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    Pagano to Bears

    Yes, he has a history of poor coaching (most of his Indy tenure) and had a winning record due to Luck (which he basically admitted in the link). A good coach is does more than point the finger at himself, especially when he deserves the blame. Not going to continue arguing with you, I realize you're prepared to die on this hill for some reason.
  2. colt18

    Pagano to Bears

    I always forget that you won't ever back off supporting Pagano despite his history of poor coaching.
  3. I think the winner of this game goes to the SB. I know if we beat KC, I'm 100% in. We aren't even supposed to be here but if we beat KC, I'm not scared of either Chargers/Pats. Now I don't know about the NFC but we will cross that bridge if we get there.
  4. colt18

    Pagano to Bears

    You realize Pagano admitted that we won in spite of him right?
  5. I think he would be outright diabolical in an offense with Luck. LA and Dallas goofed on his utilization, expecting him to be a main player in the offense. His value lies in complementing other weapons, I think he would be very lethal next to Hilton, Doyle/Ebron, Mack. Our offense would be so deadly that I think it would make up for Bell not being a real option. e: DeSean Jackson, as well. good gawd could you imagine that offense?
  6. sheesh, that's terribad e: I really liked Jonathan Newsome, we should take another look at him.
  7. Mariota isn't that good at 100%, and Gabbert sucks. I'm not worried about either of them.
  8. I'm very excited for Collins. We're likely still early in the process of getting him game ready, but I think he can be a very solid piece to this team. Maybe he will even see some snaps if we make it to the divisional or further.
  9. I'm very comfortable in this game. If Mariota plays, I expect him our defense to rattle him. I think he's a fine young QB but we could handle him on his best day, and he won't be at his best only 1 week removed from a reoccurring injury. If Mariota doesn't play, the passing game is not a threat. Either way, their offense runs through Henry. I'm very encouraged based on the defensive performance on Saquon. Stop the run game, make them pass. Take advantage of mistakes. Our offense runs through Luck, and even without Kelly/Ebron I think Mack can feast. I feel good about this game.
  10. that's really wack that I got warned for my post, lol
  11. Big ups to Ballard. https://twitter.com/Colts/status/1071848144298786816/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1071848144298786816&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.colts.com%2Fnews%2Feric-ebron-breaks-dallas-clark-s-franchise-tight-end-touchdown-record Gronk set the record for TDs catches by a TE at 15. Ebron has a chance to at least match that.
  12. We got the W and that's all that matters.
  13. maybe the last game of the season, not likely tho our defense plays hard and fast, and that doesn't come with practice. it comes with perfect practice. Collins has physical talent, but his intangibles have to be conditioned.
  14. We need a WR but not in the first round. We have Hilton, Cain, Inman, Rogers and Fountain. I'm not a fan of Ryan Grant, don't know what Ballard saw in him. The upcoming FA class includes Tavon Austin (I would forever love Ballard for picking him up), Randall Cobb, and Tyrell Williams. Austin could play a very explosive role in Reich's offense at both WR and RB. I'm thinking Ballard makes some moves for FA WRs and drafts defense early in the draft, maybe take some offensive weaponry for himself later
  15. eh....I'm torn tbh. I do like the long term effect of going for it. It's going to build this team. I don't think many, if any at all, expected this team to go to the playoffs. Fighting for every inch and having this team play like an annual contender is a damn good precedent, I must say. I don't like the short term effect of going for it. We would've had entire control of the division if we beat them, but tying them wouldn't have hurt too much more. Since we've lost to them, they've been riding a hot streak. We need to win the rest of our divisional games, and they're all on the road. I think we can do it, but it'll be tough. I will say that beating the Bengals, Jets and Eagles earlier would have also helped us a lot. The team wasn't 100%, so I can't be too mad at us for losing to bad teams. If we were healthy we very easily could've been 9-1, with our only likely loss against the Pats. I still think a healthy Colts team led by Reich could've beaten the Pats too.
  16. Well we did it. We showed up on both sides of the ball. I like this team going forward.
  17. I don't see why anyone is panicking. Hooker was great last season, has been a bit hobbled this season. R-E-L-A-X
  18. I disagree on a few things in this post. Hunt hasn't balled out since the first quarter of the season, but he also hasn't been 100%. PFF has him ranked as an above average defensive lineman in the league. The defensive backs overall have been a bit disappointing, but I already said I didn't like the CB group. Malik Hooker hasn't had as big of an impact when it comes to picks, unlike last season, but he's still been around the ball making plays. He's an above average safety and graded out as 11th best according to PFF. Hooker also made the game winning fumble recovery against Jax. I really like Kenny Moore, he's usually in the right place at the right time, which is all you can ask of a DB. He forced the fumble against Jax and is also an above average CB according to PFF. You aren't giving enough credit to Pierre Desir, btw. PFF has him as the #18 CB in the league, much higher than Moore. I think you are expecting these corners to play lockdown defense like Richard Sherman or Jalen Ramsey, when they aren't those type of players at all. I don't expect them to shut WRs down, but I do expect them to be opportunistic and make plays. So far they have done that, and you have to remember that a weak pass rush only makes things harder for them. Yes, we need more production from our pass rush. However, I do like to see us pressuring the QB and knocking passes down. I see potential. Potential isn't enough for championships but it's more than enough for year 1 of a semi-rebuild.
  19. I think we have some very solid pieces. I like the LB corp. Maniac is a future All-Pro. Walker plays his role solidly. The other LBs are quality depth. Turay is flashing his talent. Lewis showed promise against Jax. Sheard has been solid like always. Hunt flat out balls. Jihad Ward going down really hurt, he was making the most of his snaps. The run defense has been strong, but I'm not liking the pass rush. It's been too inconsistent. I think we should target a player like Shane Ray in FA/draft. I love the potential of our safeties, don't like our luck. Hooker looks like a true ball hawk. Geathers/Mitchell are solid playmakers. I'm fine with this group at 100% (don't forget that Farley hit IR too). The problem is that they seem to be injury prone. We should target Landon Collins. We should've drafted him instead of Philip Dorsett. I don't really like our CB group. Kenny Moore balls but he's undersized. Pierre Desir has been adequate. I don't recall seeing Quincy Wilson on the field. I don't know the guy that gave up the long Moncrief TD, but he's not good. I think we would really do well to draft some talent at CB, although I do like the move for Jalen Collins.
  20. If we show up on offense and defense, I think we will win. I'm just not quite sure this team is up to the task. I was very impressed by the Jags win, however there were several blown coverages and the second half offense was ugly. I like the speed and effort on our defense but there's been a few boneheaded plays that make me reserve my judgement (like the Moncrief TD, checkdowns that turn into first downs, lack of pass rush). I think our team has the coaching and talent to beat the Titans, but maybe not the experience and chemistry (yet). Honestly, if we win and make a serious push for the playoffs, we are overachieving in year 1 of this makeover and I'm here for it.
  21. He sucks. I had high hopes for him, because he would've been the perfect compliment to Hilton. I really thought he was gonna be great after he caught 7 TDs during an injury plagued season, but he never capitalized on that. Lazy routes, low effort on routine plays, very inconsistent. He's Just Another Guy, perfect player for the Jags.
  22. It was a nice win. But it was against the Raiders. Now if we were healthy against the Pats, I certainly think that game is a lot different. But I haven't seen them healthy against a quality opponent yet. If we can keep this same energy against the rest of the division, I'll be impressed. I'm sold on Luck, but nothing else.
  23. I like the enthusiasm, but no. Not this season. I think the team is solid, but not good enough to put down the Chiefs/Pats/Steelers. Maybe on our best day, but I haven't seen enough of our team at 100%. I can tell you that our defense is not SB caliber, for sure.
  24. I could see the Colts making it in, but I don't see the point because we aren't going to seriously contend for a SB this year. I can see us going 9-7 or 10-6, depending how well the team gels together once Luck gets in rhythm. Unfortunately, that may not be enough to get us in.
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