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  1. He created a statistical model, not new analytics. The book had those same analytics before he did. He just interpreted them better. Through SUBJECTIVE REASONING You just cant understand the simplest things. It's funny to me.
  2. So you think they have analytics the sportsbook doesn't have? Geez.....you cant make this % up lol
  3. I carry water and fetch footballs. Would it matter what I said? If I told you I taught heads up tackling then you would either not believe me or drag me into an argument about whether or not that's coaching. Idc if you respect my opinions. I'm just offering them because this board has become a cesspool of complaining and moaning about what is actually a pretty good football team anyways, and I just cant help myself. Feel free to ignore me.
  4. No I never insinuated I was a football coach. Helping at a camp isn't really coaching. Nobody pays me to coach a team. But it is valuable experience believe it or not. And the fact you dont think so just tells me you have no clue what you're talking about.
  5. So you claim I said I coached in High school and accuse me of not listening? Alright. Never said that, but alright.
  6. No. Statistics is science. Analysis is an art. You talk in circles, I'm done with you twisting stuff and carrying this convo everywhere just so you can avoid admitting that the word objective wasn't used correctly.
  7. Yes, I meant 21. My fault. You can still beat the house at blackjack by counting cards, which is actually much easier than people think if you're good with math in your head. But they won't tolerate it and as soon as you start winning too much you'll come under suspicion. I dont doubt you know numbers, but would you agree some in your field are better than others at it? Because it's a subjective art?
  8. No I'm not. I'm proving you dont know the meaning of the word objective.
  9. The odds say that, yes. But only because the casino uses games that naturally favor the house, not because of statistical analysis itself. I am not saying it isn't a powerful tool. For example watch the movie Rounders. It is a perfect example of someone being better at statistical analysis than the casino and is based on a true story. But the casino doesn't allow those people to play and sit at the table long enough to clean them out.
  10. Indicative of potential future outcomes? Sure. But dont under estimate how important the word POTENTIAL is in that statement. You are forced to use it to make that statement accurate, because it isn't objective in the first place. Take it out and it is a false statement. Stats are best used for identifying trends. The problem is that trends are fluid.
  11. The graph itself is objective if taken as a record of what happened. Once you use it to make future predictions, or make decisions, that prediction/decision is subjective.
  12. Not really. For example...... As good as Vegas is at statistical analysis, they do have people that beat them regularly, despite being the best at what they do. They have built an entire city based on being better at calculating odds and mastering statistical analysis. But there are still people with better opinions, despite the fact they are extremely in depth and great at what they do. So yes it is absolutely subjective. There are always exceptions to the rules.
  13. It's your conclusions that are subjective. This is why I keep saying that they are just a record of what happened. And until you insert an interpretation of what you see, they are objective. Once you do, it's no longer just a stat. An opinion has been attached. It's not a ranking system. It's a statistical record. That's it. Analysis is subjective.
  14. Stats are completely subjective because they are open to interpretation. I'm just letting you know because you keep misusing the word objective. It's all subjective. There is no such thing as an objective debate about sports. Your opinion is subjective. So please stop saying it.
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