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  1. One last time? You do know that Brady basically owns Manning in their head to heads? It won't happen anyway as the Steelers will crush Denver after they've disposed of the Bengals this week.
  2. Frankie's not as funny as he used to be either. Surprised you can understand him with his awful Gorbals diction.
  3. It's Doyel........... And he's a worthless piece of garbage. The Star scraped the bottom of the barrel when they hired him and they really should move on from him. He goes well with those other *s, Dakich and Kravitz. Why can't this city attract a decent sports journalist?
  4. Then all that "tied at the hip" nonsense was just that - nonsense?
  5. Obviously an over reaction from the OP but..... why put Chuck AND the team through all the speculation and angst if the plan was to give him a long term deal? As Mooch just said on NFL Metwork the team must have been affected by all the negativity this season. Irsay comes over as a weak and ineffectual owner in my opinion. I'm pleased that Chuck is staying (less so about Grigson) but I feel the way this has been handled has been detrimental to the team.
  6. I'd love that to be true because Kravitz and the other muppets have been there all day waiting.
  7. Word is leaking out that Kravitz is to replace Grigson and Doyel is the new head coach and he will be assisted by Dakich. Could be just a rumor though. Dakich was tweeting last night accusing Pagano of being the one who was leaking all that stuff to Holder and Kravitz during the season. He and Kravitz were having a go at each other, veiled threats etc.. Personally if I were Irsay I'd use the presser to announce that press privileges had been withdrawn from both of them and the village id*ot Doyel. Can't believe the word I*iot is censored on here. How else can you descri
  8. Hmm... he did go 11-5 with Matt Cassel. The same Matt Cassel who is 1 and 7 behind the much vaunted Dallas O Line this year.
  9. Coughlin should be done. He's clearly lost the locker room, his players are out of control. A player ejected yesterday, Beckham should have been ejected last week. After a while the coach has nothing new to say and a change is needed.
  10. Al Jazeera is not the NI. This is proper investigative journalism. Coffeedrinker - the investigation was 8 months according to the documentary, not 1 month.
  11. Wow. You're an intelligent poster aren't you? Never mind, school starts again soon.
  12. Rubbish. The guy has recanted. I don't believe the recant. I don't believe everything he said either but he didn't make it all up. The truth will out eventually and it won't be pretty. Like I said, I don't dispute what Peyton says and I look forward to him issuing a lot of libel writs. Al Jazeera have lawyers too you know and this was a serious piece and I'm sure they would not have broadcast it if they felt they would expose themselves to expensive lawsuits...
  13. I don't have time to read the whole thread so forgive me if what I say is repeating what others have said. I watched the documentary last night. I'm sure many will make snide and borderline racist references to Al Jazeera but they are a credible news organization, much more so that some we could name. FOX. This investigation was not a quick lash up, it went on for a period of 8 months and Collins clearly spent a long time in the company of Charlie Sly and others. This was a thorough investigation. While I found Sly to be less than entirely credible he imparted a great
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