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  1. Why should anyone in Indy mind if Peyton signs with the Texans or the Titans. Let's face it, we are rebuilding and there is no chance of another SB run for at least three years. By then, Peyton will be retiring. If one of those teams gives him the chance to win another ring, I say good for him. At the end of the day, he was cut by Irsay so that he could continue his career somewhere else that has a chance to win it all. That may well be Houston, but I'm hoping for Denver.
  2. I have been a Colts fan since they were in Baltimore and Johnny U was the QB. I have had the great pleasure of watching two of the greatest quaterbacks of all time and now both of them will have ended their careers somewhere else. What a shame. I will not decide tonight whether to remain a Colts fan or not, but I quarantee I will support Peyton wherever he goes. If I decide that he was unjustly pushed out, then that will be the end of my support, but I intend to wait until I have all of the info I need to make that decision. In any case, thank you Peyton for giving me the priviledge of watchin
  3. The bottom line is Irsay does not plan to pay the 28M. He will tell Peyton that he will resign him if he will accept a new, more performance based contract since no one knows what his performance will be like. This story was released to make Peyton fans believe that he has been less than honest with everyone concerning his health. The truth is whatever this "fourth proceduere" was, it has nothing to do with his current status. Peyton will play football in 2012, and I fear it will not be in Indy.
  4. I just believe nobody, including Peyton; knows at this point what the final outcome will be. If Peyton is healthy enough to play, he will play somewhere. If he leaves the Colts simply becuase we want to rebuild, that would be foolish beyond belief. If the FO finds a way to get real value for him and feel that rebuilding without him is best, then so be it. As for me, I hope he plays for 3-4 more years and retires a Colt.
  5. I was a Colts fan back when Johnny U was playing. I have always pulled for the Colts no matter what. If Peyton leaves (and I seriously hope that never happens), I will remain a loyal Colts fan. I will wish the best for Peyton and pull for him wherever he goes, but I can't root against the shoes even for him.
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