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  1. All the Colts can do is keep winning. After that, whatever happens, happens. No matter what, this season has been a lot more fun for a lot longer than the last few.
  2. Not to belittle Ric Flair at all, but getting back to the subject... Frank has done an amazing job getting this team rowing all in one direction. Things seem to have improved immensely for the last 2/3 of the season. Lots of credit goes to our GM, also. Regarding the beard, I love it! Having had one for 39 years myself certainly doesn't cloud my judgment.
  3. I don't buy it. The Colts have a storied history of NOT bringing in players with "baggage." Bell has had contract issues seemingly every year. How many times has he been suspended? I just don't see the Colts going after a guy like that, no matter how talented. The Colts have enough off field problems that have nothing to do with the players.
  4. The film session must have been priceless.
  5. Great find. I love me some Pat McAfee. When they had the Holliday hit at #2, I couldn't believe it. Then I saw #1.
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