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    Please critique.....



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    2. lollygagger8


      The 3rd video says Jimi, but it's actually the SRV version. That person who said it was Jimi should be ashamed! 

    3. lollygagger8


      I agree with y'all. 


      Jimi was the innovator, and SRV was influenced heavily by him. Not sure the student can be better than the master, but he's damn close! 


      I think Jimi was waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of his time. He was the reason I started playing, so I have to tip my hat to him. The sheer power/volume, effects, the way he played, was all a first of it's kind. He's getting those high notes on a right handed guitar upside down which is absolutely astonishing. Plus to do what he did while being on the drugs he was on while playing is a feat in itself! lol 


      That said, SRV was a much cleaner player, and I feel more blues based. His tone was perfectly honed and people strive for it to this day. I think he took the blues/rock/Jimi thing to the next level as far as sound/ability/tone. He was next level as a player, and a great showman in his own right. 


    4. lollygagger8


      I agree with crazycolt.....so many excellent guitar players out there. All different styles. 

      Jimi, SRV, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Joe Stariani, Steve Vai, Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) ....I could be here all day!  


      I've seen Bonamassa live, and he's absolutely amazing. I taped this front row of his concert here in Fort Wayne....he was somehow better live than on studio recordings! 


      Dude did all that on an acoustic! lol 


      I've been getting into Doyle Bramhall II lately. He's written alot for Eric Clapton. He's not amazing guitar player, but he's good and a heckuva a song writer. 

      He's got a new album coming out, and Clapton is on this song: 


      Here's some of his older stuff (Jimi inspired!) : 


      This is one of my favorite's of his: 


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