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    i like watching sports. colts and pacer. oil paintings of nature. make animals out of clay (ceramics) playing basketball, going to pacers and colts games. watching tv shows. watching movies.

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    <p>I am a big colts and pacers fan.  I  like  doing  oil paintings of nature.  I also like to making birds and other animals out of clay. Also like making flower pots out of clay too.  I also like playing basketball and going to  pacers and colts games.   </p>

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  1. Hi I am new on here. Im a big colts fan. I think the colts can win. I also think we have to run the ball more and stick to running game and than pass the football. Mix it up running passing the ball. And also don't let drew breeze have all day to make plays. also no fake trick punts like last week that didn't work out.
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