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  1. Colts rookie Quenton Nelson, center Ryan Kelly defend fired coach Dave DeGuglielmo https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/01/16/indianapolis-colts-quenton-nelson-center-ryan-kelly-dave-deguglielmo-fired-frank-reich/2594645002/
  2. Agree to disagree....sorry but the "game" itself is a joke. I get what your saying about all the extras, thats cool, but come on...the game is worthless.
  3. The game is a joke, and I forgot they are underpaid so I guess the better go then huh? Not sure why they even bother with it. I cant remember the last time I ever watched one.
  4. Once they got into the playoffs and rolled the Texans, I thought they had a real good shot too.
  5. I agree. KC was jacked, jumped on the Colts and never let them up. Once they got up 17 I had a bad feeling it was gonna be over. Miscues by the Colts and etc did not help. I am not to disappointed that they got beat, but how it happened. Did not look like the same team we have been watching. Maybe just being young, new staff and not being ready for this level of a team. It was a good measuring stick for Indy. Learning experience for this team. The schedule is what is, just go out and win games now no matter who you play. Chargers got man handled yesterday. I hope KC gives Brady, Bill and the rest of the Pat's a well deserved beat down.
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