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  1. He's only saying that because he is bitter towards the Shanahan's and he blames them for his career going downhill.
  2. I don't think Angerer belongs on that list yet but one day I think he will.
  3. I don't see anyway the Colts take a RB in the 2nd unless Richardson is there which has about a 1 percent chance of happening.
  4. I want the Colts to take Luck as much as anybody else on this forum but i'm gonna set back and let the Front office do their evaluations of both Luck and RG3 and if they think after doing their evaluation that RG3 is the better choice then I will completely support their decision.
  5. He has a 1st round tender on him and i don't think he is worth giving up Luck.
  6. I think the Colts should sign Matt Giordano back. He was a good special teams player when we had him a few years ago and he would be a pretty good backup as well.
  7. I would love for the Colts to get Fleener in the 2nd, but most people are saying that he probably shot his stock up into the 1st round with his performance at Stanford's pro day.
  8. As long as the Colts don't play 5 and 10 yards off the receiver like they have in what seems like forever, I don't see them being as bad as they have been in the past couple of years.
  9. No. I think it would be better for the Colts to just keep rebuilding and getting younger.
  10. It is also rather embarrassing the level of hate Jim Irsay is receiving by "Colt" fans.
  11. Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, and John Mackey. Those guys are arguably the greatest players to ever wear a Colts uniform.
  12. If i'm not mistaken they traded away their 2013 and '14 1st round draft picks to the Rams so you wouldn't get any 1st rounders out of them till 2015 and that's too long for me. Now I wouldn't mind taking Brian Orakpo off their hands.
  13. Is Jake Scott still a free agent? I would love for the Colts to get him back.
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