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  1. GoatBeard

    Luck Hall of fame

    When I watch Andrew Luck, the thing that sticks out to me most is how much the guy loves to play football. I dont think for one second he wont want to play as long as he feels like he can handle it physically and still be a great player. He can design bridges or stadiums or whatever, after that. If we can maintain this elite line play, they can extend his career and keep him healthy for 10 more years, clearly the law of averages works against that. All we can do is wait and see. I think Andrew Luck will absolutely wind up in the HOF, barring another severe injury. He is too good not to have many more great seasons ahead, and it looks like hes got some serious help right now.
  2. GoatBeard

    Quincy Wilson on "RapSheet"

    People dont want to give anyone time anymore. They act like they were performing at their absolute best when they were 20-25 years old and competing against the best in their professions, but thats rarely the case. The Colts have really developed a lot of young guys this year, Kenny Moore has been really good, and very underrated this year. Leonard, Walker, Hooker, Stewart, Turay, Lewis.....it seems everywhere you looked on defense this year, there was a really young player, contributing in big spots.
  3. GoatBeard


  4. GoatBeard

    I owe Quentin Nelson an apology

    But Norwell turned out to be a bad investment for Jacksonville, at least so far. So isnt it fair to doubt whether or not that would have been an improvement?
  5. GoatBeard

    I owe Quentin Nelson an apology

    Ok, this is where you are dead wrong. Jadaveon Clowney didnt have as big of an impact on the game sunday as big Q, despite being a #1 pick and as talented of a defensive end as youll find. So how he is his position more important? And the importance of pass rush to a teams overall success only elevates the importance of a player like Nelson. I understand the argument that defensive end is a harder position to fill with a good player in free agency. But that doesnt make it more important than a dominant offensive lineman. Q is a very rare talent. I havent seen a guy like this since Larry Allen. That means he is a generational talent. Guys like Clowney are all over the place. In the last few years alone we have seen Mack, Clowney, Garrett, Chubb, etc You can spin it any way you want. But without THIS line, we arent where we are at or nearly as dangerous. They are a threat because they are great, not because they are sufficient.
  6. GoatBeard

    I owe Quentin Nelson an apology

    If the Colts dont draft Kelly and Nelson, is Luck still playing? Does he get a chance to work thru his early season rustiness? Or is he hurt again? I just struggle with how you perceive value. Those two picks gave us the best line in football, imo. And you win in the trenches. Thats quite a value. Who is this pass rusher that comes in and provides more? Chubb didnt come in and impact his team at near the level Nelson has, and his team didnt produce results either. And he is no doubt great at what he does. But, his team didnt have a glaring hole at DE, they had Von Miller, and he didnt really solve a problem for them, he reinforced a prior strength. And they went into the season woth the same problems and had another disappointing season. Nelson not only cured our cancer, he gave us biceps and quads and turned us into the Hulk. The point is to pick great players where you are weak, not get maximum value for your picks.
  7. GoatBeard

    The big mess that is the Steelers

    How do you to reign in a grown man who is multi-millionaire sociopath? I think his maturation has run its course at this point. Most people cant even reign in their broke teenage daughter. Tomlin is a great coach and they would be * to fire him because some spoiled prima donna cant be a professional.
  8. GoatBeard

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    They dont think they should be ready yet, but so far they have looked the part. As far as the Chiefs fans, they should be confident. They have Mahomes and are feeling themselves right now. But they have their hands full with this Colts team and he better put up 30+ or they are going down.
  9. GoatBeard

    You have to love Big Q

    By far the most ridiculous thing Ive ever read on here. You want him to let his man go, instead of driving him into the ground? The kid just made first team all pro and hes getting pointers from Doug Dew lol
  10. GoatBeard

    Kansas City Weather Forecast

    I agree. We can send them packing once and for all. We are a much better team than them since about Week 6. I am wondering when these Colts fans gonna realize this team is a serious problem for everybody, right now? We have been the best team in football since Week 6, no joke. We tout a great young QB & OL, plus a very stingy defense. And our coaching has been excellent. We just havent played one of the top 2-3 teams to make that statement on the big stage yet. And next week is our chance. If we win this one, everyone is jumping on board. KC is very nervous about this game. Andy Reid already knows how good Luck is. And, Mahommes has thrown picks in every big game he has had this year, which they cant afford in this game at all. And our defense is playing really good football and has a knack for making big plays. We are at least gonna make them one dimensional and they have no chance to stop us, on the ground or thru the air. if we take care of the football, we should score a lot of points.
  11. GoatBeard

    Darius Leonard

    Sometimes you have to give credit to the other guy. Not one of his best games does not equal a bad game.
  12. GoatBeard

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    If they f with this line I might lose my stuff lol Glowinski is fine with me.
  13. GoatBeard

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    Idk man, I dont totally agree with your list......but it still isnt a lot to me. I basically want a good #1 receiver with size on offense, and possibly a replacement for Ebron, depending on whether or not he has truly gelled in the locker room. On defense I want a true #1 pass rusher (deprh os fine with me), a replacement for Geathers and a good zone corner. We are seeing this year what kind of impact top level guys can make. Anthont Walker looks a whole lot better playing next to Leonard. Castonzo looks much better next to Nelson, etc. I feel like you add 2-3 more elite players to this team and the entire league is gonna be very afraid.
  14. GoatBeard

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    Could you imagine this team with Khalil Mack on it right now? We are probably the scariest team in the playoffs with a very average pass rush, Mack would take us to elite. I dont think we have considerable roster building to do at all. I think we are a piece or two away, at most and if that. I think we have a legitimate shot this year, without Mack.
  15. GoatBeard

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    He isn't gonna say that beforehand and destroy his leverage. And you cant take him for his word regardless.