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  1. No, I didnt say any of that. I said that Andrew Luck is well taken care of, and he would be the first one to tell you that. Because he is not one of those guys. But he is a great example of what I'm talking about. He is unusually capable of living a great life outside of football, highly educated and well raised. Football has been very rough on his health. But he still plays. Why? Because he already has the greatest job on earth.
  2. I'm an electrician who works on 480v machinery all day. It's honestly one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It's more dangerous than being a police officer for example. Getting hit with 480v will either turn you into a super hero, maim you or kill you. I am fully aware of this. I do it because I cant make 80 dollars an hour doing anything else. The difference is I dont get to stay home when I want to * and moan about the money I make or the fact I dont like my gloves. I get fired for stuff like that. And nobody would feel sorry for me. Maybe you idolize these guys too much? Maybe you've lost sight of how blessed they are?
  3. No they dont get "driven into the ground". They sign a contract to do something they used to do for free. Nobody forced them to do anything. They drive themselves into the ground because they couldn't make a fraction of what they make doing anything else. They also make money outside of football, due to the teams they play for marketing them and helping them brand themselves, and the teams dont even get a cut of that. Boo hoo
  4. Actually your position is inherently socialist. Jim Irsay OWNS THE TEAM. In a capitalist country, he deserves to make more money than his employees. The fact that the split is so slim just shows how generous NFL owners are to the players and that is reflected in their lifestyles. Labor unions are a socialist labor structure. I am a member of a union myself. We control our work environment thru the means of production and the threat of complete shut down. That's how unions created their leverage. By taking the "means of production" from the owners. The results of those negotiations were achieved by socialist means. You clearly dont even understand capitalism or socialism, so save me the speech.
  5. No I dont watch for the ownership, I watch BECAUSE of the ownership. And yes, I understand the difference, do you? Jim Irsay has owned the team in Indianapolis for a long time now, and he has done far more good here than any player we have ever had, including Peyton Manning. He is a permanent resident, and I want him reaping the benefits of the Indianapolis Colts because it benefits our city, not some player who'll move to California after hes done playing and doesnt give a crap about the city where I live. That's just common sense. So yes, I think he deserves what he makes.
  6. I dont understand why anyone would want their team to give out more money to players already making a lot of money. It just makes it more expensive to be a fan and amplifies the personnel mistakes they make, making them harder to recover from, which also dilutes to overly expensive product you're consuming. It benefits the fans in no way to stick up for these players on money issues. They already make enough money for gods sake. I could understand if this was gladiator days and they were fighting for their freedom, but taking one look at these players social media accounts should let you know they live pretty magnificent lives as is. You want them to have it even better? Why?
  7. Why do the Seahawks have to give Earl Thomas a contract extension? Do they not have a right to decide it's time to move on? I dont have a problem with either side.....what I have a problem with is you completely exaggerating his plight. Earl Thomas was already made incredibly wealthy by the Seattle Seahawks, and he was already rewarded, very handsomely, for what he has done. The contract extension is given based off what hes gonna do in the future, not the past. And hes an aging player who's future isn't as bright as his past. His injury just proves the Seahawks to be smart in how they hand out these extensions. He got hurt and they paid him a lot of money last year to not produce anything for them, and now you want them to give him even more money? It's just not smart business to hand out lucrative contract extensions based off 4 years ago. They got out at the right time, and Thomas still got a descent deal from the Ravens. There are no victims here.
  8. Show up and ball out. That's always the best way. If Leveon showed up last year and had another year of his typical production, he likely isn't taking less this year. But his year off gave bargaining power to every team in the league. He sat out and surrounded himself with questions regarding his ability to be the same guy, and stay healthy.
  9. I understand it too, but it's just not smart accounting. Leveon Bell cost himself money, no matter how you look at it. He saved himself a year of wear and tear, but at the end of the day, he missed out on 14 million dollars last year and lost a year of his prime. He will likely not play an extra year because of it, and even if he did, he wont make as much money or produce more stats than he would have last year, when hes smack dab in the middle of his athletic prime. He gave up one of his best years, all so he could likely get a few more years on the back end, where he isn't going to make nearly as much money for taking the exact same risks, which will actually be enhanced by his advanced age. It was just a dumb move and it's not helping Zekes cause right now, but he should absolutely learn from it. I understand his thinking, but if he doesnt show up for week one, hes foolish. Melvin Gordon too. Sometimes you have to appreciate that someone is gonna pay you a ridiculous amount of money to play football, swallow you're pride and realize you're only worth what you can get.
  10. Because I dont see how what AB does or Zeke getting suspended fires people up, I feel it does the exact opposite. How can you get fired up worrying about one of your beat players and whether or not they are happy all the time? It wouldn't fire me up, I know that.
  11. Yes, but we never had to wonder whether or not any of those guys would show up to practice, or on Sunday. And I'm not saying what Mathis did didnt hurt us, it absolutely did. But he gets the benefit of the doubt, only because his character isn't questionable in any way. Hes a great great guy. Manning and Harrison never got into any real trouble. So I dont think that is an equal comparison. None of those guys are anything like the guys we are discussing, other than being great at football.
  12. Totally. There is a difference between acknowledging someone is really good at what they do and understanding the importance of reliability and character. Character is doing things you dont want to do, because you understand other people depend on you. But in the modern world it has become "were you within your rights?". Reliability is really all there is. We need to get back to having respect for things outside our personal world. We are way too selfish as a society and it is showing up everywhere you look.
  13. This is exactly how I feel about it. And I think there's a major disconnect between fans and the people who have to deal with these guys on the day to day. I would equate having one of these guys to employing a drug addict who might or might not get out of bed and come to work tomorrow. It's just not worth it because they always let you down when things get most stressful for you, which compounds the problems they cause. They just aren't equipped to handle it.
  14. Why couldnt he, besides maybe health problems? He should only get better, hes young, humble and by all accounts works hard at his craft. I dont see why not. And this is puzzling because I personally think Zeke will have a much harder time continuing to produce at a high level, given his workload in college and in Dallas, than Marlon Mack will have improving going into his 3rd season, with a much lighter workload up until this point in his career vs. Zeke.
  15. Idk, but I wouldn't pay 10+. You can get a good pass rusher like Denico Autry for that. You can get a great TE for that. You can get a very good corner for that.
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