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  1. There is Plantar flexion (what you see in the photo as the toes move closer to the ground and Luck strides out) as you step into the throw with your front foot and Dorsiflexion (move in the opposite direction) as the weight moves over the front foot during the follow through. Plenty of flexion going on...... Any ankle our lower leg injury could (and evidently is causing) cause pain.
  2. We need to get to the bottom of this..... I have Robert Mueller's phone number if someone wants to make the call.
  3. This article made me laugh. Is it possible to get a value as low as 1.9% with bioelectrical impedance or poorly trained skin fold measures, yes. Is it accurate..... I doubt it. Maybe 5-6%, but I'd want that verified using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Often people think that if an athletes looks very lean, he/she doesn't have much body fat. We have body fat under our skin, in the abdomen (visceral adiposity) and in our muscles. Athletes and sports commentators throw these values around, without knowing how amusing these comments are to people that do these measures every day.
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