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  1. GoatBeard

    The final 6 games

    I find it funny people are so scared of Houston. They almost got beat by Colt McCoy down the stretch today. We could have had a tie the first meeting, and we didnt play well. I think we win the rest of our games and take the South.
  2. GoatBeard

    Rookie Rankings After 9 Weeks

    I agree, that line was built specifically for Manning. Pass protection was the primary goal. Defenses put all their resources into stopping Manning and the run game was hit and miss after we lost Edge. The primary goal of this line is to run for 5+ yards on first down, and to wear teams out with physical run blocking. Castonzo, Nelson and Kelly are a very formidable trio on the left side, and the defense has thier hands full with them. Nelson is already one of the top lineman in football, I'll go ahead and be the first to say it, because Im pretty sure everyone is gonna be saying it real soon anyways. And he is probably the biggest difference between those two lines. That first line didnt have a presence like Quenton Nelson, or Ryan Kelly for that matter. He is the most overlooked guy in the group, and is as good as anybody at his position as well. They are both incredible athletes for their size and can pull as well as anybody at thier position. I dont want to sound like I'm knocking those guys at all, they were very good at what they did as well. But this line is just built different.
  3. GoatBeard

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    I think what he is saying is pure speculation. Saying you are gonna build thru the draft doesnt mean every addition is gonna be thru the draft or a young player. Regardless of what the big picture is, the team has games coming up and looking at the schedule, every single one is a winnable game for us. We can win now and in the future. Why would you wait to upgrade the receiver position? That makes zero sense.
  4. GoatBeard

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    I just flat out disagree with that line of thinking.
  5. GoatBeard

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    I disagree, it absolutely better be our mindset. We are absolutely trying to win every week. We have a great QB in his prime, we should always be on the hunt. I would actually like it if they brought in Thomas, not because I think he will be the guy he was with Manning, more because he is an upgrade to a very weak position group and a solid veteran. He is actually playing pretty good this year, and if you put him with Luck, Hilton, Doyle and Ebron, he will get a ton of single coverage. He actually had 80+ catches last year, and is on pace for similar numbers with more TDs. And he doesnt have Andrew Luck throwing him the ball. He would be a really good fit on that left side as a blocker with Doyle, Castonzo, Nelson and Kelly. A 6'3" 225lb receiver added to that group would mean trouble for opposing defenses. We want to be a power running team, well he fits that. We are very, very young. It doesn't hurt to have veterans who work hard and can teach young players. He is not dead. Remember Reggie Wayne? He was productive well into his 30's. Remember Larry Fitz? There are a million examples of receivers playing well into their 30's. If he could give us 3 good years, it would provide a great bridge and allow us to groom someone behind him.
  6. He might want a trade actually, he is reportedly very upset about Snacks getting dealt.
  7. How about Brissett for Landon Collins?
  8. GoatBeard


    Turay has been impressive and I think he is gonna be a cornerstone for us down the road.
  9. GoatBeard

    You're the GM

    No, except the lack of evidence to suggest otherwise. I have zero doubt that Chris Ballard wanted to make Andrew Norwell an offer. For all I know, he did. For all I know, he offered him more. I have no clue, other than we obviously had some interest and pursued him. All Im really trying to say is that we dont know why Andrew Norwell made the decision he ultimately made. As NCF mentioned before, state tax could've factored in. Weather could have been a consideration. Maybe he is a big Jameis Winston fan and thought the Bucs were just a better opportunity to win. His wife, if he even has one, might have played a part. I havent the slightest idea. I just dont see any reason to feel like we didnt offer enough money. Irsay isnt a cheap owner. And even if Ballard didnt want to pay Norwell top dollar, that doesnt mean he was outbid necessarily. Maybe he would rather get Nelson for cheap and save that money for something else. He got paid tackle money i believe, so that is a possibility as well. Idk, its nothing personal, just my opinion.
  10. GoatBeard

    You're the GM

    My original post wasnt even directed at you. And you never posted anything that refuted what i said about Norwell. I dont have to try and read by the lines. You can if you want.
  11. GoatBeard

    You're the GM

    No youre right they dont. There are many factors that play into it. Which is why its unfair to assume we were outbid in an attempt to paint Chris Ballard as cheap.
  12. GoatBeard

    You're the GM

    When did I say they didnt show interest? I never said that. i also didnt say you couldnt trust it, but you certainly cant embellish what is reported to fit your idea of what happened. I just said was they werent "outbid". Why is this a problem for people? Or maybe, we decided not to make him an offer? Maybe he was more expensive than we thought? You can assume we were outbid if you want. But assumptions dont equal truth.
  13. GoatBeard

    You're the GM

    I wasnt talking about Jensen. I was referring to the comment that we were "outbid" for Andrew Norwell. And, we might have been, but there just isnt any proof thats the case.
  14. GoatBeard

    Raiders wanting to trade Cooper? [Merge]

    I understand Cooper hasnt played well this year, but that just makes me think its the perfect time to bring him in and get him refocused with a great locker room, a franchise QB and a really good scheme for his talents. He just fits the more I think about it. Andrew Luck Amari Cooper TY Hilton Jack Doyle Eric Ebron The only guy who hasnt made the Pro Bowl is Ebron, who is certainly on his way this year if he keeps catching TDs at this pace. Hell yeah Id give them a 2nd round pick. Luck isnt getting any younger, lets get him here and start building chemistry.
  15. GoatBeard

    2 Colts among PFF's top graded rookie OL

    I think every GM could say that. But when we took Hooker, I totally understood the pick, and I think Hooker is really good. Same with Nelson. It wasnt like he reached for either guy. I felt like in both cases, he took the guy he thought had the highest ceiling at a position of need. And I think both of those guys are gonna be multiple all pro type of players. That makes them great picks because thats exactly what you are looking for. Another part of it is character. If Hooker comes in and you think he is a great young man and would like to have him in the locker room....... Why would you choose another guy, who might not be as impressive as a person, because he plays a position deemed more important by an algorithm? These are the things GMs make decisions on, while fans look solely at stats and rankings done by people who dont have to worry about that.