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  1. I agree that Pinter will not play OL unless someone gets hurt and IF he learns quickly as a guard. That said, I believe because of his versatility he will be our extra tackle that comes in on short yardage and goal line and will also be used as a tackle-eligible in some situations. He will also be used as a decoy until teams forget that he was once a TE. Once that happens he will catch a pass for a first down (or touchdown).
  2. Forgive me if this has been mentioned before but..... Brissett played two years at Florida, but finished the last two years at North Carolina State. He played much more in his last two years at NCSU.
  3. There is Plantar flexion (what you see in the photo as the toes move closer to the ground and Luck strides out) as you step into the throw with your front foot and Dorsiflexion (move in the opposite direction) as the weight moves over the front foot during the follow through. Plenty of flexion going on...... Any ankle our lower leg injury could (and evidently is causing) cause pain.
  4. We need to get to the bottom of this..... I have Robert Mueller's phone number if someone wants to make the call.
  5. This article made me laugh. Is it possible to get a value as low as 1.9% with bioelectrical impedance or poorly trained skin fold measures, yes. Is it accurate..... I doubt it. Maybe 5-6%, but I'd want that verified using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Often people think that if an athletes looks very lean, he/she doesn't have much body fat. We have body fat under our skin, in the abdomen (visceral adiposity) and in our muscles. Athletes and sports commentators throw these values around, without knowing how amusing these comments are to people that do these measures every day.
  6. I've been waiting for someone to do the research and explain the situation because it's not an easy explanation (and I do not post much), so here goes. First, I'm not a sports medicine physician, physical therapist, or athletic trainer. These are the experts. I have worked with injured athletes including labral injuries/surgeries. As others have said, this is a different situation compared to last year. Last year Luck had a limited time to heal and rehabilitation. As he said, he skipped steps to try to be ready. That works for some athletes (M. Hooker), not for others. Labral injuries a
  7. Well it's a free country and the owners have every right to "force" their employees to honor the country this way......
  8. I'll admit that during the Playoffs I was excited to see the NE offense and what McDaniels would bring to the Colts. I have tremendous respect for Tony Dungy, but he missed the call on McDaniels. When he was preparing to accept the Colts job he should have notified BB and Kraft up front with the message..... if you want to talk, now is the time, otherwise I'm taking the Colts job. He clearly does not understand the professional aspect of being a head coach. Staying with the Patriots was the easy way out. I believe he has serious doubts about his head coaching abilities after the Denver ex
  9. I would defer to you about skills for the different defensive schemes, however I believe we will only be in cover 2/cover3 ~50% of the time. Seems to me that it would be easier to teach a press cover to play zone than the other way around. We will need to play man coverage against some teams.
  10. He may be a good depth player in a cover two scheme.
  11. Yes. Let's come back in a few weeks and see who's correct.
  12. I'm not a Psychiatrist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. This seems to be a good place to set up my practice. Now if I can find my script pad for Xanax.........
  13. Thanks Superman! I suspect that some of this was covered in the Irsay-Gruden meetings in Houston. Even though most think that Irsay went in an attempt to talk Gruden into coaching, I believe they talked about ways the Colts must improve. Gruden loves to illustrate with game tape and they spent nearly nine hours reviewing. Hopefully points such as this was included.
  14. Hopefully Clayton will recover and play all of this year. I've speculated on his surgery and possible ramifications before, but hopefully he just needs time to recover and regain strength. That said, I believe Powell adds more depth at safety. He may or may not make the 53 man roster.
  15. Understand, Jim Irsay knows lots more about football than I'll ever know. And I believe he meant that the players for a good offensive line are on the roster. The football world (and Colts fans) will agree with Jim when we see the offensive line play well on the field (and the OL knows this).
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