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  1. Hoyer is garbage.



    Yes he made some vet throws, but that pick six was really really bad. I wouldn't trust Hoyer in a big time game, I doubt anyone who has watched Hoyer play throughout his career would. With that being said, he should be okay against the Dolphins. He may struggle against everyone else. 

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  2. On 10/29/2019 at 11:05 AM, colt18 said:

    We should win this game by at least two touchdowns. This Steelers team isn’t good and Mason Rudolph is trash. 

    If we can’t beat this teams * then I think we may struggle when we inevitable play a big good team.

    And this is exactly what I feared. We couldn’t even beat this trash Steelers team. If we make the playoffs, I don’t see us going far.

  3. 1 hour ago, Colts1324 said:

    The Jaguars actually scare me worse than the Texans. 

    It the Jags win, and we lose. They are right at the top of the division with us... as we haven't even played them yet. Not sure who to root for lol 

    Ehhh the Jags don’t have Ramsey anymore so I’m not worried about them. The Texans have a generational talent at QB but the rest of the team is meh...


    the only team in the way of the Colts winning the division is themselves imo

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  4. 3 minutes ago, chad72 said:


    Because Ballard does not believe in giving up draft picks. After a while, he will realize you have to give up some to get something valuable. 

    True. We do have weapons in Ebron, Campbell, Cain, Hines and Pascal. I just think we needed an extra WR because none of them are exactly lighting the league up...and now Hilton is hurt. Either they step their game up or Ballard makes himself look foolish for once.

  5. 29 minutes ago, Myles said:

    So you meant - When we play yet another good team?

    Makes sense I guess.    I think this team will struggle in most games this season.   Every game has been close so far and I think that will continue.   

    Uh yes...that happens to be exactly what I said in the quote...

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  6. Just now, Myles said:

    Ok if you say so.   I took your phrase of " I think we may struggle when we inevitable play a big good team" as meaning we haven't yet.  We may have struggled against the Chiefs, but we went into Arrowhead and beat them.  I'm sure we would also struggle if we went to Foxboro and beat the Pats.   

    I don't know why you would assume something I didn't say.

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  7. Just now, Myles said:

    We had to go to overtime against the Chargers because AV couldn't hit the side of a barn.   


    I was just challenging your thought that we can't beat a good team.   The Chiefs were a good team.  The Texans were a good team.   These Colts can beat good teams.   Unfortunately they can lose to bad teams too.  

    Except I never said that we can't beat a good team. I said we may struggle against good teams. Which is funny because we struggled against the Chiefs...which begs the question what are you even arguing? 



  8. 4 minutes ago, Myles said:

    The Colts were also not 100% for that game.   

    Mahomlmes was hurt because our line was pushing their line around.   

    So the Pats and 49rs are the only good teams.   I guess if you have to be undefeated to be good, you are correct.   

    And when we were 100% healthy we lost to the Chargers, who aren’t good.


    Who did the Chiefs lose to when they were 100% healthy?

  9. 1 minute ago, Myles said:

    Maholmes, the reigning MVP, didn't get hurt until the second half.   The Colts were winning at halftime.   He also got hurt because the Colts were getting to him and pushing their O-line around.   The Chiefs had already beaten the Jags, Raiders, Ravens and Lions.  That is a pretty good resume.   So I would say beating the Chiefs was beating a good team.   Beating the Texans was also beating a good team.


    The fact of the matter is that the Chiefs were not at 100% that game, regardless of them being a good team or not. Tyreek Hill did not play. Neither did Sammy Watkins. Mahomes got hurt because his own lineman stepped on his ankle.


    Beating the Chiefs is not the same as beating the Pats or 49ers. Matter of fact, I'm not even sure how well we would play against the Ravens with Lamar Jackson. If we can't stomp the bad, unhealthy teams, I'm not sure how far we will go against the better, healthier teams.

  10. 1 hour ago, Myles said:

    Like the Chiefs?   Oh wait.

    The Steelers are not as bad as their record.  Rudolf is also not trash.   He's a rookie who started 4 games and has thrown 9 TD's and only 3 INT's.  Completed 64% of his passes and has a 97.5 rating.   That is far from trash.   

    The Chiefs had a hobbled Mahomes (who was cooking us before his injury) and no Tyreek Hill. They also have a terrible defense that is incapable of stopping a nosebleed.


    The Steelers have lost to all the good teams they've played (SEA/SF/BAL) and beat all the bad teams (MIA/CIN). Rudolph himself has only played well against the bad teams, never once passing 200 yards against the good ones. He's not good. 

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  11. We should win this game by at least two touchdowns. This Steelers team isn’t good and Mason Rudolph is trash. 

    If we can’t beat this teams * then I think we may struggle when we inevitable play a big good team.

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  12. 2 hours ago, EastStreet said:


    TY has the least separation average out of the top 5 WRs/TEs on the team. TY (1.28), Doyle (1.54), Ebron (1.8), Rogers (2.15), Pascal (1.53). They don't list Hine's because he's a RB, but he's likely got the best separation on the team.


    JB is also 25th in AGGN%, meaning he's throwing it into tight coverage more than 24 other QBs. 


    TY is not slow, or bad, this just means he's doubled a lot. But he is definitely not the most open guy. Still, TY has more than double the targets compared to the next WR, and far more than any of the TEs. What this means is he forcing it a lot to TY, and probably because he's stuck on his first read. It's pretty obvious most of Reich's play calls are 1st read to TY, a TE, or a RB. The other WRs are getting open, they are just further down the progression.



    JB's TTT today was his worst of the year I believe (3.05), and was 2nd worst in the league today. This means he's holding on too long, and while the OL was not perfect, he had plenty of time on average. If I had all 22 I'd screenshot a few plays where he had plenty of time, had open guys up the seam, but attempted to check down or simply locked onto his first read.


    Where are you getting these numbers from?


    The fact that Hilton is doubled and other WRs still can’t get open proves my point...and until we get the all-22 footage I’m sticking to what the experts say.

  13. 20 minutes ago, Jdubu said:

    Read the whole reply of mine, don’t cherry pick a line that fits your argument. 

    I mean...just because you can’t refute what I’m saying doesn’t mean I’m cherry picking.


    Thats the reason he holds the ball. Our WRs besides TY don’t get much separation. When they do, the ball comes out. I’m not trying to be argumentative either, so please don’t take it the wrong way.

  14. 13 minutes ago, Jdubu said:

    Decisive? No, just no he isn’t. He is holding the ball too long. Decisive would be 123 throw or even 12345 steps and fire. He is just holding too long. 

    The oline wasn’t dominate today for sure but the Denver defense isn’t a slouch. The refs didn’t play well today and JB isn’t getting the ball out quick enough. I miss Manning and his decisiveness. 

    He either isn’t seeing open receivers, the defense is holding and not getting called (we sure were) the receivers aren’t running good routes or the coaching plans and adjustments aren’t good. Something isn’t right. 

    Do we? Not one person can get open but TY out of all the guys we’ve had in and out of the team? Is it the players or is it the schemes? I’m questioning some of these routes and play calls. Offense was out coached today by a DC we fired and is now a head coach. 

    Why would he throw the ball if no one is open? You want him to throw picks like against Oakland?

  15. Brissett keeps making % happen, week after week. He hasnt been perfect, but he’s been decisive, hard working and ballsy. This man has been leading this team to wins. I had my doubts but I think he’s the one for this team.

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