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  1. These are young guys, many planning families. The virus is dangerous for pregnant women so, this is definitely a family decision
  2. shh, sleep types should sleep
  3. I guess they don't have the bandwidth for this right now
  4. Michigan is going pretty well. Maybe they play all the games in Detroit.
  5. Honestly, I think all the games should be played OUTSIDE. I don't know how we manage that But there are several places that have such bad outbreaks, I wouldn't want our team going there even if they did play outside
  6. I had to stop reading. Pretty terrible More than a dozen women allege sexual harassment and verbal abuse by former team employees at Redskins Park
  7. why so much drama? Why do so many people know and are not saying anything?
  8. LOL, they must have paid the ransom. It's no longer a porn site
  9. @w87r Evidently that donkey much be holding the name they want. Trademark fight https://fortune.com/2020/07/13/washington-redskins-trademark-new-name/
  10. I hate it then people do this. The company that I get mulch from must have neglected to renew their domain because I went there and it was a porn site. Not what I was expecting Too bad, some of those names are good but I wouldn't pay that donkey But they better start. reserving names
  11. I think they maybe need to do an NFL cheating cost/benefit analysis
  12. Nadine

    AV moving

    This thread has run it's course
  13. Nadine

    AV moving

    Adams house is in a part of Carmel that has had problems with the Lucas Estate (also in carmel). The Lucas hold a lot of events for pay. It's like a full on event venue. He's remonstrated against it as have a lot of his neighbors. He said they cannot sit outside without having to deal with whatever music the event plays. The city has tried to get the Lucas to stop running a business in a residential area but, they keep doing it. I'm not surprised he is moving to Zionsville. He can afford it and it is adorable
  14. This thread played out We already have a thread about racism which is what this one has become
  15. I'm not gonna freak out over a song. However we do this, we need to come together But honestly, with this pandemic I think no song at all is the smartest choice
  16. This thread keeps going off track. I've moved several posts into the coronavirus thread
  17. seriously? Do you remember AIDS?
  18. Anyone in the NFL would know to not film the field and and sidelines and I would think particularly the pats. Failing to inform the NFL and the Bengals and calling it an unintended oversight? Senior club officials have to undergo training on league operation and game policies? How did they get to be senior club officials? The man who was fired had been a videographer for 18 years. I guess it's possible that he just didn't know and expected his good intent to be enough when he was filming the Bengals sideline a week before the Pats were to play them. But, my incredulity is stretched beyond the breaking point when a 57 year old man with vast experience in the NFL basically just says 'my bad' https://heavy.com/news/2019/12/dave-mondillo/
  19. I appreciate the update but this thread has turned into another thread calling him and anyone reporting racial discrimination and also woman as all liars. Closing
  20. Hi, Not sure what you would want the Colts to say about this. But this topic is not a question for the Colts section
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