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  1. And we are 1 game away from that being a true statement East. If we hold San Fransisco below their average, it will be. We held the Titans and Rams below thier average. Those are top 10 offenses. We exceeded expectations, even in a losing effort. My point in making that post was just to show how quickly things change statistically, especially early in the year. And how fine the line is between slightly below average, average and good. Its a minute difference sometimes.
  2. I didnt say it was acceptable. I am saying it happens to every team now from time to time.
  3. Well thats usually how schedules work East. No team plays moatly top tier offenses. There arent enough of them to make that possible. Buffalo is number 1 and they have also played Miami and Houston, they shut out both teams heavily skewing their ranking. But they havent played as many top 10 offenses as us. They played 1 tonight and gave up a lot of points. These things even out over time. At the end of the day what matters most is points allowed. I never said we were great, just that nobody really is anymore. Buffalo was in 1st by a lot and looked pretty bad tonight getting gashed on the ground all night long. And we might not be as bad as people are making us out to be. Most of our woes would be cured with a better pass rush.
  4. In my opinion, the only defensive stats that truly matter are turnovers, sacks and PPG. With that in mind, I wanted to point out that despite the lack of consistent pass rush, injuries to the secondary and playing 3 top 10 offenses in our first 6 games, this single good performance brought us all the way up to 11th in points allowed on defense. We are only a mere 1.6 PPG from being as high #6, and they are a mere 2.6 PPG from being even higher at number 2. We are 4th in takeaways and differential. We are in like a multiway tie at 19th in sacks. Sometimes I think people dont realize this is just the new NFL. The 2nd best defense in the league is allowing 18+ points allowed per game. Teams are spreading you out and attacking thru the air now, and the league also took away the ability to be physical, so defenses are at a severe disadvantage. If the Colts pass rush can improve as the season goes on, and if our secondary can stay reasonably healthy, we could have a very good defense, by NFL standards.
  5. People who think someone is "brittle" because they get hurt playing football, are truly clueless and have no idea how dangerous playing football is. Dude you would probably get hurt warming up!
  6. For me, this is what envision this defense to ultimately be. I want sacks and turnovers. I dont care so much about PPG or YPG. Of course I dont want to give up a ton of points. But I feel like thats the state of affairs in the NFL these days. The rules are clearly set up to favor offense and its kind of tough to shut teams down anymore. But if you can score points on offense, as well as generate turovers and pressure the QB on defense.....then you can beat anybody on any given Sunday.
  7. Im always amazed at how they can get things right with the naked eye, and turn around and use replay to screw it up. That wasnt really what they had in mind when they brought replay back. And it happens constantly.
  8. I love the attitude he plays with. He was putting in that effort AFTER he already had the first down, up 21 points in the 4th. We need more guys with that attitude. I think we got a pretty nice core on offense with Wentz, Taylor and Pittman. Hopefully TY is ok because he looked like he has great chemistry with Wentz, who is much more his type of QB. That could be a great combo, and with Parris still unable to get over the injury bug, that could be very important down the stretch.
  9. Stats are best used to support an opinion rooted in experience, education or preferrably both. But too many people use them to form an opinion altogether, and thats too lazy. Thats all Im saying. And that not directed at you. It was directed mostly at Wilson, who was trying to diminish what Carson has done so far, probably because of a previous take he threw out there criticizing the addition of Carson. And I think people always get annoyed at that kind of coverage in sports, because its rampant nowadays. People are just dying to throw an opinion out there before they could possibly have enough info to form that opinion and tend to double down and defend that opinion for awhile, before they will admit it was just wrong. In regards to your last paragraph, I think thats a fine perspective, one that I happen to share. Im not criticizing you in anyway. Your post just made me feel like it was an opportunity to offer my perspective on what he posted. I just dont see how anyone could watch the games we have played and not think hes been one of the few brightspots. You can play very well and be statistically average. The rankings arent meant to be seen as a ranking. And I think thats how he views the list.
  10. Well here is the problem with rankings...... Everyone doesnt face the same obstacles or opponents. And different people are asked to do different things. So just taking his numbers and comparing them to everyone around the league and just making a claim like "hes been average" is just lazy and has no context. Carson has played a tough schedule, injured, with little practice time, and also has been held back a little by his coach, who didnt take the reigns off until last week. And his team has had some injury problems as well. Look Carson isnt in the MVP conversation or anything, but I think what hes done so far has been very very impressive. He has answered a lot of the questions people had about him despite all of this adversity. And last week he showed he can still be a weapon at QB. He has really been great at balancing being aggressive while still protecting the ball. And its not like hes been sitting back in the pocket with all the time in the world and throwing short passes all game. Hes been under constant pressure, playing hurt, and from behind on the scoreboard. Those are usually factors that fuel turnovers.
  11. Considering all the injuries, I agree. Easily the best game theyve played so far. I thought Fisher played pretty well, which was encouraging. Yeah he gave up that sack, but if that guy wasnt offsides nobody was stopping that sack unless its with a TE there to help them with a chip.
  12. Honestly IDK. We are running the ball well while hes been in there, but I havent went back and watched tape or anything. I would assume hes doing a nice job at whatever it is they are asking him to do.
  13. I seen an interview with Anthony Castonzo where he said Q was frequently working on his kick slide and asking him to critique his technique. He said he would do whatever the team asked him to do was what I remember, but i am pretty sure he would want to at least give it a shot. Hed make more money there.
  14. I dont necessarily disagree with you. But I will tell you what I think is the real reason they wont move him to LT, and might be more willing to pay him market value as a G instead. Qs greatest ability is his ability to pull. He is a fantastic pass blocker as well. And he is plenty athletic enough to play LT, thats where I disagree with so many people who dont want to see him play there. He is our most athletic OL. His short shuttle and 3 cone were the fastest on our line. Thats why he is so good pulling in the first place, because he has great feet and natural athleticism, and tremendous size to go along with all that. And when you move him to LT, you lose most of that. I think he would still be a fantastic pass blocker and a great run blocker at LT. But you lose the weapon that you have when he comes around the edge on an outside run play. That being said I think they move him before they let him walk.
  15. Yeah, and for me I always favored the 3-4 for that reason. I just liked the versatility of it with the OLBs vs thenfront 4 that just rushed every single play. It seemed much easier to get exotic and all my favorite defenses typically used it (NE, BALTIMORE, PITT). I know Manning always struggled with the 3-4. But then we adopted it and I realized how hard it was to find guys that fit that defense and why more teams dont do it. Man corners are harder to find. A single high safety is harder to find. Edge guys are naturally hard to find, and you absolutely need 2 of them that can rush in that defense. That big NT is harder to find. And then you have to compete with teams like Baltimore and Pitt who have been running that defense for so long that they just have become masterful at identifying those guys, and there is such a limited supply.
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