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  1. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a terrible QB, because he is.
  2. Hoyer is garbage. Yes he made some vet throws, but that pick six was really really bad. I wouldn't trust Hoyer in a big time game, I doubt anyone who has watched Hoyer play throughout his career would. With that being said, he should be okay against the Dolphins. He may struggle against everyone else.
  3. And this is exactly what I feared. We couldn’t even beat this trash Steelers team. If we make the playoffs, I don’t see us going far.
  4. Those refs were terrible. However. We still could’ve won had we made those XPs and that FG
  5. I can’t believe they called that unnecessary roughness these refs are BAD
  6. We are paying for the sins of the Irsays
  7. We really need our pass rush to get home. I’m not worried about the deep ball, but we have to defend the run and tackle the check downs.
  8. Ehhh the Jags don’t have Ramsey anymore so I’m not worried about them. The Texans have a generational talent at QB but the rest of the team is meh... the only team in the way of the Colts winning the division is themselves imo
  9. True. We do have weapons in Ebron, Campbell, Cain, Hines and Pascal. I just think we needed an extra WR because none of them are exactly lighting the league up...and now Hilton is hurt. Either they step their game up or Ballard makes himself look foolish for once.
  10. I don’t know why we didn’t trade for Emmanuel Sanders
  11. I still think we beat the Steelers without Hilton. They aren’t a good team without Ben.
  12. Let’s calm down guys. We can still win this game, the Steelers aren’t exactly world beaters. if Ben was playing I’d feel less optimistic. I still think we beat them.
  13. Uh yes...that happens to be exactly what I said in the quote...
  14. I don't know why you would assume something I didn't say.
  15. Except I never said that we can't beat a good team. I said we may struggle against good teams. Which is funny because we struggled against the Chiefs...which begs the question what are you even arguing?
  16. And when we were 100% healthy we lost to the Chargers, who aren’t good. Who did the Chiefs lose to when they were 100% healthy?
  17. The fact of the matter is that the Chiefs were not at 100% that game, regardless of them being a good team or not. Tyreek Hill did not play. Neither did Sammy Watkins. Mahomes got hurt because his own lineman stepped on his ankle. Beating the Chiefs is not the same as beating the Pats or 49ers. Matter of fact, I'm not even sure how well we would play against the Ravens with Lamar Jackson. If we can't stomp the bad, unhealthy teams, I'm not sure how far we will go against the better, healthier teams.
  18. One can only hope a trade is made for Bell He would do much good for our offense and we have the cap for him
  19. The Chiefs had a hobbled Mahomes (who was cooking us before his injury) and no Tyreek Hill. They also have a terrible defense that is incapable of stopping a nosebleed. The Steelers have lost to all the good teams they've played (SEA/SF/BAL) and beat all the bad teams (MIA/CIN). Rudolph himself has only played well against the bad teams, never once passing 200 yards against the good ones. He's not good.
  20. We should win this game by at least two touchdowns. This Steelers team isn’t good and Mason Rudolph is trash. If we can’t beat this teams * then I think we may struggle when we inevitable play a big good team.
  21. And he looked like a bum that leans on checkdowns with zero awareness against us. What he did several years ago is irrelevant.
  22. Where are you getting these numbers from? The fact that Hilton is doubled and other WRs still can’t get open proves my point...and until we get the all-22 footage I’m sticking to what the experts say.
  23. I mean...just because you can’t refute what I’m saying doesn’t mean I’m cherry picking. Thats the reason he holds the ball. Our WRs besides TY don’t get much separation. When they do, the ball comes out. I’m not trying to be argumentative either, so please don’t take it the wrong way.
  24. Why would he throw the ball if no one is open? You want him to throw picks like against Oakland?
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