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  1. This article made me laugh. Is it possible to get a value as low as 1.9% with bioelectrical impedance or poorly trained skin fold measures, yes. Is it accurate..... I doubt it. Maybe 5-6%, but I'd want that verified using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Often people think that if an athletes looks very lean, he/she doesn't have much body fat. We have body fat under our skin, in the abdomen (visceral adiposity) and in our muscles. Athletes and sports commentators throw these values around, without knowing how amusing these comments are to people that do these measures every day.
  2. I've been waiting for someone to do the research and explain the situation because it's not an easy explanation (and I do not post much), so here goes. First, I'm not a sports medicine physician, physical therapist, or athletic trainer. These are the experts. I have worked with injured athletes including labral injuries/surgeries. As others have said, this is a different situation compared to last year. Last year Luck had a limited time to heal and rehabilitation. As he said, he skipped steps to try to be ready. That works for some athletes (M. Hooker), not for others. Labral injuries and return to play are difficult to predict. My understanding is that Luck could easily through a regulation football now if needed (a few reps). He's been through range of motion exercises, manual muscle tests, and isokinetic testing (and IK exercises that mimic the throwing motion). Some of these exercises are much more difficult than actually throwing a football. He doesn't need to be ready until training camp so why force the issue. He needs to have his throwing repetitions at a high level to make all the throws during TC. He will still be on a "pitch count" during TC just like Caldwell did with Manning (and what most coaches do in TC, with their starting QBs). That's the reason for extra quarterbacks in TC. Some take this as a problem or issue with his shoulder. It's not a problem...except for fans that do not know the process and think the worse. Luck will be ready for training camp because that is the time table. Yes, he could develop a problem, but given the thoroughness of the rehab process that is not likely. It's more likely he would have some other type of issue or injury that's not related to his throwing motion. This is the reason for optimistic outlook in the Colt's organization. I'm not silly enough to think that this will put the issue to bed, or sports journalist will not continue to question Lucks return to action.... But I do hope it answers most of the questions. Sorry for the long post......
  3. Well it's a free country and the owners have every right to "force" their employees to honor the country this way......
  4. I'll admit that during the Playoffs I was excited to see the NE offense and what McDaniels would bring to the Colts. I have tremendous respect for Tony Dungy, but he missed the call on McDaniels. When he was preparing to accept the Colts job he should have notified BB and Kraft up front with the message..... if you want to talk, now is the time, otherwise I'm taking the Colts job. He clearly does not understand the professional aspect of being a head coach. Staying with the Patriots was the easy way out. I believe he has serious doubts about his head coaching abilities after the Denver experience. In the end we got Reich and I'm happy with the outcome and looking forward to next season.
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