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  1. The main thing to remember is you need to have a valid email address and you need to know what email address that is should you have problems logging in after we've made changes.


    I expect that if you are using your twitter or facebook accounts to log in that you'll be fine.


    We expect to just move everything to the new platform.


    It's a nice upgrade, I'm excited about it.

  2. Thank you for the heads up. I realized something was different because I had to type in my username and password when I logged in. In the past, the site "remembered" my username and password and therefore, I did not have to enter it. That was convenient because I often forget the passwords that I use. Thankfully I remembered my password for this site.

    After the upgrades and changes have been made, will the site "remember" our usernames and passwords as it did in the past?

    Thank you for your efforts to make our experience on this forum a positive one.

    We have not made any changes yet.  If you cleared your cookies out, the site will ask you to log in again.  Otherwise, it stays logged in if you have set it to do that

  3. The immediate closure of game day threads only serves to prevent real conversation and having 20 threads for one game is a failure of epic proportions. I'm not sure who you guys have chatted with but maybe such changes should be left to a vote by the people who use the forum on a daily basis. The game day threads at least stay on topic were as the others in the main forum are derailed by posters who are only trying to cause problems or are simply trolling for comments.


    I'm glad you like the game day threads.  Sorry you don't like the post game threads.


    We have talked to members who use the site everyday and consensus is that they like creating their own post game threads.  They feel that to not allow them to do so stifles discussion.


    Agree that it can be a bit messy but that's the nature of discussion boards.

  4. Is the plan to lock these threads about 2 days after?  1 day?


    I would also advise some of the newer posters to "Look" before they post.  Please see if there is already a topic.


    I also thank Superman did a very good job last week of merging, locking and moderating.  That was a tough couple of days for all mods.  Good job!


    The plan is to merge into those threads.  If people continue to post about the for example: offense in the Broncos game beyond the 2 days that's fine.


    If the thread devolves into something else.....say for example general back and forth of trich and the trade.....then we'll likely lock the thread


    But we'll wait and see.  Our first goal is to keep the boards from being repetitive and disorganized on game day and the day after, that's when we get the most complaints about it


    But just FYI mods are fans too and they don't want to spend the whole game policing the mess that people create so, I expect some mess


    If certain posters continue disregarding their responsiblities here, then likely the'll get a warn


    Or perhaps a demotion to rookie.....that will prevent them from creating a thread and perhaps make our point with them should they not understand and continue to make the boards a mess

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