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  1. 23 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    That play by Mahomes was sick. He kept that alive for so long. Not much you can do to defend that.

    There were three defenders in the area of his target, lol


    Yes it was a sick throw but it should've been intercepted or batted away at the least.

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  2. I liked him a lot coming out of all college but it seem like he's always giving up plays...the TD from Mahomes was in his direction and he literally got caught guarding nobody like a Madden corner

  3. 9 hours ago, a06cc said:

    No we aren’t coward 


    lol I don't see any reason to attack me



    we are down our ballhawk in Hooker and the '18 All Pro and DROY in Leonard, meaning Mahomes can do exactly what he did in the playoffs. Maybe Brissett and the offense can keep up but I don't see it. Chances are, we are going to get destroyed. It's not that end of the world.

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  4. 3 hours ago, MPStack said:



    After today’s loss, I can clearly see how much Luck’s retirement has set this team back. Brissett is nowhere near Luck’s play making abilities. Luck had the ability to put the team on his back and win games like yesterday.  I never expected that from Brissett.


    Anyone who had high or higher expectations this season after losing Luck, set themselves up for disappointment IMO.


    For the most part, I think Ballard has done a good job and can’t blame him for Luck’s retirement.


    However, I really hope the Turay’s, Rock-Sin, Banogu, Lewis and Wilson at some point develop. That’s five 2nd Rd picks on a defense that needs playmakers. If those guys don’t become solid contributors it’s on Ballard. 








    I disagree about Brissett. He’s shown flashes, he’s escaped a few sacks and ran for some first downs already. He also has only had one boneheaded INT so far. As great as Luck was, he was good for a couple wth throws a game. 

    Its ok to react after a game. But I think a lot of people here need to remember that’s all it is. At 2-2 we fought for every game, even without TY/Hooker/Leonard and that says something. We just need to hope that our guys get healthy sooner than later and ride the rest of the season out.

  5. 1 hour ago, UKColt13 said:

    The effort he showed on the Tyrell Williams touchdown was worthy of a benching in itself. Childish football.



    When Derek Carr threw that pass it looked like it was either going out of bounds, an INT waiting to happen or at the very least an in-completion. Of course Tyrell caught it and Quincy did nothing but flail around like a wacky flailing tube man... 

  6. On 9/16/2019 at 11:12 PM, Moosejawcolt said:

    Dont always go by the stats.  Watch the tape.  His position in this D will always have tons of tackles.  Whats alarming is his poor performances in pass coverage.  U can go back to the KC game and it is some what alarming how he seems to regressed.   I chalk it up to playing better offensive teams and he is getting exposed.  I look forward to Speed and Okerke getting a chance

    The KC game was more of a lack of good safeties. Hooker was out and we started a player off the street...we are going to get exposed without him.

  7. Our line backers are going to be iffy this week. I don’t see them playing as well without Leonard.


    Kinda shocked that some of you are downplaying his value to this defense but then again some of you don’t understand football forreal...smh

  8. On 9/17/2019 at 7:58 PM, Moosejawcolt said:

    U over valuing Leonard's value to the  D at this time.   I wouldnt b surprised if one of the rookies plays and they come out looking better. 

    Leonard made the All-Pro team as a rookie. It sounds like you’re undervaluing him.

  9. Like someone else said, the Falcons are very capable of putting up points. Even tho Ryan has been underwhelming he is still a former MVP. Hopefully Darius Leonard plays next week, or else it will be a long day for us on defense. Reich is going to have to gamplan the offense to run the ball and control clock.


    Brissett should be able to hold his own on offense, we just need him to manage the game and make a few smart decisions.

  10. 3 hours ago, GoatBeard said:

    Is it? After the first drive, was he even targeted?


    Mo is probably getting more snaps than him right now. Jack is too. He is our 3rd TE despite all his ability.


    He has 4 catches for like 35 yards. Yes he hurdled a guy. He also dropped an easy TD. He is on pace to have less than 300 yards so far, this year. Last year, is last year.


    And none of us really know if he clashes with the locker room or not.



    I don’t know why you would think Cox got more snap counts than Ebron but that is false. The only person who thinks he is the 3rd TE is you.

  11. On 9/14/2019 at 2:16 PM, GoatBeard said:


    I think his numbers could go way, way down. Like to the point where he is a big disappointment and reverts to the unfocused, overly emotional player he was in Detroit, and is looking for a new home next year. I'm not sure hes found a home yet. He jokingly made a comment a few weeks back that he thinks him and Jack were both just buying the Colts time until Mo Alie Cox get a little more experience. But I sensed a little jealousy and insincerity in his tone. Just a feeling I have with him.


    I always felt Lions fans were more than justified in their disappointment of his play. I dont feel like he got a bad rap necessarily. He consistently let them down in big moments, and he is too talented to do that. And we have seen a little of that here as well. Hes just made more plays than he did there, and that's cures all ills.


    Is that because he has improved? Or was it more due to the presence of Andrew Luck? 


    And this year, he has a new set of challenges beyond losing his best friend.


    1. He wont get as many opportunities because of his poor blocking. Alie Cox is someone the Colts see as a long term solution at the TE position and is absolutely ascending, perhaps already surpassing Ebron. I believe they see him as having the potential to be a top TE in the league. And Jack Doyle is just solid and is such a good blocker its gonna be tough for Ebron to get any snaps on early downs.


    2. There are just more weapons now, even with the loss of Funchess, and outside of the talented TE group. You got two young receivers in Cain and Campbell, who both have a lot to offer. And then you have two young RBs, both looking to increase their roles in Mack and Hines. It becomes a snap count issue. If we go more 4 receiver sets, it really puts a dent in TE snaps. I could see a lot of 3rd and long sets with Mack in the backfield, Hilton, Cain, Campbell and Hines as receivers, which is a lot of speed on the field. So, where does he fit in now?


    3. Hes a bit of a DIVA. I am 100% anti DIVA. I think they rarely pay off to the point where they are worth it, and I dont think you need them. We have a great group of young guys, from a character standpoint. And humble guys usually dont like DIVAs. That's why they must produce, or they almost always become a locker room problem. If there's no pay off, it usually becomes an issue. It doesnt make him a bad guy, but I think some of the comraderie you see is because he has produced so far. What happens if he has a disappointing year? Is referring to himself in the third person as cute? No.


    This is such a ridiculous post, lol


    Allie Cox is nowhere near the receiving threat the Ebron is. Dude hurdled someone in the open field today...dude is a top option in this offense only after Hilton. He may have a bit of an outspoken personality but that has not clashed with the locker room nor his on field performance so it's a very irrelevant point. 



    Anyways, I'd have to go with Geathers. He makes too many mistakes and is injury prone.

  12. Willis was balling when he was out there. The hit on Mariota and the tackle on Henry stood out to me. Hopefully he can build on this performance and perform like this consistently.

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