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  1. I'm cooking for 13 on Thanksgiving and had the menu all planned, list made, cooking timeline set.  One is vegetarian and I had plenty of veggie options.  I just found out another is both gluten and dairy free.  EVERYTHING has gluten and/or dairy. I am FREAKING OUT

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    2. Nadine


      I farmed out to my daughters (satellite kitchens) gluten/dairy  free sweet potatoes and pie.


      I'll make dairy free mashed potatoes when I'm making the rest of them. And I'll make the sweet potato recipe which is augratin. So there will be a choice and I still get to make what I wanted 


      The vegetable is just steamed so, I will just not put butter on some of it


      That should do it.


      Appetizer still has both gluten and dairy but I'm not making another one.


      This is a lot of food for a lot of people.  But these guests are driving 4 hours to be here so I want everyone to be able to eat.


      None of them drink but, that's easy

    3. teganslaw


      All potatoes are gluten free. Any vegetables are also OK. Cooking some without butter or any dairy should work out. Good luck; I could never handle cooking for 13 people. Hope everything works out for you. 

    4. Nadine


      @teganslaw I am making mashed potatoes which have cream and butter in them.  Gravy has gluten so I have to make a separate dish for her


      The sweet potato recipe has cheese in it. Check it out: YUM https://www.browneyedbaker.com/sweet-potato-gratin-recipe/


      I was excited about it until I found out somebody was dairy free.


      So, it's either we make separate potato recipes are we watch her being limited to turkey and cranberry sauce and broccoli



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