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  1. I like Rivers, but at some point the Colts have to look to the future and go young.Find someone to grow with this team and be a force for years. I think as a team we are realitivly young at key positions,right?Left tackle at some point though. I know it stinks, but ya gotta start some where. I think the Colts fan base has become spoiled to a degree with back to back Manning Luck combo and just automatically think we are going to get a franchise qb. Yeah it would be great, but don't hold your breath. I don't want a retread like Darnold,Wentz coming here. If anyone it sho
  2. Good post. Not really much else to say than that. Sums it up.
  3. I agree . I always get a chuckle when I read, " We need a franchise qb. " That pops up alot. Well ,yeah who doesn't?!?. A lot of teams do. Easy statement to make, but like it was mentioned, it ain't that easy. I think alot of folks got spolied with the back to back of Manning and Luck. Every team wishes and dreams for one....just a few have one.
  4. Rivers , from what appears to be, in crunch time cant get it done. He seems to force passes and bad decisions. Whenever the starting QB is struggling, the backup is always the most popular. Sorry folks , but JB is not the answer. He had plenty of chances last year to prove his worth. Others mention Can Newton, I'll pass on him. Not much you really can do at this point with the QB spot. Just don't get behind and have to come from behind . It's they're only hope unless PR can show us better at those times. The Colts best chances to win are with Rivers at this point. If
  5. You might want to check the AL era. That guy took an UNHOLY beating.
  6. Like most have mentioned , it starts with the QB. Andrew with his talent hid many deficiencies and literally carried this team on his back most of the time he was here and made up for what the Colts were lacking. The only reason the Colts had the record they did for his first 3 season was because of him, plain and simple. I was not expecting JB to be(AL) that by any means, but maybe a little more productive and consistent. Did his injury hamper him, TY being out, other factors....who knows. That's up to the folks at 56th street to figure out I think most of us have been spoiled for abou
  7. Whenever there is any doubt about the starting qb on any team, the backup is always the fan favorite.
  8. Not gonna happen. The Colts have enough of a hard time getting the ball down the field to TY ,so it does not make sense to have him here. He is a cancer.
  9. I know its still early but the most thing I am impressed with from the 17 season till now is how the defense has been turned around and the o line being rebuilt in 2yrs for both to be very good. Hats of to Ballard and Frank and hist staff. Job well done.
  10. I thought he did real well. Lets just take it day by day and not get to high or to low. Lotsa ball to be played yet. I was not to worried to begin with . It was just more of the unknown. That 17 season was an anomaly that he had on a team with an awful o line, being a 2nd yr with little experience,and being thrown into a different system. Totally unfair to judge him from that. It will be interesting to see how he fairs and the rest of the team against the upper brass teams and defenses in the league. Jacksonville has a good D.
  11. Folks need to be patient. Some really good objective posts assessing JB, others(arm chair GM's)are to quick to pass judgement on where he is at and ready to toss him aside and draft someone else. Unreal. Not every franchise is blessed with a top tier QB....this team had one in PM and AL....some fans get spoiled and expect to much at this point in his young career. Chris Ballard and Frank have their jobs for certain reasons. They no more than any of us ever would. Relax for now, no reason to panic at this point.
  12. Well put. Not sure why there are still doubters.
  13. He did great.....Dont forget the O Line,,they made a good portion of that possible.
  14. I highly doubt they are going to cut him after this game, beyond what all the GM's on this site think.
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