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  1. Manning won 1 Superbowl because of a good defense, and Brady won 3 because of one. The better team won tonight and Manning was on the winning team this time. So what? Boomer is a weiner who didn't win anything. Two weeks ago the better team won as well. The Broncos scored more points than the Patriots,didn't they?
  2. Exactly, now he has the ring. I always like to direct people's attention to Jim Plunkett. Plunkett put it together when he had to. Like Von said, the award he got was the result of the work of everyone on the team. Is there an award for the best trap-block? No, but does it win championships . . . absolutely.
  3. It was hard to stomach watching all of the panther players dance around with towels on their heads when the teams they played against in the playoffs fell apart. Tonight, they got their behinds handed to them on a platter by the better team. It might be a tough pill to swallow, and I'm sure Cam and the panthers will be back, but professional athletes get paid millions. Acknowledge the better team and be gracious in defeat.
  4. Even a guy named Brock isn't that stupid. He'll stay with the team even though he got a raw deal this year.
  5. When Manning was released he couldn't even throw a football. Why would he resent being released? Besides, there was no team left at that point.
  6. Someone just forgot the decimal point. He's worth closer to 2.5 until he actually does something as an NFL quarterback.
  7. TO GET sOMe sleep. Maybe nkext week. this week we weren't ready or the girl guides.
  8. Chico would say, looking good, but this is loooooking baaaad.
  9. Maybe next week. luckily I can go to work tomorrow hung over.
  10. That's right, Mr. T. It's going to be painful to watch Pittsburgh's receivers run up and down the field on our secondary.
  11. We could use some depth at wide receiver.
  12. Very early to get the beer on ice.
  13. Now that's a uniform that would look great on radio.
  14. 9 if we win that playoff game.
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