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  1. Moncrief is outstanding! I think we have found our future #1. I know its early, and this is his first season here. But still yet, he has a huge upside, and he is showing what he is capable of. Outstanding catch on the 2 yard line. Overall, I think our Offense was great today. Bradshaw and Richardson both ran well. I loved seeing more play action. Of course our receivers did excellent, and both of our tight ends played exceptional. Fleenor should have caught that ball in the end zone though. He can't be dropping balls like that in the playoffs. Oh, and how about some love for our O-line today? Andrew had some time to throw all day.
  2. Pep Hamilton is one of the most horrible OCs in the entire league IMHO. I hate watching the games. I'm a die hard Colts fan, but his play calling is pathetic, predictable, and he never lets our offense "breakout". I would not be against firing him immediately. Cost us the game. That plus the missed pass interference call. I love Luck but he had no business throwing that pick. I don't think it's honestly time to panic, but I can see us being an 8-8 team. Hamilton must go. We need a pass rusher. And I'm sorry to all of you Grigson lovers, but if you are the GM with plenty of cap space in 3 seasons and you can't fix some of the glaring problems in our interior and our D-line you are not doing your job. Although, the O-line did a pretty good job against a bad Eagles D tonight. Congrats. -End rant-
  3. Just going to say that when healthy, Toler is a great #2 corner. IF he can stay healthy, and limit his penalties our secondary will be just fine. The most glaring problem in coverage IMO is Landry.
  4. Why?? Why do we need a 20th RB lol
  5. I still think after OTAs Whalen will be out. Like I've said in another thread, not because he is bad, but because the FO has shown the willingness to let him walk before.
  6. Let me tell you something bro....Getting a player of Nicks' potential on a 1 yr 3.5M prove it deal is a STEAL...I've been begging for Hakeem Nicks for a long time. Can't wait til he silences the few critics he has.
  7. With the cap ceiling rising every year, I don't see any reason whatsoever why we wouldn't be able to keep both. (Even if one requires a big payday)
  8. My guess is Whalen, but not because he is bad. The Colts have already shown they are willing to part ways with him, they've done it before.
  9. Grigs to Nicks: "Prove yourself to me and I will make you a very rich man with Mr. Irsay's money." lol
  10. I must have overlooked it....I didn't see that in there, but thanks!
  11. I see nothing special on ther that leads me to believe we signed him, what are you looking at?
  12. Keep dreaming dude....Jones is going to command WAYYYYY more than 4 mil a year...Especially with the Pack going after him. Try more along the lines of 4/32.
  13. Gonna have to get over stuff dude. Good players require money.....A good secondary requires good players. Your entitled to your opinion but that opinion is why our secondary has been mediocre.
  14. Besides, Shields was just re-signed by Green Bay. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000332043/article/sam-shields-packers-strike-fouryear-39m-contract We need to resign Vontae immediately.
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