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  1. Just saw Dunkirk.  I'm overwhelmed in more ways than I have words for.

    1. southwest1


      I believe Christopher Nolan directed that film. I lost considerable respect for him over the cinematic mess called "Inception" he also went behind the camera for, but I will admit that the movie trailer looks intriguing & critic Richard Roeper raved about it. Therefore, I must give "Dunkirk" a fair shot. 


      I don't typical see war flicks in the theater though. WWII stuff feels to much like graduate school class for me again like I'm gonna be tested on it or forced to write a 25-30 page paper on it with footnotes. LOL! 


      I'll see it on video not in person. I don't like being lectured to at the multiplex. I go to movies in person to be entertained. Glad you enjoyed it though Nadine. 

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