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  1. We all know what our locker room looks like and how responsible Luck is. But man it is just so nice to hear how a player describes the locker room and Luck. I will never get bored hearing those words.
  2. I agree with you. And this is why I love Colts (and Pacers). Of course everyone wants to win games. But ultimately, we--players, coaches, managers, and fans--are people. We are not football machines. A key difference between people and machines is that people have emotions and characters while machines are just designed for a single purpose. I am sure there is a way to build up a winning team purely based on talents and numbers. But that is not a team I want. I want a team of players with characters and hearts, not a machine running to produce wins.
  3. Everyone will have a bad day. AV shows that he is trustworthy and a good leader in the locker room. If he thinks that he can do another year, I just find no reason not to trust him.
  4. I love Luck as a person and as a player. And this is just my very personal opinion on Luck. To me, Luck is the kind of person who always cares too much and puts too much weight on his shoulder. However, he is also the kind of player who needs to forget about tons of concerns in order to focus. This is why he had so many fourth-quarter comebacks--that was the moment when he could totally forget about different concerns and focus on football. (another example was the end of first half yesterday, the only two minutes I felt like Luck being the real Luck.) I think this also explains why Luck played comparatively poorly in the last few games. I feel that he cared too much about turnovers and worried about mistakes. The terrible pick six in the Titan game really hurt. Personally I believe that was an interesting turning point. Because Luck worried so much about turnovers, he started holding the ball for too long and when he threw, he threw it relatively low and short. I haven't played football at all but I think that is another sign of Luck's being worried about getting intercepted. Yesterday, most of Luck's bad throws were slow, soft, and short. This is what one would do in that kind of weather when one worried about turnovers. Again, just a very personal thought. Go Colts!
  5. We have a first-year HC, a first-year OC, and a first-year DC. I believe they learned a big lesson, and I believe they will be better. And I've seen the first step to being better: taking responsibility. Go Colts!
  6. To me, this shows our lack of playoff experience, including Luck, the coaching staff, and fans. I think everybody tried too hard and thought too much, losing the right mindset. Luck has playoff experience but he was off for a year which was a big gap. He worried too much about mistakes in the past few games. Reich also thought too much. I guess he wanted some changes in play calls in order to make us less predictable, but the sacrifice was that we lost our rhythm. Those defensive turnovers, to me, were results of players thinking too much and being nervous/sensitive. They worried about losing, which was a bad mindset.
  7. I will just sign him if he wants to play. I trust this man so much and I believe that if he feels he could no longer contribute he will quit. Before that, I enjoy every moment of having him.
  8. Let me say this. People have different ideas because they think from different perspectives. Tbh I am confused about some options of Ballard too. But I also believe two things. First, I am confused because I think about things from my perspective. From Ballard's perspective, he should not be confused; otherwise, he would not make those options. Second, I truly believe that Ballard's perspective is better than mine... the information he got, the analysis he had, etc.
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