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  1. Or....maybe I can actually make up my own opinion because I've been watching my favorite team for years? Yes, saying one thing and saying you mean another is backpedaling which is exactly what you are doing. That 09 team went to the SB because of Peyton, it absolutely would have been a % team without him. Peyton probably could have taken that '11 team to the SB, the team was % because the organization did not plan anything besides relying on Peyton. That's what makes the organization terrible. Saying the sky is green is not subjective, it is a fact that the sky is blue
  2. It's more than pathetic. We really decided to skip Landon Collins for Philip Dorsett and then took TJ * Green the very next draft.....smh
  3. Yes you did assume that I posted an article, your assumption was wrong. Backpedal much? I'm going to need you to quote where I said that the organization was terrible or a dumpster fire. You're creating an argument that was never made and I have no idea why. You were wrong to say that a HOF kicker makes a special teams unit HOF caliber, again you're backpedaling. at replacing a coach and having the same results. The Colts had the same coach from '09-'11 but Peyton didn't play in '11, guess which year was the worst? How can you tell me that the FO was succee
  4. First of all, you were incorrect when you assumed I posted an article. It's laughable that you think an opinion can be wrong btw, seeing how opinions are subjective. Secondly, you agree that the organization is inept. That's the entire point I was trying to make, I don't know why you're so defensive when we are actually agreeing. Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension. Third, a HOF kicker does not equal HOF special teams. You have the kickoff unit, the kick return unit, punt unit and punt return unit as well as field goal unit. You are incorrect if you th
  5. What article did I post? When did I say that the Colts were a dumpster fire? You have me mistaken. And okay, all of those HOF'ers yet we had a great offense and an underwhelming defense. How many HOF'ers did the Pats have when they made Peyton look like a rookie in the playoffs? Dungy is overrated, I don't know what HOF special teams you're talking about. You're argument makes no sense.
  6. We aren't SB contenders with a bottom 5 defense, no way
  7. Winning a SB does not automatically mean your team is well ran. There's a reason that the team was 2-11 without Peyton Manning.
  8. Also, I'm not sure why anyone is incapable of accepting the fact that the Colts are a terribly run organization. Yes, we had a lot of tremendous success during the era of Peyton Manning. No, that doesn't mean the organization was good, I'd lean towards mediocre. The team was built to win based on Peyton giving us the lead so the fast, undersized defense could pin their ears back and rush the passer. However, whenever the defense actually needed to make a stand we usually lost. Peyton pretty much covered a lot of the flaws with that 00's Colts team, that doesn't make the FO
  9. Yet my post makes more sense than anything Irsay/Grigson/Pagano have done since Luck was drafted.
  10. Or....maybe....it's because BB plays no games when it comes to his players doing their jobs. You would never see BB calling a broken trick play on 4th down just like you would never see the Pats draft something they don't need. The Colts FO is horrendous because Irsay thinks a star QB is all you need to win championships, meanwhile the Pats know that defense and special teams play a crucial part as well.
  11. I could not agree more. It makes me very angry that we drafted Dorsett over Collins, especially with Collins performing much better this season.
  12. I like Pagano, I really do. However, when you are a defensive minded coach and you've had an underwhelming defense for the entirety of your tenure....it's time to go. Irsay, quit messing around and get on with it.
  13. It was an extremely winnable game. Whoever made that call on 4th down cost us the game.
  14. We need to release Greg Toler. I still don't understand how you get turned around on a hail mary and allow a touchdown. He's very bad.
  15. I can't wait for this game. I'm starting Sam Bradford over Luck in fantasy, but I do hope that Luck can play more efficiently. If we lose this game, I really think Grigson needs to go. Although he made the promise to build an offensive line around Luck, we are still in the bottom 15 of the league in offensive line spending. How are we supposed to beat the best teams in the NFL with such a crappy line? Please don't repeat the Peyton Manning era all over again....we want multiple SB wins, not just one.
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