry!

  12. Good to see you here!

  13. Hey megan did you try a separate log in with twitter? It is incomplete. Want me to get rid of it?

  14. I am confusted because I see two of you

  15. there seems to be a difference between Photo and avatar. Mine is a photo and it is displaying on my page but not in the forum

  16. I don't recognize you. Where is your pic? I need to find a way to set a different default I hate shadow people

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