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  1. I was there. There was not much of any booing of the Colts. There was some booing scattered around the building for all kinds of things going on the first 33 minutes of the game (Refs, Chiefs chants, stinky defense, etc...). I'm sure there may have been someone booing something the Colts did (or did not do), but a general, you suck and we don't like it boo for the Colts? Naw, didn't happen. Maybe should have... but, nope.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Okoye
  3. I think both of you make a great point. I think there are a series of plays, 2-4 of them that usually set the tone. May I also submit the neutral zone infraction non call on the play that Tim Jennings made that fantastic interception on the underthrown ball in the 1st half? I believe Luck went over the top because he thought he had a freebee, and the interception seemed to energize the entire building.
  4. Absolutely agree. I had the opportunity to volunteer at my daughter's Junior High at a school music event, and was shocked at how mouthy and disrespectful her peers were to their teachers and parent helpers. Middle school kids seem to have all the facial gestures and "dissing" comebacks that one hears on popular TV shows, but with no knowledge of appropriate usage (which is very rare) or understanding. It was an incredibly sad and disconcerting thing to witness firsthand, and even though I helped to create a more respectful atmosphere, the whole scene made me quite depressed that evening. Bei
  5. Writers generally do not write their headlines. Just sayin'...
  6. Looks like another John Chick to me.
  7. Just ran across this: http://blog.sfgate.com/raiders/2012/03/29/raiders-fans-recruiting-colts-linebacker/ I have mixed feelings, but the one thing that seems obvious is that Wheeler's price tag is probably going to go up this week. I've always enjoyed what Wheeler brings to the team, and his humor with the fans and media. I'll be sorry to see him go if he decides to play elsewhere. I kinda think he would be an interesting talent in Pagano's scheme. It was also interesting to read in this article that there is a perception that the Colts would like to retain him. I had not heard that up until t
  8. This is a much different era than when we brought in Manning. You can actually do a fair job of mending a team quickly through free agency more easily now than 15 years ago. There is no doubt that this team has some major holes... NT, CB, RB, WR, TE, and more. However, there are still three major time periods left to stock up on talent. The draft, the after draft free agent rookie signing period (where I think the Colts will do VERY well), and cut time before week #1 in early September. As for Tight Ends, I don't think we will have the chance to take Fleener, but a guy like Chris Pantale, Bost
  9. I have a feeling that the Colts are going to use the TE position's depth and usage quite a bit differently than Christiansen/Moore did. I see no H back usage in the future, and bigger, sturdier bodies being used for a greater percentage of blocking/protecting responsibilities. I believe Tamme and Clark may not fit the new scheme. I would love to see the Colts resign Clark if that is a possible option, but I would rather the Colts get the people they want, so they get the most production out of Andrew Luck. Unfortunately, the draft is light, but if Fleener is there at the second round, that is,
  10. I think we just found out that UndecidedFrog is John Madden.
  11. Colts don't have a rival as long as we aren't competing with anybody for swag. I can see something new developing with the Bengals and Broncos, though. If we are talking hate versus opposing teams/fans, top of my list is Steelers and Chargers.
  12. I for one am excited about next season. The last two seasons were such a grind... I'm just worn out with trying to justify the old "schemes", and watching the innovative excitement in the NFL pass us by here in Indy. Lets get behind our new guys, celebrate the old ones who are still around, and honor all the greats that transformed the City of Indianapolis into an epicenter for pro football. Time to turn the page, and start having fun with the Colts again!
  13. Absolutely.... have been following him as well. He looked great this year, just don't know if he would be a good fit in this D. He's a great special teams player, and would probably come to the Colts at a good price. Wonder if there are hard feelings to overcome, though.
  14. Woops! Got my H's mixed up. Not a huge difference between Hampton and Howard... but big enough. My bad!!
  15. I'm sure fellow Hampton alumna, Antoine Bethea, will show him the ropes.
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