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  1. GoatBeard

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Go manicure my beard? That was a good one. Yeah nobody cares if you like her or not. Haters kill me. Just hate on people for no reason. Get a goal in life and pursue it. If you had that you wouldnt have time to hate on people you dont know. Go find something productive to do and shut your cheeto hole. Be a man for gods sake. Ever get the urge?
  2. GoatBeard

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    You are this hateful towards her over a question she asked? So I guess it is probably fair if I say youre a dipstick because you didnt capitalize Rosie O'Donnell? Dude get some CBD oil, or better yet some actual smoke and relax. Its not that deep.
  3. GoatBeard

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Its not because its the offseason......this is how most people are now unfortunately. They just run off at the mouth about things they dont actually know anything about, incessantly. Its annoying and a big reason i dont come on message boards very often. If you give a man a platform AND anonymity, you are gonna get pure bile.
  4. GoatBeard

    Earl Grey

    I personally cant wait to see him bag JJ Watt. Cant wait. And it WILL happen!
  5. I was talking about his assertion that a guard doesnt have an impact on the game. And Bill Polian woukd NEVER say something that ignorant.
  6. And thats one of the dumbest things ive ever heard. You have nothing to back that up other than just a gut feeling based of clearly never playing football at any significant level. This isnt fantasy football. Its actual football played by real men. Not those digital impressions you manipulate on your TV. A 6'5" 330lb behemoth that can move certainly has an impact in a real football game. Anyone who has played a down knows this. The Colts are proof of this for gods sake. Thier horrible interior line has held them back for going on 10 years now. Our line started regressing towards the end of Mannings career in fact. Just because you have an internet connection and time on your hands doesnt mean its a good idea to pretend you know about things you clearly dont know about my friend. Go do something else.
  7. GoatBeard

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Because they are too emotional, and that makes them ignorant.
  8. I dont care what he was ranked on some fan poll. He started 63 games in the NFL. He also played pretty well for the Colts when he was here. He also had issues Quenton Nelson doesnt have, and that was my point.
  9. Tony Mandarich had substance abuse problems. He wasnt a bad player at all and actually had a descent career.
  10. People are gonna be real surprised how good he is and how big of an impact he is gonna make. He is gonna gove us an identity we really havent had since ive been a fan, as a nasty physical team, at least on offense.
  11. Wow, thats absurd. He is easily the best athlete among the lineman this year and is fantastic on the move, its what makes him a great prospect.
  12. Watch Quenton Nelson vs LSU last year. Its the most dominant tape of any prospect in the entire draft. By far.
  13. GoatBeard

    CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    Why do you put so much value into a few posts from people you dont know? He stayed with the same team for 5 years in a league where people get cut at the drop of a hat. That means a lot more to me than a few opinions.
  14. GoatBeard

    The Hall of Quotes

    These clowns are wrong every single year and people still value thier opinion?
  15. GoatBeard

    Colts sign Matt Slauson

    Bahahahahaha Neither guy is beating out Nelson in camp. Not a chance.