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  2. #Colts at Giants Review & What We Learned - http://t.co/XIcPJmRUuw
  3. #Colts Draft Bjeorn Werner - http://t.co/8KIPWBsNxx
    1. MIColtsFan


      well that was unexpected.. I've also seen 3 different spellings of his name so far! hopefully this season no one will forget how to spell his name he'll make such a splash! :)

  4. #Colts fan feature, Ken Truckenmiller asks "Is this the end? or a setback?" Check it out on http://t.co/cH2pQ1le! http://t.co/NmM2QZs2
  5. #Colts Fan Poll: Manning Or Luck? no need to get into the whole they can "coexist" debate,.Its one or the other http://t.co/1GFYChj5
  6. #Colts fans are pumped about WR Darrius Heyward Bey signing #coltsfa #coltstrong - http://t.co/33QWFWp89Z
  7. #Colts fans asking themselves, is winning really so bad? #StrangeDaysIndeed http://t.co/zUjQ6Xcm
  8. #Colts fans weigh in and sound off on new Colts GM Ryan Grigson http://t.co/05xEEccq
  9. #Colts fans, post your thoughts on the 2013 Schedule - http://t.co/PCuWPxIAMw
  10. #colts fans, what do you think of this trade? Colts have traded Jerry Hughes for Bills LB Kelvin Sheppard - http://t.co/GJftxNxQ3q
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    2. AllYouNeedIsLuck


      Even the Raiders FO isn't dumb enough to do that



      i like the trade, sheppard was solid his last two years and i think he will be even better in a 3-4. While Jerry was improving, he just never seemed to give it his all and he wouldnt have made it over the other OLB'ers we have.

    4. southwest1


      With Hughes now gone, the Bill Polian GM era is now officially concluded...

  11. #colts fans:"like" our schedule by monday 4/29 and you could win one of these #colts 2013 Schedule - http://t.co/051gc9ejQu
  12. #Colts Fans! What say you about Chiefs @ Colts? #SwamiHatON
  13. #Colts New Offense 101: What exactly Does "No Coast" Mean? - http://t.co/40ddBwbxOc
  14. #Colts over Texans 28 14! Wow what a season! #chuckstrong
  15. #Colts Select Hugh Thornton With 3rd Pick - http://t.co/nm3j2SdrpM
  16. #Colts Tickets Virtual Venue Pretty sweet. see which individual seats are available for purchase.- http://t.co/wsc1frbGBN
  17. #Colts win! Man this feels great!
    1. Coltssouth


      Me too! Congrats to our team!

  18. #coltsfa if you ask me, the colts have made some good moves today to sure up the roster - http://t.co/tmgu2QQJZ2
    1. Coltman51


      I agree Nadine, not splashy like some folks wanted, but calculated and hopefully strong dependable acquisitions. I am thrilled that Butler is staying and unlike some, glad that Powers is leaving, though glad he is getting a chance elsewhere. Sorry that Fokuo is gone.

    2. Jules


      Well that just can't be true. I mean we see every single season how the teams who sign the big names usually win it all.


  19. #coltstrong Nicknames for Bjoern Werner, our first round pick - http://t.co/cjZLHJKy0F
  20. #Coltstrong Wrist band and Edgerrin James Ring of Honor Seat Card winners! http://t.co/9R5RuTiJ
  21. http://t.co/2J3LN1fi Congrats to Motorola wk 15 fan photo winner Crazy Cali Colt Fan. For this photo "So excited, and just can't hide it"
  22. http://t.co/eDPSemtj Drawing for 2 Tickets to Titans @ #Colts is Now Open! http://t.co/xxQgd4Im
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